Poll: OK, Which One Is Cuter?

So yesterday, we showed you the Scooting Bebeh Trunkster getting all charged up. Murkle46 commented, “Have a contest! Which is cuter, this one or the baby elephant who was scared by his own sneeze?”

OK then! (We think Murkle meant “poll” and not “contest.” Not givin’ away Trunksters.) So….Vote vote vote like a bebeh stoat!

Now U Guys, Remember….

….before we have our dinner, we have to say Grace. Go ahead.

From Mail Online, spotted by Smedley.

Chipmunk Hairstyling Tips

Fellas, ladies love that “just out of bed” look. So muss up your hair just before that important date.


Chipmunk? More like chipHUNK, right, Donna R.?

“Hello, IRS? My Tax Return’s Gonna Be Late.”

“Yes, I know they’re due tonight by midnight. Why’s it gonna be late? Well…the dog ate it. Yes, I’m sure you HAVE heard that one before.”

Martin Taylor

Sounds rather like a Men’s Clothier, doesn’t it? Like on NBC Nightly News, “Brian William’s suits provided by Martin Taylor.”


THIS is Martin Taylor, and GET a look at THAT FACE WILLYA!

“We bought him from a slightly scary lady that sold goats. He was the last one of his litter left which often leads us to ask, “How cute were the other ones?!?” -Jackie R.

P.S. Marty- what IS that on your head?

I’m On Top of the World, Ma!

“Actually, dear, you’re on top of me. And as soon as I hit the water, the training wheels come off.”

Juuuuuuuust a Bit Outside

… and so with bases loaded, bottom of the seventh, things are not looking good for rookie pitcher Felix “Popeye” MacGuyre, who just might break the league record for bases walked in this game alone…

Via Matt on Flickr.

Rats! It’s Monday! (Again)

Remember the first Rat’s It’s Monday post? Well, doggone if it isn’t Monday again, and you know what that means.

More Ratsos!

“Sheena was my friend’s new lil’ fuzzy friend. Upon our introduction, she found a good comfy home in my hair.” -Kacey S.




Pyrit: “I agree with Konaluna and Doglover and the other peeps, ‘Rats, It’s Monday’ should be a Thing!” Fine, fine. Got any Cute Ratso photos? Send them in, please!

Kitteh Acts Like A Puppeh?

When you come home from work or wherever, your faithful dog usually greets you warmly at the door, correct? (Or at least, they’re supposed to.) Cats, on the other hand- could care less.

Until now. People, meet Moo The Cat.

From Viral Viral Videos.

Incredibly Busted, Banff

On a positive side, though, “Pointer” sneakers are known to have a nice, piquant after-dinner flavor; heavy, but with a touch of mellow smoothness.*

“This is my dog Banff. She loves to eat my shoes, but never my boyfriend’s!” -Jenny M.

*Bonus points if U get the reference.