Tonight’s Howl-O-Ween

[Nuff-Disclosure Alert Right Up Front: -No chocolate- was fed to these puppehs. -Ed]

You know how sometimes on Halloween you get repeat customers? You gotta watch out for ’em. Especially the ones with four legs.

(Note from the YT poster Busy Bee Dogs: “Both dog actors were discovered on, where they were adopted by a family. They now raise awareness for pet adoption primarily from high risk animal shelters.)

Did Someone Say “Halloween?” We Can Do That!

We’ve received a lot of terrific Halloween photos. (Thank you!) Here’s another bunch of Little Monsters!

TEXTBOOK Impending Doom, from Flickrer Linda C. as seen on Tumblr.

“My Sphynx kitteh Toothless had a tail injury and had it removed. Fortunately it has provided us with some costume advantages, like a Bun at Easter and a Clown for Halloween! Photos by me and I accept your Terms and Conditions as outlined on your website.” -Shonna O.

“Our pup is in a Halloween contest on If we win, we’ll donate the prize to the local animal shelter (Dakin Pioneer Valley Animal Shelter, Springfield, MA.) If Quincy Bean is posted on Cute Overload, I’m sure she’ll get lots of new votes!! Best wishes, Bryn S.”

Sir Lucifur Fluffypants has his gameface on. Twenty-four/Seven/Three Sixty-Five.

“This is my cat Hans (commonly referred to by his nicknames Hansy and Meow-Meow.) He’s named after political theorist Hans Morgenthau, but prefers Chairman Meow. I love your website and so does Hansy.” -Margaret R.

Halloween Baroo! From Pets

Darth Pugster, as seen on BuzzFeed, submitted by Claire M.

“This is Darby. Photo by D. Assid. Good luck, Darby!”

“Here’s our kitty, Lucy. About 6 years ago, she was just this little bitty thing. A friend had a photography studio at home, and we had some fun. Years later (last week), I’m STILL putting stuff on her head. I am Lucy’s Mommeh.” -Paula K.

Look! In The Sky On the floor! It’s SUPER STAN, from Natalie T.

“This is our Toy Manchester Terrier named Rudy. He actually is quite pleased with wearing a costume because he gets more attention and it’s warm and toasty.” -Renate R.


I’ll Have A Cold Pear Juice And One Kitteh, Please

Yesterday, we did a story about Owl Cafés in Japan. So now, just in time for Halloween, we’ve got a story about the first All-Black Cat Café in The Big J. It’s called the Cat Café Nekobayaka, located in the city of Himeji, Miyagi Prefecture.

[If owlz & kittehs aren’t quite your style–there are always PENGUINS.]

You go to these Cat Cafés, and pay a fee to have something to drink, and pet the kittehs. Can. You. Imagine.

According to RocketNews24, “The admission fee is 1,000 yen (US$10.16) for the first half hour and 500 yen for every half hour beyond that.”

They’ve been open for two years, but this location held a grand reopening to go all-black.







Think I Will Need A Halloween Buddy

[I’m very small, very small indeed. I think I will need a Halloween Buddy to come along with me so the other kids don’t try and steal all my candy. Will you come with me?]

“Happy Halloween from Maddie!” -Danica T.

This Evening: MacBun! One Night Only!

Eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, tongue of …ahh, heck. Gimme a carrot.

“Senorita Bonita (now there’s a magical name) celebrates Dia de Los Muertos! She is such a wonderful bunny. We adopted her from the Humane Society of Scott County after she had been returned. She was incredibly frightened at first, and now is a loving, gentle bunny who leads a happy life with the rest of our warren.” Thanks to Cuteporter extraordinaire Oliver Williams, who had to be awfully fast when Bonita struck the proper pose.

Yeah, I Have No Idea, Either

I’m either supposed to be a medieval monk, or a velour spaceman. The lesson is: Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your Halloween costume.

Anyway, Happy Halloween.
Via Maja Dumat.

If You Leave Your Punkin Outside In Sedona, Arizona..

…you’ve only got yourself to blame if this happens. Head on over to Safeway, Dan. They might still have one or two left.

“I shot this last week when I woke to find a herd of wild Javelinas/Peccaries devouring the pumpkin I’d left out to carve.” –Dan B.

[“Left Out” being the -critical- error here. -Ed]

See Here, My Pretty

After all this? You better give me a treat.

“Just in time for Halloween. Cali Bleu is ready for trick or treating. We are big fans! Thanks!” -Jennifer B.


ULTIMATE ‘Tocktober Post ALERT

One day left in ‘Tocktober, and this email just came ZOOMIN’ in. (Better late than nevah.) “I got this suggestion in the YouTube player after watching the Clevah Wombat video,” says Cuteporter Bruno G. “Soooo fitting for ‘Tocktober!”

Got that right, Goozak.

And as long as we’re here, will you gaze at THESE ‘Tocks, from RocketNews24! (Hushed reverential tones: “They must be TWENTY FEET TALL!!”)


“Her Name Is Shlamoo”

Somebody is clearly, um, amped up over Halloween tomorrow night.

“The photo of my cat Shlamoo was taken by me. It is not copyrighted, stolen, misappropriated, or cleverly snatched from anywhere. Her original owner named her Ashlee, but she wouldn’t answer to Ashlee for me. [Imagine that. -Ed] I began calling her Ashalee, then Ashalamoo, which then morphed into Shlamoo, which is what she answers to.” –Barrie C.


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