The New iPhone 5S: Puppeh Approved!

The new iPhone 5S model went on sale today, and puppehs everywhere are saying, “Two Paws Up!” (OK, so it’s really an iPhone 4. Just PRETEND it’s a new one.)

Flashback Friday


This is Wilfred, a South African Bush Baby in London Zoo enjoying his morning cocoa from a teaspoon, February 15, 1938. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images).

Squeaky Brakes?

Let’s just have a quick look, no need to have some expensive mechanic work on ’em…ah! There we go!

From Cuteporter Spacecase.

Aromatherapy for Dogs

Whenever the stresses and strains of lying around and licking yourself become too overwhelming, take a “me break” by deeply breathing in a relaxing and favorite smell.

Katie M. of the Okinawan-American Animal Rescue Society sends this scent-uous friend and adds: “We’re a handful of volunteers who rescue abandoned and neglected animals on Okinawa, Japan. We place each animal in one of our wonderful foster homes, and then find them forever homes with U.S. military personnel who are stationed here! It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. The reward of seeing our animals finally united with their forever families is well worth it.”

Friday Haiku: Tiny Shells

Shells head for the sea
They know where they’re going to
With their GPS.

“This is a photo essay video done by my friend of some baby turtles making their way to the sea, here in Jamaica. He took these while on assignment for one of our local papers, which did a feature on the turtle hatchlings!” -Teri C.

Alpacas Rock! Alpacas Roll!

And, they shake their pom-poms! Expectant Alpaca Mama Lily (due in November) and daughter Rose do a little celebrating upon arrival two weeks ago at Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square. They are even having a Royal Alpaca Party on September 28! How posh!

“Hello CO! Just wanted to share with you our newest zoo residents- alpaca mom Lily (sporting the white fleece) and her one year old cria, Rose (adorned in scarlet). Donated to us by a private owner, these two are pure pedigrees with fancy lineages (pinky up!)… but within the first day in their new enclosure, they were ready to get down and dirty. Watch their little pom-pom tails and fluffy ‘tocks just wiggle with excitement! This was their first day in their exhibit after a looooong trailer ride. We all love your site! Cordially, Lizzy S.”

You Can’t Handle the Cute

Mr. Grabby Hands says, “Excuse me, CO. I’m afraid I’m going to have to confiscate your cuteness. It poses a hazard to other peeps on this site.”

9566515482_21ce6a310a_z (1)
Thanks to Josh Norem on Facebook

That’s a Wrap!

Only a few days left of summer. Put away the patio furniture, it’s time to haul out those cozy sweateuws that make you look like a pumpkin.

“Please post our dog Vincent on your website.” Alrighty then, Leah M.

Got Me Aye on You

Careful wavin’ that laser dot scabbard around! You could put yer eye out!

FUR_1584-X2 (1)
Here’s Jack Sparrow, care of Josh Norem and Wonder Cat Rescute, mate!

Ye Be Warned

I fell asleep once! An’ look what ‘appened! Arrr.

Former VOKRA kitty, now pampered pirate, Abbie McFlooferson, wishes everyone a happy “Talk Like a Pirate Day”! -Sharon D. Yay for Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Associashon!


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