WHO’S The Penguin, Then?

(Say like any Monty Python character:) “Can’t beleef it- bloody thing here, wot’s it doin,’ yeah? Bit o’ string, mates. In our way! Gonna have a go gettin’ by it, aren’t we then? Who’s ‘wit me?”

Via 22Words..all 22 of ’em.

Gunma-Chan’s Big Adventure

Great story from our Japan colleagues at RocketNews24. Gunma is a prefecture in Japan. (Sorta like a district or county- Google wasn’t much help, or I just couldn’t comprehend.) Speaking of “can’t comprehend,” take a look at this. Gunma-Chan is the mascot for, well, Gunma tourism.

Prepare the Squee Rocket for liftoff, Cap’n.

EVERYTHING in Japan has a mascot. Gonna have nightmares dreams about this for sure.


“She is our new Lab/Great Pyrenees puppy. She is super cute, sweet, intelligent, a little bit naughty and a lot cray cray. She enjoys short walks in our backyard, chewing on her stinky bone and barking at her poop. Photos by new mom Kristin.”

photo 1

photo 4

photo 8

photo 10

photo 9

photo 17

photo 12

Stairs? What Stairs?

[I is just gonna sliiiiiiiide my way down! It’s easy!]

From Susan M.

OK, Everybody! Ten Minute Pool Break!

Everybody pile on in! DON’T FORGET YOUR LIFE PRESERV-oh, never mind. (And do NOT pee in the pool!!!)

Yet another FBF (Facebook Find) from The Moon Pie.

Dogs & Cats Living Together…Mass Hysteria!

Photographer Bert Jonkhans took these terrific shots of Hessel The Labrador Retriever and Hannes The Cat at their home in The Netherlands.

















Submitted by Hilary K. as seen on Reshareworthy.com.

Allllllmost Time For That Postman Dude To Drop By…

[He always rings twice! And I got to be ready for him with my Mighty Roar! If he is too scared to show up, I can always let The Cat have it. C’mon, who wants to tangle wit’ me??]

Pip The Mighty Teacup Yorkie, from Rebecca C.’s Twitter.

Precious, Time To Get Your Gallop On!

Precious has been waiting to enjoy some springtime weather, and she’s ready to run! The other guys in the video are like, “Uh, what?”

MoonPieWoman found this on The Facebooksters. As U can tell.

You don’t think anyone can SEE me, do you?

funny-bears-doing-human-things-16Via Bored Panda.

Oh Look, A Nat Geo Photo Contest!

Lotta terrific imagery to be found in the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, which started last week and ends June 30th. Lesseeee…we’ve got a Peek-A-Boo Owl photograph by Graham McGeorge:

A High-Five Owl, also by Mr. McGeorge:

download (1)
Talking Crabs, by Song-Kanokrattana Netlomwong:

download (2)
and Monkey Mother And Child, by Randy Pratt:

download (3)


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