Maru/Hana, Milo AND Norbert ALL In ONE DAY?

Youuuuuuuuuuu BETCHA, pardner. The planets musta all aligned the right way. Or something.

Whoomp! (There It Is)

Look closely; we’ve got some Blessed Event Action at the Smithsonian National Zoo! Mei Xiang gave birth to a bebeh giant panda cub Saturday afternoon.

But she wasn’t QUITE done.

She then gave birth to a another Giant Panda Cub Saturday night. (A day/night doubleheader to use a baseball analogy.) According to the video, “The panda team retrieved one of the cubs per ‘twin hand rearing’ protocol and placed it in an incubator. Both cubs appear to be doing well.”

And HERE’S how it went down. Numero UNO:

And five hours or so later…DOS!



Milo Minis: A Spin, Twirl, Stretch, High Fives and A Head Tilt!

It’s been a LONG time since we’ve seen a new video clip from The Mighty M. We get it ALL in this one!!

Now We Make-A Da Peat-Sa Pie, Huh?

[You gonna learn how to-a make-a da BEST-A PEAT-SA PIE-A you EFFER tasted, no? Come, I show you now.]

NEW! The Story Of Maru & Hana: Episode 1

How it all began.

C.O. Certified: 100% Blorpy!

DSC_0430I’ve seen some Blorp like this before (San Francisco’s Pier 39,) but never on THIS scale! Tammy L. says, “Hi! Last weekend I drove up the California coast just to go look at elephant seals, about 7 miles north of San Simeon! Totally worth the drive, I took over 800 photos! Here are a few of the cutest/blorpiest I thought you might like.”










Rats, It’s Monday (X 3)

Thought it would be good to get everyone going this morning with three times the normal Rats, It’s Monday content. Presenting Wimbley, Milo, and Fibbs- the newest residents of Marty Mouse’s House!




Nite Nite, Norby!

11900030_903080196448091_4547154363017205508_nIt’s late on Sunday night- the end of another week here at C.O.- and who are we gonna snuggle snorgle up with? Why, Norbert of course. Move OVER Norb. And no snoring!

Corgi Pool Party

It IS kinda tough to cool off when your hoomin keeps turning off the water on you! Hang in there, Nero- you’ll get wet sooner or later, lil’ buddy!


Hold It- Gotta Tune My Head A Sec

UPDATED WITH BONGO FEET! [I use these so I don’t have to pay for cable. Of course, I don’t get any video, but I AM listening to ESPN now! Whoops, did I think that out loud?]



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