Puppy Bowl XI: Coming February 1st!

The first day of next month features some big football game but the Niners aren’t in it so who cares Puppy Bowl XI on Animal Planet! It’s Team RUFF vs. Team FLUFF for ALL the marbles dog biscuits! Take a look at this Puppy Bowl XI Preview, watch the players getting ready sleeping in the locker room with this live cam, and you can check out the team rosters here!

Annie Loves PB & J

Wait, just make that PB—hold the J, please. “Hi CO Folks! I recently moved to Denver and have been doing the long distance thing with my partner until he & our doggeh, Annie, join me next month. I was sick a little while ago and he made this movie to make me feel better. Can I just say it worked?? Featuring a special appearance from Annie’s TEEF! (You’ll know it when you see it. Thank you for making my life a little brighter each day.” -Courtney B.

(Video by Gavin Mason.)

These Guys Stick Together!

The real question is, who’s gonna get the stick? ♬ Round, round get around they get around, yeaaahhhh….♬

Genki & Momo, from Monika B.

Timo Is Thrilled About His New Teddy Bear

Can’t you tell how excited he is?

Oh Yes, THAT’S The Spot

[I’ll let you know when you’re done. Sometime tomorrow if that’s OK……]

From Maureen P.

OMG Stop Everything & Watch This!!

Click the button. We PROMISE you’ll love it, or your money BACK.

Originally from TIME.com but the dorky Vine code won’t play nice with WordPress. Also via the FB of RDH.

Look Deep Into My Eyes…

You are falling under the spell of my hypnotic gaze… Soon, you will be fully under my control… When you awaken, you will remember nothing, but will obediently bring me tuna and milk whenever I say the trigger word, “meow.” Of course, you were already doing that, so I’m really just hypnotizing you because I’m bored and needed a laugh, but anyway…


Blue Eyes, via Hanbyul❤.

Ah, That “New Purse” Smell

There’s really nothing like it — that sublime scent of hand-rubbed leather, fresh from the department store. Within a few weeks, it will be compromised with the faint odors of breath mints and lipstick (and for some reason sea bass) , but right now, it’s time for a whiff…


What to do when there’s no pillow to be found, via Pat (Clench) Williams.

OK, Now Everyone Say Cheese If U Please

Photographer Lynn Terry had the idea of sticking Doggehs in a photo booth- and here are the results!






(Boredom Therapy.com)

Do I Get A Vote Here?

Clipboard01[I. DO. NOT. WANT. A. BOOSTER. SHOT.] From @CuteEmergency.


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