Hazel Conks Out

“I met little Hazel here at an adoption event run by the Maryland Animal Sanctuary. She’s 8 weeks old and was rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina. She was so sleepy she just conked right out in my arms. Keeping it Qte in B’more, Sue.”

IMG_0892 (1)

The Zen Of Russell

Russell? Oh, Russell? There’s a feather on your snoot. In case you wanted to know. If not, then we’re all good. OK?

“This is my seven-year-old French bulldog, Russell. He lives in London and is generally oblivious to the things that get stuck to his face.” -Caitlin C.

THIS JUST IN: First Puppeh Ever Scales Mt. Everest!

Will you LOOK AT THIS! This puppeh is named Rupee. He was found in bad shape at a DUMP in Ladakh, Northern India.

Dog climbs Everest
Now, he has scaled Everest with new owner hoomin Joanne Lefson.

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest
HUGE CO Kudos to Eagle-Eyed Cuteporter Catherine C. for this!! Caters with the great photos.

Vintage Cliché Spoiler

For countless generations, anyone expressing incredulity or skepticism could rely upon the phrase “I’ll believe that when pigs fly.” By absurdly granting the common pig, perhaps that most earthbound of animals, the gift of flight, the maxim became a plainspoken, potent expression of the impossible.

And then this happened.

An Appeal for Decency

This Nosevember, we at Cute Overload wish to address a serious topic: nose hunting. Each year, dozens of innocent animals are hunted just to turn their noses into trophies. We urge you to contact your elected representative to demand an end to this barbaric and wasteful practice, and also to do something about the CIA satellites that beam show tunes directly into my head. Thank you.

Via Reddit.

Typhoon Haiyan Outreach

The Philippines have been devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. From the Humane Society International site:

“Right now, our animal rescue teams are on the ground in the Philippines, assessing the situation after the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. Working with local and federal authorities, we will do whatever is necessary to help both people and animals affected by this historic and heartbreaking disaster.”

Click here to learn more about how you can help the Humane Society International. Donation deets here.

More info on the HSI FB. Photo from Reuters via GreaterGood.org. Google.org resources are here. Tumblr’s got an info post here. And here’s a Red Cross link via Apple iTunes.

Ah, Another Glorious Morning

The sunlight streaming in, the familiar gurgle of the coffeemaker, the fresh scent of herbal shampoo in the air — these are the heralds of the new day, a land rich in challenge and opportunity, awaiting only a Magellan, a navigator of Fortune to seek and seize each moment for its full measure.

God, how I hate it.

Via Reddit.

You Scream, I Scream

We all scream for Neopolitan Toebeans!

10320814433_f0533bd693_z (1)
“I just cannot get enough of the cute poses and mannerisms of my tuxedo named Bebe. Being a tuxedo, Bebe has black, white and pink toe beans, so we also call her “Neopolitan Toes”. Hope you think she is as cute as I do! Love your website…it makes me smile every day!” -Sincerely, Stephanie G. L.

Hank is Ready

Hank just knows you’re going to make your next move soon. But, take your time. It’s OK. (STARE!)

“This is Hank, we like to call him Hanky Panky because he’s so full of beans! He loves all other puppeh’s and people and likes to play. We think he just the cutest bulldog, and he’s pretty photogenic too. Photo by Annisa M.” -Kristy and Josh C..

Sign of the Times

As part of its ongoing commitment to diversity, the Canal and River Trust has installed all new bi-species outdoor signage.

Via Matthew Dunsdon.


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