We Prefer “Pringles” If You Must Know

But these do just fine, too! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM. OK, everybody in the Conga Line!

“This was taken at a highway rest stop in the middle of Wyoming. Very friendly prairie dogs begging from passing travelers.” -Cuteporter Gary K. with his Kodak DC280 Zoom.

Anyone Have A Bun-Sized Kleenex™?

Happy Bunday, everyone. Will you LOOK at the LITTLE RED LIPS and the BUNNEH PAW SWIPE ACTION?

As spotted on Tastefully Offensive: another tip of the cap towards Napa.

Don’t Be a Birdbrain! Get BudgieBrain!

Are you confused by your Internet friends? Do you grapple to grasp every new meme? Then you need BudgieBrain™, the portable thinking aid that memorizes the Internet so you don’t have to! Just put it on, and BudgieBrain quietly explains memes so you can look clever! With BudgieBrain on your head, nothing goes over your head!

Helen T. says: ”I am mama to a soon to be three-year-old lop rabbit named Smudge. His birthday wish is to be featured on your website! Cue your “awwww’s.”

Om Nom Nom-inee For Best Name EVER

“I wanted to submit this photo of my sister Fiona and her boyfriend’s Fluffalicious Bebeh Bun, nicknamed Bubba Thump. I think he looks like Mr. Smee from Peter Pan – in the cutest way possible of course.” [Of course. -Ed] -Astrid K.


Sometimes, U Just Want A Little Peace And Quiet

And then there are times like this, when you don’t have a prayer.

From Cuteporter Jack GB.

Knucklehead Alert

Attention all CO Readers: there have been reports of Animuhl Photobombers in your area. Be looking for them- ’cause they’re looking for you. First photo from Julia G.: “Look who I was photobombed by this last weekend at Safari West!” All other images via Mail Online.







Great Career Changes in History

Walt Disney often said his media empire “all started with a mouse.” But it almost never started at all. Strange as it may sound, Disney originally aspired to be an exterminator, with a novel business plan: training cats to hunt mice. The plan unraveled when Disney learned that cats already knew how, but not until he had created a series of elaborate training diagrams that would change his life — and film history — forever.

Via Shorpy.

Today’s Special: Cat-cciatore

Pan-fried with tomato and onion, garnished with catnip.

“I took this picture of Kosmo a couple of winters ago,” says Georgette N. “I think he was trying to give me a not-so-subtle hint to turn on the heater.”

This is the Last Weekend to Go Apple Picking!

Wait! Wait! Not good. Where have all the apples gone?

Yes, the apples are gone! 

But …why’re the apples always gone?

Oh. …that’sh why.

“Toby was so thrilled to go apple picking!” -Sarah L.

“This is my cat Lulu when she was a kitten almost 5 years ago. Hope she can get a place at your amazingly cute website.” -Elena P.

“This is Zuzu the kitten stopping to smell the roses.” -Angi

Name’s Ashton. The Mustache-ton

Goodness gracious me, do you Peeps remember when he were but a wee lad peekin’ out of a pocket? (sneef, crai) Seems like only yesterday…

Welp, …look who’s all Big now (dabs away a happy tear)…

Ashton goes from adorbs to adorbs.

We’re so proud of you, you Big Mr. Bowtie Mouf!

And all of a sudden bowties are le tres trendy. Coincidence? I think not!

“He was/is named Ashton because of his ash-colored fur, which turned black (very common).” -Josh Norem on Facebook


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