Hangin’ out, takin’ it easy, kickin’ back. Sure, kid. When I was your age, we just called it dog-tired.

“Here are my girls, Kayla and Carley, in their first moments as sisters. It’s some pretty exhausting work, as you can see! I hope you find them as adorable as I do!” -Shannon H.


Yawnday, Yawnday,

So cute to see.
Yawnday, Yawnday,

it was all,  we hoped it would beeee.

Don’t yawn, you’ll pass it on:

Fluffyface pup via Sad and Useless.
Kitten via Bored Panda.
Lion/Tiger/Liger cub via DailyMail.
“This is my little ratty boy Rex, enjoying an ear massage so much that he reaches the pinnacle of relaxation and emits a mahoosive yawn.” – Megan D. via YouTube.

Winter’s Going Great!

Except for that snow part.

Arctic Fox in Churchill, Canada. Photo by Jules Cox, via Daily Mail.

Japan’s Furry Teddy Bear Bus

It seems that in The Big J, they’ve decided to create a bus that looks like Duffy The Teddy Bear. (Disney, natch.) The story was originally seen on ol’ reliable RocketNews24 (but we also appreciate HuffPo’s CUTENESS OVERLOAD headline, too.)

The bus is set to start a promo tour in Tokyo on the 20th, and is covered in the Duffy-type fur on the outside..

And the inside!


Do U Fancy A Crumbly Cuddle?

“We in the U of K do like a nice sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit. What could be better than opening a packet of biscuits and finding delicious biccies? Finding these adorable critters.” -Esther K.

(U can tell this is a legitimate UK email – “packet,” “biscuits,” “biccies,” -all great words.)

(*Disclaimer: header stolen borrowed from the McVitie’s YT channel. It was so…so veddy British.)

Things Cats Do That’d Be Creepy….(Part II)

Remember last month’s “Things Cats Do That’d Be Creepy…if a Hoomin did them?” Ace Junior Producer Felix H. is back with a sequel.

All the best, from Berlin!

A Cat’s Guide To Loving A Hoomin

Ever wonder what they’re THINKING sometimes? Here’s a step-by-step video showing how kitteh’s toy with treat their pet hoomins.

Via The Big TO.

Mom Taxi XVII: OwOwOwOw

[Mom! Maybe next time I can ride on your back like the others guys do with THEIR moms?]

Via Reddit.

Just A Regular OK Cat

Everybody, sing along!

As seen on Mashable.

I Am Innohcent!

I did not steal your missing sock… I did not steal your missing sock…

“The Lady Lorraine.” -Brittany D.