Uh Oh, I Think I Haz Killed It

[NOW what am I gonna do? Eet's DED. Wait- no one SAW me kill the orange thing. I'm OK! Wait- the hoomin is videoing this. I'm gonna be on YOUTUBE and CUTE OVERLOAD! Oh nose. Busted.]

Timo (And Friends)

These video clips must have been taken after dinner. All of Timo’s friends look stuffed.

Here He Comes, Here Comes Speed Racer

[I'm gainin' on you so you better look alive! I haz the powerful Mach Five! Whatever THAT is.] (Pro Tip™: Click the audio player then real fast click the video.)

Up And At ‘Em, Wesley!

[ZZZZZZZ...ZZZZZZhuhwhat? Sniff? Sniiiiiif? Bacon. BACON. Coffee? Ooooo. OK, OK, I am UP.]

“Filmed my sister’s pug-mix Wesley while I was down visiting them,” explains William M.

HEY! Watch The Spit There, Hossam!

‘Cause we all know that when HOOMINS pose for a photo, the spit can go a-flyin.’ Camels would NEVER do that.

Maissra Sallah, Hossam Antikka and Karim Abdelaziz (and friend) hangin’ out in northern Giza, Egypt, as seen here, by Caters. From Stepphy N.

Tuesday Teddy ‘Tocks

How about a little set of Tuesday Night ‘Tocks before you shut ‘er down for the evening, eh? Saga V. has been hoarding saving this photo for a Speshul Occasion, and that time is now. “Hello Cute Overload! Here is my five-month old Jack Russell Terrier Teddy showing off his ‘Tocks while sitting in the window. I have been saving this picture for ‘Tocktober specifically. P.S. I love your site!”


The Biggest ‘Tocks You Will EVER See On C.O.

101_0198 buffalo walking down the road in front of us Cascade Creek areaThey just don’t come ANY Bigger/Fuzzier/Snortier than these, People! “Attached please find submission of photo I (Doug B.) took. Bison walking leisurely down the road in front of our car in Jellystone Yellowstone National Park last month.”

Anyone Wanna Play Ball?

SF Giants Dog Day 2013The World Series between the Giants and the Royals is here. It’s time to play ball- which would suit ANY of these guys just fine!



Just In Time For Toesday

(And Christmas gift giving.) We’re ‘Tockin’ heavy duty Toe Beans here, everyone. These Beans you use to massage your back! (Japan, natch.) Quoting RN24: “According to the label, the massagers come in Calico, Tabby and American Shorthair versions, so you can make believe your actual cat is concerned for your well-being.” HA! As IF.

Anyone wanna volunteer some translayshe? And of course, it goes without saying, but we’ll say ‘er again…

(Shaking fist at the sky:) WHY O WHY won’t they sell this in the US?


Forecast: Mild With A 100% Chance Of Ripple

Ripple (from the Edmonton Humane Society) doesn’t give a…well, a Rip about the forecast in BARRHEAD. (Smackover yesterday, now Barrhead.) He just wants to play.

(“Sit, Ripple SIT!”)


From Susan M.


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