Do tell…

It’s all over between Purrsilla and Bartholomew.

She told me that you told her that I told you not to tell her what she told me.

Don’t tell her I told you that she told me what I told you not to tell her.

Alley Cat Rescue in Brentwood, MD. Photo by Kylie R.

True-Life Tales of Cuteness!

Ann W. testifies: “My friends and I went camping at The Shades State Park in Indiana. During our four-hour hike through the Sugar Creek Ravine, we came to the river. So we sat and rested. As my friend Jamie sat on a rock, she set down her water-proof case on adjacent rocks.

“Moments later, a tiny McToaderson hopped under her case and made it his own cave! The McToaderson was so grateful for her shade providing, he hopped onto her hand so he could say hello! And yes, we squealed and sat in awe of his bleeneyness. We then put him in a shade spot near the water and continued on our hike. Good-bye, Mr. McToaderson!”



Say “Aaaaaaaah”

OK. (together) “Aaaaaaaah.”

Special thanks to Bobbeh for this one.

Meow Mix

Match those beats
Spin those decks
Someone get Pauly D
To open for us

Jake H. requested this one.

I Put the ‘ehn!’ in Fence

Oh. Hey-lerrrrrrhe!

Apparently, this little prosh guy was inspired by other monkehs and kept attempting to scale the fence too. But it’s so hard! FENCE-HANCE:


Thanks to cake-maker Amanda I. for excellent cuteporting from Safari Niagara.

Sneaking out on Caturday night…

Only to get… NABBED!


You are NOT leaving this house WEARING STRIPES, Miriam S.! Sand kitteh photos by Tibor Jager. Story via Zooborns.

I want a slippery cuddle!

As you all know, the rule is that any animal with the word “pygmy” in its name is automatically cute. This newborn behbeh hippers is no exception. Blorp.

Japan’s Ueno Zoo has got a superstar on its hands, Miriam S. More on this story over at First News.

THIS JUST IN: Hotties With Hedges

When are we going to do that Cute Guys with Animals Calendar? Meet Mr. March:

Pirate Jenny predicts ‘there will be nuffing.’

Animals Being D***s

You must go look at this hilarious GIF-ladened blog of various animals being complete jerks to each other—each page is funnier than the last:

Animals Being D***s was submitted by Travis H.

Bom ba dee da, bom ba dee da

Wah hey there, little lady. Ain’t you mighty purty now.
You new ’round this here town? What say you an’ me saddle up and go westward, ho?

Who you calling ‘ho’ Becky T.!?


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