Scotty, Beam My Buns Up

Clipboard01Lt. Worf the Bun is making a return appearance on Cute Overload! He was here last week, and he’s back again this Bunday with his shipmate, Lt. Data. From Submitter Erokey: “We caught Worf napping by the red flower pot, all cozied up on his own fluff. And his brother Data’s cuteness is within normal operating parameters. They’re both American Fuzzy Lop rabbits.”



No Tongue-hance Required

Woe befall the reader who didn’t believe the title.

“This is Winston! My sunbathing American Bulldog.” -Nicholas E.

Laundry? What laundry?

Oh. This laundry?

Don’t worry, I’m on top of it.

“I’m getting tired of my puppy’s half-assed attempts at doing laundry. He starts off well, separating lights from darks: Then he just gives up. Bad, puppy! Those should be pre-treated. His name is “Chomper,” and the photo was taken by Maria. Love your site!” – Scott T.

Little Help Here?

Locha: Whadya say, Peewee—do we let The Dog in?
Peewee: Er, I dunno. It looks like it’s raining.
Locha: Yeah, just starting to, you’re right.
Peewee: There’s your answer. Leave him out there.
Locha: Cool. U ready for lunch?

“Locha and Peewee try to decide whether to let Poke in.” -Lisa W.

Whatcha Got There, Topper Buddy?

Topper the boxer finds a lime and he doesn’t particularly like it. But he can’t walk away, either.

This isn’t the first time the Topster has gone head bangin’, either. Ooo, LUGGAGE TAG!

Posted on YouTube by Claire M.

How to Introduce a New Pet

The process of introducing a new animal to your pets can be daunting. There may be resentment, jealousy, religious or political differences, or general unease. However, by establishing an atmosphere of love and trust, your pets will welcome the newcomer so much, they’ll need to take turns playing with him.

Via tomhenrich.

Yo, Maddie- Turn Around!

Oh ah saw the sign. Who cares about cats, anyways?

Maddie is still On Things, this time in Fayetteville, NY.

Today is Caturday

And, to honor Caturday check out these Caturday-rific cats.

“Bell” to represent the ringing in of the weekend.

“Tomoko” which can mean friendly and wise, to represent having fun and games.

“Princess” to represent observing the inner royalty in all of us.

and kittens, because they represent that on which all life depends.

“My cat Bell” -Scott B., Moopi’s friend, Tomoko. -Irene Y., “Her name is Princess and she is beautiful.” -Marita, “Ashton in the playpen with all the kittens seemingly bowing to his snorgletude.” -Josh Norem

Go Ahead and Blink

I Dare You Hoooo!

So, this is Smudge. Hi Smudge! Smudge is a little owl. No, not a little owl, a Little Owl.

“I met Smudge the Little Owl at Loch Lomond Bird Sanctuary in Scotland. She is owned by the centre and was hand reared from only 5 weeks old. This has resulted in her friendly nature believing she is human. It is common for little owls of this breed to become aggressive after 1 year old but Smudge is now 4 and still adores cuddles, kisses and attention from visitors.” -Hazel W.

Ahoy! It’s World Oceans Day Today!

Despite what Captain Kirk would tell you…our ocean is truly the final frontier. If we don’t take care of it, we won’t get another one to take its place.

Learn more about World Oceans Day here!

This first video was taken off Dana Point, California- home to more dolphins than anywhere in the world!

This image of a harbor seal was taken in a kelp forest at Cortes Bank near San Diego by Kyle McBurnie. It was the overall winning image submitted to the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science‘s (RSMAS) underwater photography competition.


Pietro Cremone from Italy won third place in the wide-angle category. His entry shows a Raccoon Butterfly Fish and Angelfish on a reef in the Red Sea near Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt.


Alex Tattersall took the shot of a Lionfish on the Thistlegorm wreck in the Red Sea and it won first place in the wide-angle category. The SS Thistlegorm was a British naval ship built in 1940 in England.


Second place in the wide-angle category went to Joseph Tepper. It shows Spinner Dolphins swimming in a small inlet off the Kona coast of Hawaii.


This shot of Anemone Shrimp was taken in Puerto Galera in the Philippines by Beth Watson. It was the winning picture in the RSMAS macro category.


The second place macro picture was this image of an Emperor Shrimp on top of two Nudibranch Molluscs. It was taken at Dinah’s Beach in Papua New Guinea by Douglas Good.


The third place in the macro category of the RSMAS underwater photography competition went to Italian photographer Frederica Bambi. It shows a Porcelain Crab on an Anemone at Pescador Island, Cebu in the Philippines.

Video #1 from Dolphin Safari; #2 from One World One Ocean. Photos and captions from Mail Online.


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