No Sharp Objects

It is important to remember, when trying to cure the hiccups, there are alternatives to holding your breath as long as you can.

OK who yelled, “Shark!” ?

“The Solitary Life of a Bubble Eye Goldfish” –

One Grumppuccino To Go, Please

I don’t care what size..Venti, Grande, Tall or Short. Just MAKE MINE GRUMPY!!!

Coming soon.

Ratt Trixx

(Sounds like the name of an 80’s hair band, right?)

Take a look if you will at a totally redonk display of RATSO TRICKS! AMAZINK!

FAVE FRAME! Yes, a ratso doing THE LAUNDRY.

Video by Abby R.

Par for the Party

Hey, kids! Want to make your next birthday extra special? Then cajole Mom and Dad to book your party at Rupert Dingley’s Wild Animal Mini Golf! Eighteen challenging holes, each one guarded by a different animal!

Ferret races, via j.e.mcgowan.

Doctor Who, Part Two

If you’ll recall, I was swiftly corrected for my glaring lack of Doctor Who knowledge. (It’s “Doctor,” not “Dr.,”..and it’s a time machine, not a phone booth.)

Now…The Tardis T.A.R.D.I.S. is back! (From another portal or Möbius loop or dimension or time-space continuum. Or…something.)

“I came home from Comic-Con yesterday to find that my husband had rescued a kitten while I was away. Her name is Rory Williams Reiter and at 8 weeks she is ready to take the time/space/universe by storm. She even managed to find our Tardis!” -Erin R.


As you can see, this Little Pommy is workin’ hard for his/her money! And, oh look! Swag!

Sent in by many a Cuteporter- thanks to you all.

You Make The Cute Noises, Kemosabe

(Say like the original Tonto and not the trendy Depp version.)

There’s a hot new porky-pine on the Intertubes and his name is Kemosabe. Teddy, you’re our buddy but it’s time to step up your game! It’s been seven months since your last clip!

The Tell-Tale Thpwonnnnnnngggg

It was a low, dull, quick sound — much such a sound as a kangaroo makes on a regulation diving board. Like a madman, I flew from room to room — parlor, solarium, bowling alley — in vain pursuit of the diabolical racket. “Ach, with the tormenting stop already!” I cried, but the thpwonging steadily increased… louder… louder… louder…

Three Words: Dancing. Bebeh. Stingrays.


“This is just too cute for words and the music just makes me feel happy. I thought you might like it.” -Allein S.

Pawdon Me,

Have you seen the dog that just booped mah nose?

“Our Great Dane pup, named Mini.” -Ryan C., of MiniPup


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