“One ROC Combo, Drag It Thru The Garden!”

20141019_123101_resizedCuteporter Susan H. serves up a ROC (Rules of Cuteness) Combo Platter! “Greetings! We made a pilgrimage to the Cute Overload motherland last weekend and were delighted to find both Turtle ‘Tocks AND Bonus Haunch Splayage at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park! Hope it’s not to late for him to be included in ‘Tocktober!” [Nope! -Ed.]

Lazy Toesday With Kimba & Gum Mei

20140928_154945“Hi! I love C.O.! I’m submitting two photos of Kimba, who turned 3 months old on ‘Tocktober 2nd. He’s a domestic longhair who was born to a stray mom cat in Queens, NY. In the featured photo above, you’ll see his adorable Furry Beans. In the photo below, you see the rest of him, along with his sister/litter mate Gum Mei. They are inseparable.” -AJL.


Another Serving Of Brother Cream!

Remember Brother Cream from August of last year? Cuteporter Tiffany (from Toronto) does! “I went to Hong Kong and dragged my husband across the city JUST to see Brother Cream because I saw him on Cute Overload! They were also selling pins so of COURSE I had to buy one! (Photos taken by me.) Love your site!”

brother cream


‘Tick-‘Tock: The Month Is Winding Down…

IMG_20141019_125334…butt we still have a few ‘Tocks up our sleeve! Or…..somewhere. From Fuyuko A.: “These are Momo’s ‘Tocks! She is a Manx/British blue hence no tail. Wanted to send this especially for ‘Tocktober.”
(We also have Momo’s other side, too:)


Need Some Halloweenie Pix, People!

We’re just ten days out from Halloween- we forgot about the all day thing so we decided to do a Big All-Day Halloween Marathon. (Don’t have a name for it yet. Thoughts?) Send in your fave Halloween-themed Pet Pix and we may use it! We’re lookin’ for Quality Nosevember Shots, too!


Next Time, Try A One Piece?



You Will Know Synchronicity

synchronized sleep team

“We got excited seeing all the synchronized photos from the archives. Our two Angel Kittehs Saffron and Marmalade always used to sleep in Synchronicity :-) We called them the synchronized sleep team. Now they are in kitty heaven together. :( We just passed the one-year anniversary of Saffron crossing the Rainbow Bridge and the six-month anniversary for Marmalade. We would be thrilled to see them on your site. (As a side note, we never realized how much we depend on Cute Overload to keep us smiling every day until you guys were temporarily offline recently. That felt like the longest day ever until The Cute was restored!*) Thanks for being the best website on the planet, Julia and John M.”

[*Oh, I remember. -Ed.]

Marcel The Shell (With Shoes On)

Gotta admit, Marcel is a new one (for me,) but if this little critter ain’t the Cutest thing ever, I don’t know what is. The first video was just released yesterday- the other two are from the archives.

MY Chair, Bubbles—MINE

10648597_868823906470688_6893238943006937408_oThe Kigali Kittehs are back! According to the FB post: “Lady Bubbles is happily singing away in a chair, which MGG can’t tolerate. He pounces on her, kicks her out of the chair, and sits quietly in her place. Sometimes Bubbles wishes she was the big sister.”

Next Stop, Ground Floor!

Kittehs tend to be lazy conserve their energy. This is a classic example.

From Susan M.


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