Biff! Sock! Zap! Kapow! Zowie!

Do you sense a Batman theme? Of course! Could there be anything more incredible than Bat-tastic Bebeh Bat Yawns and Multiple Tongue Fleecking?

Yes, there could. How about a little Caped Crusader hanging upside down at the Oakland Zoo WITH ITS OWN TEDDY BEAR.

Video from Haley L. Photo of Kumba the Island Flying Fox found on the Oakland Zoo website sent in by Emilia.

We Got a Soft Spot for Fabio

Maybe those aren’t spots, maybe they’re chocolate chips.

One of those spots, is a tickle spot.

Or maybe it’s like a ladybug thing.

Fabio, when will you wake up and tell us about your spots?

It’s quite simple actually, Fabio just loves being in the spotlight.

“Fabio” (perfect name!) Sent in by Bronwyn B.

Bunado: Enough Said!

If you missed the Sharknado premiere on SyFy, we’ve got a sequel! Bunado!

“From the brilliant mind of my 8-year-old and my shoddy, sangria-fueled Photoshop for iPad skills, we bring you ‘BUNADO! Save Yourself From The Cuteness.’ Producer: Jack T. Director: Miranda T. Artwork: Jean T. Starring our Bunny, Chase.” -Jean T.

Ruh Roh, I Ruff U!

Cuteporter Maria found Abby on The Reddit, and added “Sweet fancy maple syrup, I loves me some talkin’ doggehs.” Which is funny all by itself. Note the SQUIRREL! moment @ :37.

Thistle Be Fun!

This garden needs a makeover. I’m going to start by giving it a bunicure. And then a hare cut.

“…bun goes for a walk in China.” Is that the start of a joke, Ann P.?

Flutterbye Nose Boop!

Ever seen a Flutterbye Nose Boop before? Vewwy, VEWWY Rare. Normally only seen in the deepest darkest jungles of Africa, the Congo, you know- places from the National Geographic.


“We rescued several caterpillars from marauding wasps, releasing them when they grew to butterflies. This one, named ‘Buttercup,’ decided to stick around on my shirt for a long time, giving my daughter a hug on the nose along the way, before we got her to find a plant she liked.” -Justin S.

This Is MY Rug

And you cannot have it.

Cute Bebeh Duckster—Reloaded!

Remember Speed Racer Ducky? He’s back- and he got bigger. LOOK AT THE ‘TOCKS WILL YA. And HE’S WATCHING HIMSELF ON THE U TUBES.


Frîncu Mihai rides again.

I Beg Your Pardon?

I know you didn’t just make an unflattering remark about the dimensions of my posterior region. That did not just happen.

Via Julián Ortega Martinez.

Three Piglet Kittehs

Just sit back and feel your head go BOOM.


Barb and Paul do eet once more.


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