Rain! Did you just…?!

Oops, pardon. Did you hear something? Oops, pardon. There’s some mistake. Oops, pardon. Sumthin’ smells fishy. Oops, pardon. Enough already! Oops, pardon.

Via YouTube. More stinkin’ cute Rain (w/Rogue & Ruger) on Facebook.

Milestones in Cartoon Science

The development of the now-famous portable hole was fraught with missteps. Early experiments played havoc with space and time, causing test subjects to emerge in random places and/or eras. By 1947, however, researchers at the Acme Institute perfected a hole that allowed passing through a wall to the other side.

It’s Magilla Glub Glub, from Nathan G.!

Flashback Friday

Looks like somebody’s gone cold turkey.

Funny Vintage Animal Photos (16)
“Dec. 7, 1950. A turkey wrapped up in a blanket and scarf to keep it warm and free from colds and chills. Photo by Reg Speller/Fox Photos/Getty Images” Via Live Journal.com.

(Black) Friday Haiku

Shopping is stressful
Too many people out there
Gonna stay inside!

“His name is Maxwell, the Psychology Department mascot at Oral Roberts University.” -Sandy T., ORU Behavioral Sciences Dept.

Best Black Friday Deals EVER

Shopping in downtown San Francisco today? Stop by Macy’s Union Square for the 27th annual Holiday Windows event. The San Francisco SPCA says “Last year, nearly 300 animals found homes during the Holiday Windows event and $80,000 was raised to support the SF SPCA’s lifesaving programs.”

The Holiday Windows are up through January 5th. Hours are here. Four separate live video cams are here.

You can adopt on the spot at the temporary adoption center on the 1st floor of Macy’s.

Adult cats (6+ months): $50.

Adult dogs (6+ months): $100..Puppies: $250.

Kittens: $125 (U can adopt a second kitten within 30 days for free!)

In the SF area? Here’s how to volunteer. (Like these ladies!) Here’s how to donate, too.


All photos (except thumbnail and final photo) by Nora Stratton.

Lotta Noses Volume II: Black Friday Edition

Are you looking for some great tips before you head out? We got a few. Ten tips to be exact. Not to be totally obvious on Black Friday, but this is CO and it is Nosevember!










“Our super chill tuxedo named Porter, who is sacked out on The Mister’s shoulder. He sleeps through anything (including my high-pitched cooing while I take the picture).” -Minna M.
“Does this tongue make my nose look big?” -Karen S.
“Close-up of my Flemish Giant, Flopper, taken by my friend, Amy at www.drozianphotoworks.com. Check out those whiskers!” ~Joanne M.
“Duncan, our rescued Irish Wolfhound Mix, saying Happy Nosevember everyone. Duncan loves Nosevember ’cause he’s got a nose for turkey,
sweet potatoes, pumpkin…he gobbles them up! Thanks for keeping up the cute!” -Michele D.
“Nush.” -Alexis M.
“12 week old Ellie, the black lab.” -Madeline P.
“Mr. Biscuit for your Nosevember viewing pleasure. Sadly he left us a year ago at the young age of 5. This wonderful photo sums him up to a ‘t’. Thanks so much for all the cuteness!” -Celeste H.
“My Nosevember bunny, Gracen. She likes to to butt my arm with her nose when she wants a treat!I love your site!” -Melissa C.
“My mom’s poodle, Patti LaBelle.” –Lauren S. 
“My Pomeranian, Izzy. Her tongue has a mind of its own, as you can see. My girlfriend and I adopted her a year ago from a wonderful rescue here in Brooklyn called Waggytail Rescue. Photos by Charlie Gigante @moltovomito.com. More photos of Izzy can be found @ moltovomito.com/tagged/Izzy.

Send Us Your Holiday Pet Photo To Win!

vbvbvbvb Send us your best holiday-themed photo, and you could win one of these Chronicle Books titles! Maddie On ThingsI Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by CatsI Could Chew on This: And Other Poems by DogsGrumpy Cat: A Grumpy BookHanukcats and Other Traditional Jewish Songs for Cats…or Catmas Carols!

Email us by clicking this link. Include your complete mailing address and phone. If ya can, put “Holiday Photo” in the subject line, K? We’ll take submissions ’til Noon PT on Sunday 12/8 and announce our Top Twelve the next day. (One entry per person and overseas entries are OK! No purchase needed. If your photo’s among the Top Twelve, the title you win will be randomly awarded.)

Mini-long hair dachshund Lola, c/o Cuteporter Allie K. “Thanks for all the smiles and giggles you have brought me over the years—you guys have definitely helped brighten many days!”

Put All The Stuff I Buy On My Tabbie

[It’s Black Friday. It’s been in all the papers. Why aren’t the doors open?]

[The cheek! About time grumble grumble.]

[OK, I will allow you to pet me.]

[And I will smash my face against this thing.]

[Fish down this aisle? Thenks.]

[I’ll have a pair of these for lunch. I mean, I’ll take ’em to go. Yeah, to go, that’s it.]

[And maybe whatever is in here, gimme two of those.]

[And a few of these for the dumb dog at home.]

Graham the kitteh photos by Mail Online : David Dawson/Newsteam.

Don’t Let the Name Fool You

Jupiter is in fact a cat.

“Here is Jupiter at about 3 months old, sleeping after folding himself in half.” – Mary H.

THIS JUST IN: National Dog Show Action!

We’ve got some highlights of the National Dog Show in Oaks, PA.! It was held on November 16th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, and the National Broadcasting Company showed the event today. Yahoo News has the deets thusly. An American Foxhound named Jewel won Best In Show.








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