Did U Take Your Puppeh To Work Today?

Today’s the day for it! These great photos (and hover deets) are from the San Jose Mercury News.

(Except for the very last one- you might know that fellow.)








Foist Day O’ Summer: Pool Party At Hamlet’s House!

Will you please get outta here with this.

We’ve got Hamlet the maniac mini-piggle, jumping full-blast into the pool. It’s the first day of summer, dig?

Do not under any circumstances, forget the speakers. There’s a lot of snorting here, People.

Today Be a Grand Day for Guinea Pigs!

The Guinea Pig chain mail (or, scale mail) charity auction on eBay ends at 6:12 PDT today, 6/21! Huzzah to whoever wins!

Note: The auction is being carefully monitored. No zero feedback bidders are accepted without prior approval.

The cute suit of armor is like something out of a dream.

And the eBay auction bidding has gone beyond anyone’s wildest dreams!

More on the story at The Daily Mail on line, Huffington Post!

Soopa Koopa!

Super Kitteh Koopa seems a bit mesmerized by the Mad Men retro lamp, eh?

“Greetings from Qatar. This is Koopa, my very curious cat- we adopted him a month ago. This is the first time he met the light bulb and he stared at it for so long, I got to take a pretty decent picture. Love you guys!” -Olivia C.

Flashback Friday

In the 1930s, milk was delivered fresh to your doorstep, by a cute little kitten milkman. Remember? Here’s to the good old days.

Photographer unknown, 1930, via Haute Catture

Wanna Trade Places With Mary?

SURE you would! ‘Cause if you did, YOU’D BE BRUSHING BEBEH TREE BATS!!! GAAAAAAA!!!

“Here is a video of me brushing baby tree bats. These were all orphaned. We rescue ill, injured and orphaned wildlife for release back to the wild.” -Mary C.

Penguin Twin Powers, Activate!

Whenever there is danger, mild-mannered Bert and Myrtle touch beaks to become the Penguin Twins, whose superpower consists mainly of swimming around and eating herring.

Via Christopher Michel.

Oh, You Shouldn’t Will Not Have Hadn’t

Kyle was so excited about opening presents at his upcoming birthday party, he spent the entire week practicing being surprised.

A rare Wolf’s Guenon via Zooborns. Photo credit: Mike Owyang, Sacramento Zoo.

Concise Anatomy Of A Corgi

b12da49f12bd63ae271a1d7d66c811d5Max here. We’re short, stubby and entirely wonderful. We bounce along with very little ground clearance, but generally don’t have a care in the world- we’ve got the world wrapped around our stubby little feet paws. Here are some pix of my pals Trinket, Corgnelius, his new lil’ bro Stump Stump, and a new friend, Jackson Stubbington! Enjoy. -MS

BI-6_c2CIAAaQpF.jpg large









~Le Creditos s’il vous plaît~

Photo 1 of Trinket from Paul P.
Photo 2 thru 8 from Corgnelius The Corgis Tumblr.
Photo 9 of Jackson Gatsby Stubbington from his blog.
*Technical stuffs: Corgnelius/Stumphrey photos taken with a Sony NEX-5N.*

First Day of Kittengarten is Vewy Scawy.

Do I hafta go? Do I?

Via Daily Picks and Flicks


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