Flickrator Jamie McCaffery discovered how to clone Teh Qte. “My first attempt at sequence photography,” he explains. “I could have picked a better backdrop and a faster shutter speed, but the real goal was to practice the technique.” With cuteness times seven in the foreground, any backdrop will do.

Zoom Zoom

In honor of today’s Indy 500, CO is proud to present…Super Dogs! Look at ’em ZOOM!


To the winner goes the……..corn?

“I’d like to share photos of my Super Dogs. The blond dog’s name is Moya. The black and tan dog is Sancha- both Catalan Shepards. They love to play together!” -Cuteporter Wendy T., The Netherlands.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

M’Lady, your beauty hath no bounds. For truth, I ask of thee, where does your flowering end and the blossoms begin?

“We are getting married in October, and the theme is “imperfectly together”. For our Save-The-Dates, we decided to do a little photoshoot of our fur-baby Boston Terrier, Coco, with our friend’s 5-pound Chihuahua, Huey. We’re getting married on October 12th, in Piedmont, California. Naturally, Coco will definitely take part in the wedding – I’m thinking a floral, pompom collar!” -Stephanie C.

Oh Don’t Be Jealous

Just because Lolita has a matchinks stuffy.

And you don’t.
… …do you? (shifty eyes)
Lolita, by Huy D.

Um, Why’s There a Face in My Moon Pie?

“It’s because I’m a turtle, you junk-food junkie! Now put me down!”

Via Mark Dumont.

Milo Relaxing On A Saturday Night

Now who wants to tuck Milo in and read him a story? Step right up.

It’s Milo’s World– we’re all just renting space here.

Do Not Push the Red Button

Oh noes! SOMEBODY pushed the red button! Fasten your seatbelts!
And prepare for blast-off.

Rocket boosters ignite.

Super jet-pack take-off!

Orbiting the planet.

Reaching for the moon.

Sploosh down!

I pushed the red button!
I pushed the red button!
I pushed the red button!

1. An Inspired Perspective. Image courtesy of Flickr, Melly. 2. Reach for the sky, little ginger cat. Image courtesy of Flickr, Rachel Bowles. 3. Levitating kitty. Image courtesy of Flickr, Alienlebarge. 4. Snapped in Japan, a wonderful setting. Image courtesy of Flickr, Akimasa Harada. 5. Cat plays catch. Image courtesy of Flickr, Manuel Castro. 6. Derpycats 7. It’s Beans! gif by Josh Norem

Toby has a Vision

Ahem, (pushing up glasses) did you know, …a greyhound can see as far as a half a mile away? So then, greyhounds will make great seeing eye dogs …right?

Everybody say awww, “Toby is a 5 year old Sheltie mix with an amazing personality. He let us dress him up in some prop glasses and was kind enough to pose for us a few times.” Andy G.

Caturday Quiz

Who was President Bill Clinton’s vice-president?

Tipped off by JN.

Bet This Never Happened To Arnold Palmer

Oh, you want this BALL to go in the HOLE? I don’t THINK so.

“I was moping here due to a rained out yard sale, and stumbled upon this anerable video of a fox stealing and then playing with a golf ball.” -Video by Petsami; from Cuteporter Sylvia.


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