‘Tocktober: “Adorable Pants”

unnamed“This is our Corgi Murphy, blending in with our hardwood floors. Just call him Camouflage dog :). Besides having adorable pants he is a Total Snuggler. Hope he makes the cut. Thanks for all the fun posts!” -Kristina C.

[*Note: Once again, we see ROC #47: Splayed haunch action is Cute. -Ed.]

Holy Hairballs, It’s Cat Man!

Today’s Big J lesson is about “Kyushu Neko Ojisan.” Also known as “The Cat Man from Kyushu.” Basically, there’s this fellow who has nine Chinchilla and Himalayan cats. He gathers them up, stuffs them in a BABY STROLLER, and then takes them for a walk in Tokyo. RN24 and Jezebel have more deets.

And of course, there’s the FB and Twitter pages, too. (IF you understand Japanese.)

“Redonk cat walk TIMES NINE,” says Stephen T.

“The Best Wombat Movie Ever Has Been Made”

….and what we have here is about 2:57 of a Chubby Lawnmower doing what he does best. I can live with that.

A Smedley find.

We. Are. Not. Worthy.

You see this little guy sitting on the sidewalk, minding his own business. Do you…

1.) Fall to the ground and begin immediate worship.

2.) Look left and right furtively, then scoop him up and plop him in your bag.

3.) Dissolve into a puddle of goo.

Comments encouraged!


THESE ‘Tocks Don’t Budge An Inch!

unnamedActually–these ‘Tocks BELONG to Budgies! Photo by David S.

“She’s Like A Black Sausage With Arms”

tumblr_mii2ng3TxM1rgoqbmo1_1280That’s what the Genius Cat Tumblr says, and who are we to disagree? Got that Halloween vibe going, too!

Pumpkin Posers

This is actually a Gang O’ Five Squirrels—they all picked out Puppeh costumes for Halloween. Pretty good job, I’d say. Photo from Lisa B.


Carve ‘Em, Or Play With ‘Em- Your Call, Little Guy

Pretty soon we’ll need to hoist the Punkin up on the kitchen table, dig out the seeds, and carve a spooky face on the front. Or- we could take a clue from this fellow and just roll around on the ground with it.

Either one works.

Poll: What Do YOU Like Best?

*The Foldabuhl Muzzlepowsche.
*Sleeves rolling down over the furry pads.
*Peeping tongue.
*Stubby butt.

[ded.] [Imgur.]


What Do U Want After A Nice, Long Walk?

Personally, I’d settle for a tall glass of cold lemonade- but this Prosh Lil’ Porkster has something else on his mind:



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