The C.O. Guide to Alien Religions

Due to items carelessly left behind by interstellar researchers, the highly impressionable Craycray people of the planet Oopsidas-E developed a cult that worshipped office supplies.

Via Reddit.


THIS JUST IN: Maru In The Zone

The Circle probably has no idea where he is at this point. Bet he doesn’t care, either.




I Can Haz Carrot?

[Please give me a carrot, hoomin. I promise to tell all my friends about your house so they will drop off some Easter Eggs and candy in a couple months. Deal?]



See, Ma? If hoomins can take selfies, then buns can too!

“A few more selfies of me and my bunderful bun on Bunday!! I promise we weren’t on a roller coaster and this wasn’t photoshopped! Just a lucky shot of a sleepy yawning Dust bunny that looks like he’s laughing!!” -Natalie W.

We Won The Hockey Gold Medal…Eh?

[I think we just won the Men’s Hockey Gold Medal– it wuz hard to watch the TV with this dang helmet, it kept slipping!]

Photo of Harry from Nikki Yanofsky’s FB.

Forgotten Tourist Traps of Florida, Part 3

A staple of family driving trips during the 60’s and 70’s, Lake Wiki-Waki-Whatda delighted audiences with its “Orangu-Mermaid Spectacular” water ballet.

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Oink! Don’t Look Behind You Now But,

I’ve got an ear-y feeling we’re living on burrowed time.

Rob, a Flemish Giant rabbit, and two adorable miniature piglets, Chino and Penny, who are his BFFs at Pennywell Farm, Devon, England. Via Cute Emergency.


Let Me See the Red Pumps Again

(sigh) None of these styles are working for me at all. What I’m really looking for is a pair of size 7 maroon slingbacks with neon pink trim, plaid tassels, and little brass buckles in the shape of Susan B. Anthony dollar coins. Are you sure you don’t have that in the back?

Via BoredPanda.

This Pony Is Havin’ A BALL

Moon Pie Woman sent this one in. “This horse just got a new toy. What he does with it is the most AMAZING thing you’ll see all day!” We gotta agree there, OMG Ponies!!1!11!!


Need 2 Chill Out On A Caturday?

Kick back, turn the speakers up…for NINE HOURS OF KITTEH PURRING.