Buckle Up, Everybody

Stitch here is showing off his very own Lamborghini. He’s all, “It’s not an Aventador, it’s an Aventadorable.”

“Stitch, the adorable French bulldog owned by Gio Gonzalez of the Washington Nationals.  The latest Instagram picture is off the charts cute.” -Nat.’s Fan.

No Underwater Ballets?

No problem. We got underwater jellies. And that’s not tutu bad.

“Rolling in the Deep”, from the always jammin’ Monterey Bay Aquarium via YouTube.
And Instagram photo from Steve P.

Choco Ball The Kitteh Goes Absolutely Nuts

SOMEone should lay off the Red Bull. Or the catnip. Or both.

(This feels vaguely like a Japan video. Telltale sign= Hello Kitty cutout. And more research has revealed that “Choco Ball” is indeed some kind of snack in The Big J. You want bizzaro proof? OK, U asked for it.)

And since today seems like Full Tilt Gonzo Japan Whackadoodle Day, let’s toss this one in. OK, we’re done. Hopefully.

Skip the Selfie, Do the Duckie

Introducing the latest photo trend to hit Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: “I’ve got ducks”-face.

Via TownePost Network.

Election Day In The USA

….and you know what to do! (See classic hover text.)

The NEW NEW NEW HoverStoat2013® brought to you by Etienne Francey, Switzerland: submitted by Raphael R.

Every Nose has a Story

On the surface, Mocha’s nose is a run-of-the-mill nose. Like other noses, it sneefs. But, Mocha’s nose has 11 years of sneefs to tell. If Mocha’s nose could talk, it would tell snorf about sneefs that snorfed more sneefs than a lot of other sneefers who ever snorfed a sneef.
“My daughter Katy R. took this picture of our German Shorthair Pointer/Chocolate Lab mix, Mocha. Mocha even has her own Facebook page and fans.  Mocha is 11 years old and we’d like to enter this into your contest. Thank you.” – Julie R.

Finicky Cats Prefer It Fresh

Welcome to Faucet Water Time, I am Gilmar, and this is my assistant, Milton. Today we are tasting the bathroom sink faucet water for freshness. Milton, will you let us know just how fresh it is?

“This is my cat, Gilmar. Such a sweet little guy.” Also featuring, Milton’s ‘tocks.  –Pollyanna C.. Cheers from Brazil!

Nosevember Nozzle-Nose

Ever seen a Nose quite like this? Unless you’re pals with a Long-eared Elephant Shrew (AKA “Elephantulus Rufescens,”) you prolly haven’t.

From Petsfoto.com.

Some Kinda Penguin Island Beach Ritual

I dunno, there we were, a few of us giant seals mindin’ our own business, when thousands of penguins showed up and …

had the biggest pillow fight you ever saw!

All I need now is mah PJs and a blanket.

“This giant seal appears to be wearing a white feather coat after rolling around where thousands of penguins had been moulting. Photographer John Eastcott, from the Catskills, New York, USA, captured the moment with his wife Yva in Right Whale Bay on South Georgia Island, near the Falkland Islands.” -Via Daily Mail

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

BEAT THE HECK OUTTA IT and try again.

From Natasha F. in Denmark, as spotted on The Squid.


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