Violet: By The Numbers

“This is our 5 month old Shar Pei puppy, Violet. This picture has it all. Side-eye, tocks, and toes. Plus butt-wrinkles.” -Rachel M.

1. Foldable Furrowed Brow. (1 pair.)
2. Side Eye. (1 pair.)
3. Foldable Jowls. (1 pair.)
4. Back Foldable Fur Chubs AKA “Butt Wrinkles.”
5. Classic Splayage Action (1 pair) merging into ‘Tocks Central.
6. Rear Beans. (1 pair.)
7. The Tailio.


Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Cute Bag

And smile!



“I came across this little smiling goat on We Heart It today! I just can’t deal!” – Marla C.
Alpaca with bedroom eyes from Michelle H.
Cute giraffe smiling, taken at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado by Erin and Jason Y.

Halloween’s Coming? Seriously?

Check out these guys- they’re ready to go!





~Le Creditos~

1. Sidekick Sadie, from Christina V.
2/3. Guillermo from Courtney P.
4/5. From Corgi
6. From Mail Online.

THIS JUST IN: Lentil Bean Meets Chris P. Bacon: The Video!

‘Member about three weeks ago or so, when we brought you the historic Summit Meeting between Lentil Bean and Chris P. Bacon?

Now…we’ve got the video.

Video from CPB’s YT page.

‘Tocktober, M To Z

“Here are a couple of ‘Tocktober photos I thought you might be interested in. I tried to choose some more unusual posteriors for you. Keep up the cute work!” -G-Na. First, a Manta Ray taken in the Maldives.

manta butt

And a Zebra, “Do these stripes make my butt look fat?” taken at the San Francisco Zoo.


I’m Gonna Get This Orange Ball….

[….if it’s the last thing I do!!!]

(An oldie but a goody. A Red Panda trying to do a full-body Ninja Assassin slam on an unsuspecting Punkin. Purrfect for Halloween.)

Cred to Jamie W.

Lbike Mby Nbew Lbips?

Ubi jbust hbad uba cbollegen ibnjection! Sbill gbetting ubused tbo ibit, thbough.

Via Rob Bixby Photography.

THIS JUST IN: I Want To Hold Your Hand

Tommy The Puppeh gets all nervous n’ stuff in the car, until his hoomin Adam D. tells him it’s OK.

FAVE FRAME: Is that Puppeh Window Slobber™, or a decal? On the passenger window?

From the Yahoo! News Tumblr. Title from The Fabs.

Little Horsin’ Around In The Stables

[This hoomin needs a little sauce on the side, otherwise, quite tasty. OM NOM NOM NOM.]


Paul & Barb FTW.

Know Your Obscure Batman Villains!

The ’60s-era Batman series brought Bob Kane’s rogues gallery to glorious life on the small screen, including classic animal-themed villains such as Catwoman and the Penguin. Lesser-known was an impish villain known as the Terrier of Terror, whose gimmick involved subduing his victims with cuteness.

Via Monsters in My Mind.


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