Well huh. There is such a thing as painfully cute.

You know those teefs are needle sharp. Via Tumblr-er, IrelandBaldwin.

Swimming Trunks

Mom & bebeh heffalumps coolin’ off at the Hannover Zoo in Germany.

Totally unbeatable headline by SFGate.com. Photo By Jochen Lübke/AFP/Getty Images.

Will You PLEASE Leave Me Alone!

Puppeh wants to nom on the bone.

Problem- kitteh wants to nom on the puppeh.

Sent in by Cuteporter Stacy M. who found eet on Laughing Squid.

The Things I Do For Hoomins

My hoomin loves it when I reach over and boop him on the head. Hey, if it gets me fed, I’m cool with it.

I’m Supposed to Squat?

But…cats don’t do squat.

“This new kitten ‘Chief’, decided he doesn’t like to squat to use the cat box. His new name is ‘Stand To Poop’.” -Photo by Bryan F. and Maleck.

Bunday: Bun In The Side Pocket

If you’re playing pool, that’s your money shot.

Discovered on Tumblr.

This Post Has Strong WiFi

That’s ‘cuz the kitteh’s name IS “WiFi.” But where does the card go? Do we even want to know?




Met vriendelijke groet, Marc van Aken.

Turkey Cat

“Hello! I found this cat napping on a Turkish book shop display in Istanbul. I took the photo. Thank you for your consideration!” – International Cuteporter Alexandra R.

(Aha! Headline, misleading it is! Reeled you in, we did. Geddit? A cat IN Turkey.)


We Don’t Want Any

Look, I’m not telling you again, I don’t want to buy your magazines, or sign your petition, or try your free bird seed samples, and definitely don’t want to hear about the true spiritual path to omniversal meta-consciousness…

Wait, go back one…

Harley the Macaw via The_Gut.

Redonk, Huh?

Yep. Redonk. Real redonk. Pure redonk.

Kiyo the lobster Corgi from Dogfort comics. Also via Corgiaddict.


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