Little Miss Kiss-Up

Oh sure, she’ll say she loves you to your face, but catch her back at the doghouse with the girls and she’s all like “You catch her laughing at me, thinking she’s all that? Oh, she did not! Bad enough I gotta wear this itchy sweater.”

Color Me Cute: Part One

This four part series will examine the horn of plenty that is nature’s Crayola© box. Also, there will be cute animals.

Let us begin with ginger. Hell, fill the screen with it.

This is way above par, Submar.

What’s a Jellie’s Favorite Song?

“Feelers, nothing more than feelers, trying to forget my, feelers of looove.

Feelers! Wooo-oo-o feelers! Woo-oo, feel you, again in my arms!”

Woah Jellyman, Super Jolly

Step Away from the Labelmaker, Ma’am

It’s not that I don’t appreciate learning the exact weight and post-consumer recycled plastic content in each of my squeaky toys, and I suppose it’s reassuring on some level to know that the large glowing object on the end table is indeed a “lamp,” but I think you’ve brought enough clarity to the house for one day, hmm?


Ride ‘Em, Cowboy

This here’s Whiplash The Rodeo Monkeh aboard Bud The Border Collie, starring at the Reno Row-de-oh.

Y’all come back now, Dan Callister…ya heah?

Dramatic Pug!



Guilty Gus goes, “Gulp!”, jjberry41081

Hey Hey We’re The Monkees

And people say we—never mind. And yes I know, the second photo shows baboons.

Top shot from The Benorama. Second shot’s also from Ben, third from Cutest Paw, and bottom by Happy Jack.

The Story of Our Progress

Did you know that humans, and not we Koala, first dominated Earth? To see why, we must look back to the early days of what the humans called the “21st Century.”

Back then, the Koala was slow-witted, but over generations we developed the vestigial beginnings of the second head that we take for granted today. Thus equipped with an extra brain, we became advanced problem-solvers, curing disease, ending war, and inventing the “Internet” that keeps humans under control.

So the next time you complain about brushing the teeth of your second head, remember — it’s the reason you rule the world.

Adapted from a bit of weirdness from the old days. Photo via CutestPaw.


You’re stranded on a desert island. Or maybe—just in someone’s backyard down the street. Doesn’t matter- work with me here. You’re just layin’ there by yourself, mindin’ your own biz- when suddenly, they hit! A Swarm O’ Golden Retriever Puppehs! The only thing you can do at this point? (Say like Captain Kirk:) “What’s..your…only…option?”


Puppeh love indeed, Pet Collective!

We (Heart) Ferrets

Eight baby ferrets, sleeping in the morning,
Keeping shut their tiny eyes, not even yawning.

Eight baby ferrets on a lazy afternoon,
Dreaming of the mischief they’ll be getting into soon.

Eight baby ferrets, huddled up tight,
Give them each a little kiss and tell them all goodnight.

Photo: Kimberly Tamkun / Mountain-Prairie Region of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


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