Andy On Things

20140522_181722-1“This is Andy, who belongs to my parents. He was recently adopted from a local shelter, and is difficult to photograph because he is camera-shy. Every single time he sees the camera, he closes his eyes. Andy likes to imitate Maddie!” -Kim R.

ResQte Of The Week III On The Kings

DSC09554CHOTKaug24-2014Earlier this week we Checked In At The Cat House and saw some Kittehs that are Ready For Adoption! [Which is, um, why they were in THE ADOPTION ROOM! That's what the post said. Does ANYone proofread anymore? -Ed.] Now, these Cat House knuckleheads aren’t quite ready for Prime Time just yet. They will be soon. They just have to be old enough to be spayed-neutered before adoption and they’re still too little. [Of course, that DOES make them easier to snorgle... -Ed.]






Thanks to KB for the great pix.

THIS JUST IN: Maru & Hana & The Mystery Of The Blue Box

Japan’s Number 1 and 1A kittehs battle for supremacy of the living room, and the Brooklyn Blue Box.

What Are They Putting in Those Leaves?

And whatever it is, could I get some in my morning coffee?

Bear One: “So…How Do U Work This Thing?”

Bear Two: “Er..I’ve seen it done before. I think you just climb up in here and then go to sleep. Let’s try it and see, OK?”

From Petsami.

He Asked Me! He Asked Me!

This is the happiest day of my life! I can’t wait to call my mom, and text my girlfriends, and go shopping for matching collars, and look for a nice doghouse in the suburbs, and…


“They’re actually brother and sister,” notes Redditor shes_a_gdb. (Yes, I have no idea which one’s which.)

ResQte Of The Week II: California Cuddlemeisters

Cuteporter Geri W. says that “Finnegan, Smokey Joe, Flynn and Finley are being fostered in Milpitas, California via Bitten By A Kitten Rescue. Send an email if you are interested in adopting them. Finnegan is 6 weeks old, Smokey Joe 7 weeks.” Here’s Finnegan in the first two photos, and we featured Smokey Joe earlier this week!


And this is Flynn.

And….Finley! (Finnegan, Flynn & Finley are brothers, if you couldn’t tell by the F-names!)


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Whew, Geri is keeping us busy this afternoon. We’ve also got Kaylee The Calico:

AND Kohl The Lap Kitteh.


Jeepers, Creepers!


Where’d you get those Peepers?

From; feature photo by AP/Michael Probst- bottom photo by AP/Joerg Sarbach. Spotted by Smedley.

Brad And Angie Got…Married?

1409212803892_wps_39_HANGZHOU_CHINA_AUGUST_27_It’s true, it’s true. And Angie didn’t even tell her pop Jon Voight about the wedding- sometimes it must be SO easy to write for TMZ and Mail Online. “Redonkulously Qte Bebeh Tigey tries to be terrifying but fails due to tooth-rotting levels of ‘daaawww!'” -Love, Esther from London, UK.

Yo, Rooney! You Got A Sec There, Pal?

Rooney- your hoomins no doubt shower you with all sorts of chew toys, and there has to be a lot of other things you can chew on. New running shoes, the checkbook- but did you do this?
Your actions at the end of the video pretty much tell the tail tale.

Spotted by Smedley on Mail Online.


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