Maximum BUB

There are several Big Time Internet Cats..Grumpy Cat, Simon’s Cat, Maru, and Lil’ BUB among them. We brought you Maru’s latest earlier today, and now we follow The Circle with…The Bub. Enjoy.

Sqwerl Razzberry Tongue-Hance!

201503-a6000-DSC00373-DetailThis is just about as close-up as you’re gonna get, folks. “When this guy figured out I wasn’t going to feed it, he let me know what he thought. Taken this morning in Costa Mesa, CA. With my best blow-up.” -Richard H.


Miss Iris Has A Handle On This

For some of us, taking a shower is a time-consuming hassle. However, Miss Iris doesn’t see it that way.

NEW Video: An Assortment Of Maru & Hana

Mondays are hard enough- so take a break and enjoy the latest Mugumogu clip featuring Japan’s Top Two Kittehs.

(P.S. Did you see the Maru Tribute Song yesterday?)

Year Of The Lamb…On Leashes?

NZ lambs“Taken while on vacation in New Zealand during lambing season. Saw hundreds of lambs from afar and two up close. These two are being walked by their owners who were girls in the NZ equivalent of the 4H Club.” -Cyndie C.

“P.S.: Cute Overload is Internet Prozac!!”

Bats, It’s Monday!

This Derpy Little Bat Guy is enjoying his Nanner Noms. Who can blame him? Will you LOOK AT THAT SLOPPY GRIN.

“Apparently it’s from this organization. Thanks for many years of cute entertainment,” writes Jennie G. It’s our pleasure.

Yes, This Is Just What It Looks Like

A Cute Little Yorkie is detailing a Bun’s VW Beetle convertible. What- you’ve never seen this before?


Time To Wake Up, Little Guys!

Totes Adorbs. “I photographed these at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek, CA.” says Anders B.

You’ll Not See Nothing Like The Mighty Finn

IMG_3273“The Mighty Finn with Security Bunny. First time away from home and staying with Uncle Levi, who sent this photo. Thanks!” -Paula H.

Rule Of Cuteness Proposal From Matt S.

[Update, 11:42am PT: make sure your voice is heard- every vote counts! Looks like we may have a new RULE. The voting is. not. even. close. -Ed.]

“My name is Matt S. You may remember me from my Caption Contest victory last Shark Week. But I digress: there is serious business at hand. It’s my opinion that a Universal Truth of Cuteness has been overlooked: Legs like little sticks are cute. See these two examples and try to disagree! There are currently 99 Rules of Cuteness, but a stick ain’t one. Let’s make it 100.”

What do you think? Should this be a new Rule? It wouldn’t be #100, due to the mysterious gap between Rules 50-95. (Something to do with…the Bermuda Triangle or Area 51.)

Take the Poll—this is YOUR call, People. We’ll discuss the results tomorrow.

Antelope photo from Reddit : Chicks from Julie P. of Chicks In Hats!



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