Déjà Vu All Over Again

This fellow looks familiar. Um…lessee…ah! In last week’s CO Calendar shot! Go for it, Katie M.: “Hey! Bones is the picture of the day today! I never look ahead at the pictures so I was very surprised. Here is a pic of Bones sitting proudly next to his calendar page. If you notice that the plastic holder is the wrong color, my new one broke so I glued the new pages to the old one.”


Inotteration Day!

In honor of the Big Presidential Inauguration Inotteration, the Smithsonian National Zoo is celebrating Inotteration Day! Cuteporter Nicole K. alerted us to these photos from the SNZ’s Facebook page.

Photo from Clyde Nishimura.

Photo from Janice Sveda.

Photo from Clyde Nishimura.

Photo by Maria Stroffolino.

Photo from Janice Sveda.


Bo Obama was sworn in for his second term as First Dog! His hoomin gets to stay at the same address too.






Photos from The Buzzer.

Smarter Than Your Average Bear

Buckley the Hedgehog will steal your heart, AND

your pic-a-nic basket.

Picnic pics by Lindsay C. who says, “Meet Buckley the Hedgehog; the sweetest little pudge-ball you’ll ever meet. They say hedgehogs are grumpy, but Buckley is quite the lover. He’s so cooperative and calm, he seems to truly enjoy each little photo shoot that we have.”

They Only Love You When You’re Fat

Yeah, that was me: Rollo, “The Pudgy Panda.” I was the star of the zoo — T-shirts, my own website, thousands of kids a day come to see me. Glorious, man.

But I was getting really winded, so I get on this weight loss kick: a little cardio in the morning, watching the diet, you know. And just when I start to feel good, that’s when management wants a meeting. They’re “taking the panda exhibit in a new direction,” that’s all they tell me. All I know is, if it weren’t for my cousin letting me crash at his place, I’d be on the street.

Via Delightfully Manic.

Malamute Cute

Feel better now, Sasha!

Sender-Inner Katie P: “My Malamute Sasha was feeling pretty crummy while we waited for some meds for to kick in. She was having a little leaking issue, too, hence the diaper. My mom sat on the floor and within seconds Sasha was cuddled up with her and quickly feel asleep.” Photo by Kevin B.

Makin’ Bis-kits

To make bis-kits with lots of fluffy layers,

You want the dough to be very soft.

Gently knead your bis-kit dough into a ball.

This can get messy when the bis-kit dough sticks to your hands,

But that’s half the fun!

This is Maxine O.’s finger-lickin’ good kitten, Mika.

So, a Bear, a Bunny and a Panda Walked Into a Bar

Ouch! The bear and the panda got knocked out.

But not the bunny. He was a bar hopper.

Sender-inner Kirby M. tells us these three cuties are Levi (bear), London (panda), and Milton (bunny). “Levi and London are half brothers, from the same dad but different moms. They are only 3 months old. Milton is a year and a half, and the king of the house!”

This — Stuff — Is — Awesome!

What is this stuff? Did you make this stuff? It’s sure a lot of fluffy stuff! Where did this stuff come from? I can’t get enough of this stuff! I want this stuff all the time! Can you buy this stuff? What — the — heck — is — this — stuff?!

FaveFrame™ and stuff!

As YouTuber jefcharles explains, Fletcher the cat is seeing snow for the first time: “After being sent home from work the first thing I did on getting home was to check outside the back door to see if there were any cat paw prints. There weren’t, so I thought I’d introduce Fletcher to the snow and film the results.”

Trying to Cut Down on Caffeine?

… why not start your morning with a… GIGANTIC KITTY FACE!!

You’re welcome, and you can thank cuatrok77 for the photo.


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