Miles O’ Brien, We Salute U

According to Boing Boing, journalist Miles O’Brien was at a drone flying range (they have these things?) near Washington DC, learning how to fly his camera drone one-handed (due to an unfortunate accident.)

He happened to be joined at the range by…a blanket with a pair kittehs. C.O. tweeted Mr. O’Brien, who tweet-replied (in 125 characters, btw):

“I think there is nothing cuter per pound than a kitten that small. Not sure I have ever seen one that young. Smitten w/kitten.”

He took this video, and sent it to BB. Interested in adoption? Click here! (The little critters the remaining kitteh are is with veterinarian Nikki Driver in Charlottesville, VA.)

Update! This just in from Nikki herself:

“Thanks so much for the shout-out, your site has more Cute on it than I thought the Internet could handle! The only thing to add is that the bigger of the two (the other has found a foster home with the intent to adopt) purrs and kneads after he eats and when he poops!! Thanks so much and keep up the Cute Work!”



They Got Kit-Kats In Here?

[Twix, Mars, M&M's, no thanks! I can haz Kit-Kats?]

Via Facebook.

Hi, Will U Hug Me Please?

_h1080_w1920_m6_ofalse_lfalseThis little monkey would like a little attention from you, if that’s OK. This photo by John Gamble at the Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nagano, Japan, is part of Smithsonian’s 11th Annual Photo Contest, as seen on MSN News. Vote for this shot or other photos here.

[I Hope There's No Bacon Bits On This Salad]

[I'm a little hungry, so let's have some of that salad, eh? Just hold on the Bacon Bits please.....bad karma.]

As seen on VVV.

Cat Fish

An old proverb says: Give a cat a fish, and it will have fish for a day.

Teach a cat to fish, and it will thwack the fishing rod trying to catch another cat, which in turn will just stare at the bouncy feather thing going up and down, boingy-boingy.

And then they will both howl for fish. So just give it to them already.

Rats, It’s Monday (Post-Easter Edition)

9955211376_60b16dcd81_oGuess who’s been hiding at the bottom of your Easter Basket? It’s Ginger Butt!
Photo by Deanna W.

Easter Bunday: They DON’T Sell Bunneh Ears In Rwanda?

The Easter Bun had an assistant in Rwanda, and his name is Magilla Glub Glub!

Bunny 2
“There isn’t a place in Rwanda that sells bunny ears, those are homemade. Adds to the “charm.” -Bethany H.

[This concludes Easter BunDay here at C.O. Thanks to all who sent in photos! -Ed.]

Easter BunDay: That’s All, Folks!

Bear has had a LONG day today, and he’s going offline right now if that’s OK! (And even if it isn’t OK, he’s all done with deliveries ’til 2015.)

From Sarah S.

Easter Bunny’s Little Helper

For the first time ever, the Easter Bunny has outsourced the task of filling all the baskets…

“Hmmm, chocolate eggs or dehydrated vegetables, I am always getting those two things confused.”

“I would like to share some pictures of my chinchilla, Mr. Fluffy Littlefoot. I love reading your site whenever I need a pick-me-up or to brighten my day. Keep up the great work and I hope you enjoy my pictures. Also, here are some collage art portraits of the little guy.” -Megan C.

Easter BunDay: I Thought The Bunny Was White?

Obviously, a mistake in that thinking!

People, meet Penny the Easter Bunny (Yorkie version!)

From Jenn S.