Manny The Selfie Cat

We KNEW eventually it would come to this. (Say like the guy who did the trailers for the movies🙂 “In a world of GoPros, iPhones, Instagrams and selfies, it was only a matter of time…before the Cats got in on it. And the world…would never be the same.”

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From Lisa J. as seen on Love Meow. More Manny here.


C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Washington, D.C. II

We previously featured Crumbs & Whiskers last summer, but Waz W. sent us this note, so why not do an UPDATE? “I recently visited the Crumbs & Whiskers cat cafe in DC and wrote a blog post about it. A friend of mine mentioned that Cute Overload has been doing a Cat Café World Tour series and suggested that I reach out to you guys.”







If You Go:

Crumbs & Whiskers:

Addy: 3211 O St. NW, Washington D.C.

Cost: $10/hr on weekdays and $12/hr on weekends. Hours: Closed Monday, 10am-2pm and 4pm-8pm the rest of the week.

Online: Website : Twitter : FB : Tumblr : Instagram.

One Week: Four Chugs

To recap: The Chug Phenomenon has taken C.O. by storm- or at least…an intermittent drizzle. Last week brought us Chug I, II, and III– now here’s IV. “This is Georgie the Wondermutt. We adopted him last year after he was found in an abandoned apartment. We belive he flies around at night saving people from The Blues. He’s spunky, sassy and the best snuggle bomb in the world,” says Addie M.

“♬ You Should Be Dancin,’ YEAH… ♫”

Just when we think we’d seen it all from Maymo (& Penny) they go all bizarro on us AGAIN.

NEW Maru & Hana: Snug As A Bug In A…

…rug. Or something that is most likely purchased from Amazon JP.

Prosh Little Pink Hoofster

He/She is doing his/her part to make your Rats, It’s Monday just a little more tolerable.

Here's A Happy Pig - Imgur

This Cat Looks….Familiar

Vajda B. says this is a calendar from 1916- 100 years old! When you go to the website, it says “Sophie got this wonderful London, 1916 pocket calendar. And who is taking over the “Volcano Budapest” teensy-weensy inscription on the cover? A familiar grumpy cat!” I would say so!


Rats! It’s Monday!

But we’ve got THESE for you!!! So while you’re sorting through all those weekend emails (my boss sent me an email at 11pm Saturday?) think of these jolly little critters just waitin’ for a belleh scritch. Or a Cheerio™.




Via Mashable.

Got Your Bebeh Boxer Baroo Right Here!

Boxer Pup Olaf just can’t make heads or tails of the sounds comin’ outta that phone. Well, he can make heads out of it, I guess.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Almost Time For The Big Game

No, not the Super Bowl. Although that’s a pretty big one. No, we’re talking about Puppy Bowl XII—coming up Sunday Feb. 7 at 3/2c! Here’s a kinda sorta preview…move the little arrows in the circle with your mouse for a totally immersive 360 degree experience!

(Once you click ‘play’ you’ll see this circle top left with the nav arrows:)