Do You Think It’s For me?

Prosh Raspberry. The newest shade from Maybunlinne.

Via YouTube.


For Starters, Get Your Claws Out of My Eye

Mother of mine, you’re an angel divine, to you I owe all affection
The wisdom you taught can never be bought, it gave me dreams and direction
Always to you I will ever stay true, and never hurt or betray you,
For all you’ve done for your grateful son, how could I ever repay you?

Photograph by Graham Love. Post dedicated to Geneva Fournier.

Got Plans For Mother’s Day?

If not, just cozy up in your nest! (And later on, maybe order some takeout.)

“I had a Mourning Dove build her nest in the middle of the hanging basket on my third floor deck one year. I had to let the plant die, couldn’t really water it. 🙂 -Karen M.”

A Mom’s Job Is Nevah Done

You look after them 24/7. Why? You’re The Mom!

Sometimes ya just gotta give your kids a shove to get ’em going!

From ZooBorns.

Mom, This 1 Is 4 U

C.O. would like to take this opportunity to wish all Moms out there Happy Mother’s Day!








~Le Creditos~

1.) Mother & Bebeh Sea Otter from Telegraph UK.
2.) Meerkats from ZooBorns.
3-5.) Grilla & Bebeh from ZooBorns.
6. More Grilla & Bebeh, from Reddit.
7.) Orangutans from

Now Harry, What Have U Been INTO?

Harry The Puppeh has a guilty look. He’s also got plenty of guilty-looking paw prints in the tub. Has SOMEone been digging in the backyard garden AGAIN?


Dirty Harry tweeted to C.O. by Nikki Y; merci beaucoup!

Wow, Classic Baroo Form Exhibited!

This is precisely how to do it. And the chances are pretty high that a Milk Bone™ will end up in his mouf after this EXTREME PROSHNESS.

From @CuteEmergency.

Oh Deer, Don’t Forget Mother’s Day!

It’s almost here! (Well, on the East Coast, it already is!) Those 800 flower lines are overloaded by now and you’ll never get through. So just give her a nice kees instead.

From Pinterest.

Animal Song

Some of our animal friends have hidden talents, as evidenced in this video! Did you know these guys could be so off-key musical?

As seen on Stuff I Stole From The Internet.

Caturday: “Hey Honey, We’re Out Of TP!”

“Are U sure? I just put on a new roll this morning.”