Since It’s Bunday And All..

..this seems to be just the right time to show this compilation of FOURTEEN different Bun Clips. Put up your feet, grab a bowl of carrots for you and a furry friend, and enjoy!


IMG_9566“Seriously. Nutmeg can kill with her Cuteness. Photo cred: me! Jennifer H. Bun owner: my daughter Mary Jane.”

Bunday Morning Comix

tumblr_nx001ywLR51r5ml59o1_1280From Liz Climo. ©Liz Climo.

Meet The Hummingbird Lady

You have to have more than a little bit of patience to deal with this Frantic Little Buzzy Dudes. They seem to like her, don’t they? Or is it the Secret Red Sauce she’s got in those feeders?


And one of ’em even gets a little kiss on the head.

Smile For The Camera, Caleb

941008_10153888858683824_8190698968308894706_nGAAAAAAAAAAA. Totes Adorbs. More on Caleb from Farm Sanctuary’s FB.

‘Dis How U Do It, Ma?

[I’m doin’ it just like you, Ma! Lookit over here! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit!]

(Boing Boing.)

Cats Ruining Your Day

Now, why would they EVER go and do that?

If A Deer Plays In The Woods…

“….and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Not in this video! (No sound.) And is this a Deer, or an Elk mebbe?

New From Breathe Right™!

photo 2Got a snoring problem? Why bother with those sticky little strips of tape for your nose? Just drop Wallace across your nose! Poof: no more snoring!

~ ~ ~

Cat name: Wallace (a.k.a: “Super Cudds” for super cuddles.) Photographer: Girish. New Cuteness Rule?: It’s cute when an animal uses a human as a pillow…” -Tanya L.


The ears on this goat - ImgurRemember that from this video? Bebeh Goatster does. (Imgur/Reddit.)