Mmm, Those Do Look Like Good Burgers

Pup 1: “And if I didn’t know any better, there’s nothing to keep us from…”

Pup 2: “It’s the only fundamentally decent thing to do.”

Pup 1: “It’s quite the fortuitous circumstance.”

Pup 2: “I call it Divine Providence.”

Pup 1: “I call the one with no tomato!”

Via Buzzfeed.


It Takes A Thief

This little bandit has heard all about those GoPro cameras, and wants to see what all the fuss is about. Oh, LOOK! There’s one right here!

As seen on DP&F.

Some Teapots Whistle, This One Howls

“I’ve been in this pot oolong! Be a nice chai and get me out before I cough up a herbal!”

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Starting To Get Just A LITTLE Frustrated

[I’ve got my chew thing, that’s not the issue. HOW in the WORLD do I get through this door? If I look pathetic enough, maybe the lazy hoomin will get his lazy ass off the recliner and, uh, OPEN THE DOOR FOR ME.]

Tallulah The Yorkster as seen on Thank God For Dogs.

Yeah, Those Are Panda Puppies

The owner of these puppies in Yancheng, Jiangsu, China says six little guys were born last month and half of them looked just like…PANDAS. This story was originally seen on the trusty RocketNews24 but we went further, over to– and got this most helpful report. (Photos originated there too.) This should explain everything. Maybe.

“Yancheng three puppies Resembling panda Meng turned everyone. [Lead] black eye, black ears, chubby physique, occasionally eat leaves, you see not the giant pandas, which are less than a month newborn puppies. Recently, Jiangsu Yancheng resembles a panda’s three dogs became a star, their sprouting state attracted residents.”





Oh Kim. You. Me. Us. Now. Don’t you see? If this is wrong I, I don’t want to be right.

“Just saw this on Facebook, OMG, I can´t take it. The expression. I just melted away there…. ” -Barbarella aka The Mad Cat Lady .
This is the text that went with it: Who else would melt into a puddle if a clouded leopard looked at them like this? Ganda is 8 months old, and in this picture she’s cuddling up with her trainer at the San Diego Zoo. Photo by Deric Wagner.

Oh Teacher, Teacher!

I found my study buddy!

Via Imgur.

Ears Familiar, They Are

Take a look at the leetle kitteh’s Ear Wiggle Action (starts @ :22) – which Jedi Master do they remind you of? Hmmmmmm?

Seen on The Buzzer.

Oh, Shea Can U See?

[Is it just me, or does everyone like the smell of fresh paint? GOLLY do I love the Home Depot.”] (Mad Bonus Point Props to Shea’s Hoomins for what looks like a Patagonia zip-front fleece for Shea, am I right?)

Home Depot Shea
“We were lucky enough to have you guys use our 6 year Pekingese Shea around Christmas time. It was such a thrill! Well, now he’s spending time in Home Depot picking out color swatches. He looks really happy here, but my husband had to keep the cart moving or he wasn’t having any of it. Thank you again for your wonderful site.” – Suzanne A., Brooklyn, NY.

PS: “The coat costs like 50 bucks. It’s time this dog got a job.

U SURE U Wanna Come Into The Kitchen?

Yur call, hoomin. Heh heh.

From The Internet’s Animals.