Love Handle®

For the safest grip while lifting planking cats sharp objects, get the new Love Handle®; a new way to carry all types of planking cats sharp objects easily and conveniently.

We can’t handle the cute! Weasley, sent in by Kay W.


Oh yeah, who’s got two wings and leaves otters eating his dust? This guy!

Will Chase String For Food

Hobo kitteh lives in a box, has no job, passed out, and comes from a long line of beggars.

Daniel S. says this is, “Louis P. Louis (the P stands for Peepers since she has great, big beautiful eyes. And yes, she is a she named Louis).” And we thought the P was for Pawverty.

Will someone who speaks Chinese please tell me what is going on here?!

Part real cat, part puppet, part CGI. And a llllllll redonk, this hilarious TV ad from China is making the rounds. BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?

Sender-Inner Ant of Quality Foraged Links sent this one in.

Meanwhile, at the CO Aww-ditions

“To MORROW! To MORROW! I love ya, to MORROW! You’re always a day awayyyyy!”

Thank you, Mischa and Chris. NEXT!

Bathtime for Sloths

OMG 28 seconds in!
OMG 28 seconds in!
OMG 28 seconds in!

Brinkie McBrinkersons sent this anerabuhl video in. Holy crap.



Prosh Owl-ghost via booooooom and spied by the Eagle-eyed Ant.

I Like You, But I Don’t Like Like You.

Pup, you are strangely drawn to me. Yes, you are very strange.

Of course I think you are divine. A clingy vine!

I need someone with a good imagination. Can you please imagine staying on your side of the bed?

OK, we can be friends, if only to stop you from looking desperate. Oh wait…

Charlie (pug) really takes Jimmy’s breath away, Sally R.

Step aside.

You’re  blocking my sun.

It’s gonna be a hawt one today, Emma and Esther C.

Operators Are Hanging By!

The fast pace of modern life can become so addicting, many people have forgotten how to slow down. That’s why there’s SLOTH — the Slow Life Orientation Training Hotline. One call to your personal SLOTH life coach brings you crisis intervention, de-stressing tips, and plenty of relaxing music on hold. Hurry up and call now!

Prince at the phone, from Pilar V.


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