Happy Birthday, Brantley!

unnamedHis first birthday was back in early September (but we just got the email) so let’s all wish him a happy (belated) Birthday!

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From Lynne S.

Friday Haiku: Franz Joseph (The European Hamster)

_DSC5621aklneuLittle Hamster dude
Rummaging for nuts and stuff
Ready for winter?


Stefanie K. says “I have some pictures for you I took earlier this week at a hospital in Vienna. It might seem a little odd, but said hospital is well known for a population of wild European hamsters who live on the hospital grounds. They should be in hibernation by now, but I found a little fellow still out and about. Isn’t he cute? I called him Franz Joseph since he lives on the grounds of Emperor Franz Joseph Hospital.”

Christmas Never Looked So Prosh

SFSPCA Holiday Windows4110258510_9dd0094e1f_bThe 29th annual Holiday Windows at Macy’s Union Sq. in San Francisco kicks off tonight at 5pm PT! Every year, Macy’s Holiday Windows are filled with adoptable animals from the San Francisco SPCA. Last year 267 animals found homes, bringing the total Holiday Windows adoptions to 8,500+.

In the area? Stop by! Snoopy’s the special guest this year, and kids from the De Marillac Academy choir will sing classic holiday songs. Here’s a look at the 2014 event starring Grumpy Cat, with pix by Kira Stackhouse.






And some more photos, this time from Rob Schroeder, who also took the feature photo.

2013.12.02 141

2013.12.02 131

If You Go:

Where: Macy’s Union Sq., 170 O’Farrell Street., SF. (Google Map.)

When: Tonight at 5pm PT through January 3rd, 2016.

[*Note: Previous C.O. coverage: 2006 : 2012 : 2013 : 2014. -Ed.]

“♬Maggie The Red-Nosed Hamster…♫”

DSC_0916“Dear C.O.; Your Lack of Hamster Noses disturbs me. Please see the attached picture of my female Syrian Hamster, Maggie, for the remedy :)” -Melody F.

(Somewhat Bewildered) Sniffs From Singapore

image2Up top, we’ve got some absolute Rule of Cuteness #58: If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute.. And below, someone looks like they were just told about a trip to…the V-place.

“This is Maggie. She’s what we call a Singapore Special. Photos taken by me, Christina E.”

Precious Jewels

unnamed (1)With the names these guys have, they ABSOLUTELY qualify as precious gems. “Meet Garnet and Opal! They are Golden Retriever/English Golden Retriever puppies,” say Rusty & Jen. (Click below images for C.O. Super-Size™!)

unnamed (2)
Photographed by Penny.

Headline THIS!

101Time for a rare Friday version of Headline THIS! This photo of Charlie (L) and Pippa (R) -we think- comes from Kate R. Write up your best header and we’ll run our favorite at 1pm PT. Or thereabouts. Good luck!

[*UPDATE 1:00p PT: Marianne scores with her header- but there were a LOT of GREAT ones. Thanks to all! -Ed.]

The Many Noses Of Sprocket

Sprocket is One Prosh Puppeh and he’s got the Nose to prove it. For example, he can balance a carrot:

Or…..not balance a carrot.

And here is a picture of Sprocket and his hairball after a recent brushing.

“The world makes perfect sense now.” -Ingrid H.


EvieIf you see this Snuggler, you are urged to report it to police right away give her a massive snorgle. “I love your website and am always spreading Teh QTE to my coworkers,” writes Meredith M. “This my goofball Evie who I rescued a little over a year ago. She is a whippet mix and would love to make an appearance on your website!”

[*Note: Rule of Cuteness #52: If your paws fold over one another, that’s cute. -Ed.]


What’s Better Than One Stumpers?

One Stumpers plus two BEBEH Stumpers!

(See more of Zeus The Fat Corgi of Jakarta, Indonesia here.)


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