I have total trouble making the bed. If I try and help my wife, I usually collapse on it in fits of laughter. So Martha Stewart is going to teach us how. We’re gonna need a mattress cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and a blanket or comforter.

Oh, and Daisy the cat.

“I’m sending a video I took of my cat, doing what she loves most – playing under the sheets while we make the bed. Her name is Daisy, and she is a black medium-hair that was found abandoned underneath a house. We hope you like it, and maybe it can make it on your site! Cheers!” -Joe Z., Melbourne VIC.

[*Headline tribute to the late great Harold Ramis, who prolly wrote that line in Stripes. -Ed.]


Ponzu & Ichimi Very Dreamy

Ponzu, the Golden Retriever, has a BFF; Best Feline Friend.

And, Ichimi, the rescued kitten, has a Furrever Friend!

They have been together since last fall.

Ichimi may not know it but Ponzu already has a nose for Best Feline Friends.

Once upon a time, Wasabi was Ponzu’s BFF too.

But Ichimi is there for Ponzu now, and Ponzu is there for Ichimi.

Looks like the beginning of a beautifulz friendship!

Ichimi sez, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!”

Synchronized Snoozers!

What’s a little love bite between friends?

Complete deets via Bored Pand-awww.

Roger, Rampart!

Dispatch: “Station 51, Station 51. Respond to report of a cat stuck in a tree. Corner of Gage & DeSoto. Time out 10:32.”
Ace The Puppeh: “Do we have to?”

photo 2
“Ace is a miniature dachshund who loves to play and be outside in this Texas weather. My father is a fireman, so I took him to visit the fire station when he was on duty, and took a few pics of him with the trucks and my dad’s helmet!” -Camaron C.

THIS JUST IN: Hammerin’ Hank

Subscribers to @cuteoverload know we mentioned this little puppeh Hank a week ago. Hank is a little guy who wandered into the spring training camp of the Milwaukee Brewers. (He was named after baseball legend Hank Aaron.) The players love him, and now Hank is taking part in the team Sausage Races. (It’s a Brewers thing.) Hank’s all over Twitter, too.


Photo via Brewers as seen on Uproxx.


A Slow Loris.
Bebeh Otters.
Together. In one handy-dandy video clip.

[Standard They Are Not Supposed To Be Pets Disclaimer Here. -Ed.] Sent in by Dustin L.

Mom Taxi XIX: Traffic Lamb

[You guys make sure you’re all buckled in! Looks like we’re gonna be in this traffic for awhile. Get out your juice boxes and coloring books, OK?]

“In the early spring shepherds drive huge flocks of livestock, herd sheep, mules, donkeys, and goats from the Pre-Alpine Hills to the Plains Of Lombardy, for grazing. The newborn lambs are carried in a custom made side saddle by the donkeys, and returned to their mothers at rest time.” Photo: Elspeth Kinneir, as seen here. From Susan M.

International Polar Bear Day (Updated!)

That would be today, February 27th! Check this site to see how you can show your support for these furballs. And the video below ain’t too bad, ‘neither. Amazing video work shot in the Great White North from Andrew Manske.


In honor of International Polar Bear Day, Google Maps takes you to Churchill, Canada- the Polar Bear Capital Of The World. Check it out!


Iggy Noms Hoomin: Film At Eleven!

According to the Green Iguana Society, “Iguanas are strict herbivores.” However, Kera The Iggy seems to have other ideas at first.

“Here is my lizard Kera being a little goofy during feeding time. It was shot by me at my house!” – Cuteporter Gina N.

Gimme A Venti, No- A Grande, Er, Um, I Mean…

I don’t go to That Ubiquitous Coffee Place On Every Corner With A Green And White Logo enough to remember all the sizes. (And I don’t drink coffee- key point.) So just gimme a Turtle The Hamster. To go if you please.

Taken by Jess using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

Oh C’MON, Play Wit’ Me, K? C’MON C’MON!

The Puppeh in this video is clearly WOUND UP and wants to play. However, the kitteh is not quite sure what to make of all this.

As seen on Viral Viral Videos.