The Latest in Desk Accessories

The makers who brought you Keyboard Kat and Pocket Protector Pet, now introduce their latest accessory: Desk Dik Dik.

Just think, you could be the proud owner of your very own desktop anipal! These little darlings are a mere fifteen to sixteen inches fully grown and love to whistle. (Whistle not guaranteed.)

Plus, it’s hilarious when you answer the question, “What have you been doing?” with, “Playing with my dik dik!” Well, it’s funny until Human Resources comes by your cubicle with an order to attend a class about office propriety.

Supplies won’t last! Get yours today!

See our full ad on Summer Anne.

Clippety-Clop Cookie Dough?

There should be an ice cream flavor named after these guys.

You ice-cream lovers got any ideas? I’ll get the spoons!

Thanks for the 2 scoops of Appaloosa, Robot. Photo by Olga Itina.

Casper the Friendly Toast

Casper the Friendly Toast, the friendliest toast you know,
Whether topped with ham or a schmear of jam, the noshers all love him so

The only thing he needs is a toaster to be cute in
He’s got no caraway seeds, just a grainy grin that’s free of gluten

Wake up for breakfast time, the meal that you love the most,
He’ll say thanks a bunch if you’d care to munch on Casper the Friendly Toast!

Pass the butter, DayTripper (For those who don’t know the tune, click here.)

Maybe I Should Give Up The Krispy Kremes…

Here’s a little bebeh Panda Man getting weighed for the foist time. The Google Chrome “translate” feature gives us the backstory- sorta. “The young panda at the zoo was weighed on Tuesday for the first time. The impression that is created on the shooting from the birthing den, has confirmed it. The Pandabub is a handsome guy.”

That settles that! If you speak German, this link’s for you!


Could you cover me, please?

Miriam and Anne say, “When we heard that NYC has so much overcrowding of adoptable animals that they euthanize up to one hundred a day, we decided to go rescue some kittens. We ended up with ten foster kittens! They are bottle fed and burped!”

We’re Tocking Tock-City

One day of the year, Rudy’s booked. The rest of the year he’s offline. Sweet gig, eh? Here’s The Original Red-Nosed Reindeer hanging out, um, some place that’s raining. Luckily his buddy brought a bumbershoot.

Tock-tacular shot via Dave.

Call Mom Taxi 2

You can call a Mom Taxi anywhere. From the deepest jungles to the frozen tundra, Mom is always there for you when you need a lift!

You made us happy, Happy Jack!

Pwned… James Pwned

In today’s thrilling episode, dashing secret agent James Pwned, pursued by clueless minions of the evil Dr. Fang, escapes from the hidden tropical fortress on his handy atomic-powered jet surfboard! Neeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrrmmmmnnnnn!!!

Frame… FaveFrame™.

Via Po… Huff Po.

If You Fall

I weel catch you.

If we both fall, yeah we’re screwed.

It’s as easy as falling off a log, PictureGirl


Um…is…are there…if you have…I forgot.

I have a question, too, BuzzFeed, what does a Panda do in San Jose?


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