You Haz The Dinner For Me Now, Yes?

Some cats just will not take no for an answer. Take Cole and Marmalade, for example.

Headline THIS: Really, Dude? A Flip Phone?

[*Updated 1:04pm PT: Annette with the win!]

[I was NOT with Taylor Swift last night!!! I don’t even KNOW the girl! Can’t a Ferret Fella get ANY peace and quiet? Put those AWAY!]

Arne found this photo on Websta Instagram Web Viewer and thought this might a good Headline THIS post, and once again, Arne is spot on. So dream up your best headline, and we’ll update around 1pm PT.

11263586_1580067732243544_996161360_n (1)

Famous Amos

image1So…THIS is where my favorite cookies come from! Goats. Chocolate Chip cookies. Who knew?

“Hello! This is Amos, our 9 week old Mini-Lamancha goat. We think he’s pretty cute (especially with milk on his nose) and I’m hoping you will too. Thanks! Cole P.


Arlo & Jasper

1 Arlo & Jasper2“Here are Arlo and Jasper, 15 week old Burmese cross brothers from the UK,” write Stephen & Liz. “They love nothing more than playing and cuddling together but unfortunately :( Jasper managed to fracture his leg two weeks ago. They are absolutely inseparable, so sweet natured and call to each other when Jasper is on bed rest. He’s on the road to recovery :) now after having surgery and can’t wait to play with his brother again!”

2 Arlo & Jasper Firetruck

3 Arlo & Jasper

4 Jasper bow tie

5 Arlo bow tie

6 Jasper leg

8 Jasper cone of shame

7 Arlo & Jasper broken


[Is anybody in here?] Harley The Cockatoo likes the echo he gets from the plastic cup!

Sent in by Susan M.

I’m Not Getting Up Today

IMG_0720“Reddington is gearing up for Toesday,” says Jenny S. Are we…..sure about that?

G’Nite Everyone

[I’ll tuck myself in, no worries.]

(Laughing Squid.)

Mr. McChubbersons Gets His Bark On

Watch Mr. McChubbersons get all wiggly and wobbly as he plays with his friend from the nearby woods.

Time To Play…The Name Game!

Chicken DanceLucky K. is stuck for a name for the little guy. Or..girl. We’ll need to chick check on that. “Dancin’ chick doesn’t have a name yet, but ABBA is a strong contender. The photos were shot by me, Lucy K., in the chicks temporary residence, our laundry room.”

Dancin' chick closeup

Can you think of a name for this leetle cheeck? Leave it in the Comments section, please!

UPDATE 5:12pm PT: OK, so it turns out that the yellow chick will be named ABBA for sure. Fine with that, always dug Frida and Agnetha. But this little one still needs a name:

Fun Way To Waste Some Time

Here’s how it works, according to the game site; this was made by a fellow named Will Herring. “You play as my garbage cat, who wakes me up at 3am literally every morning. Knock everything over until your owner wakes up. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Press Z to meow and cry all the time. Press X to knead with your dumb little paws. Do your worst. (Also! Thanks for playing!) (Click here to play!)

Mark D. writes, “Ever wanted to destroy the house? Now you can. Not my game, nor do I know the author. But I appreciate the accuracy of it.”



(Images from The Inquisitr; GIF spotted on The Verge.)


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