Holiday Windows: That’s A Wrap!

Now that Christmas is over, the SF SPCA would like to thank all of their supporters for another great Holiday Windows at Macy’s! This year, in just six short weeks, they were able to send home 261 animals, 220 cats and 41 dogs, raising $88,135 in the process! That money will go to supporting year-round programs for animals in need. Not only were the animals adopted at Holiday Windows saved, but those adoptions opened up space in their shelters to bring in 261 more animals.


“Every year I am touched by how many new beginnings come from Holiday Windows,” said Adoption Center Coordinator Amber Eby. “I love it when people come back to visit and tell us how their adoptees from the previous year, or the previous five years, are doing in their forever homes. It really does help change lives, for both the animals and their people.”

Photos by Robert Bengtson, with thanks to Krista M.


He Can Play Any Position He Wants

Fullback, halfback, wing, whatevah he wants! This Bebeh Heffalump is getting his soccer football kicks at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya. Now can someone get him a size XXXXXXXL size jersey please?

Goats In Coats

I can’t believe we’ve never done that headline until now. [*Note: Oh how soon we forget Goats WITH Coats. Almost one year to the day. -Ed.]


No text needed.

I Pawsitively DARE You—2

Remember the post with the Yawning Buns? In keeping with that theme, and of the previous post (I am yawning like a crazed banshee at this point) we offer you…….Ferrets. Two days ahead of the sometimes-scheduled Ferret Friday.

[*UPDATE: Wait ’til you see what’s coming up about 2:15pm PT. Ya won’t believe it. -Ed.]

Can You Wake Me Noon-ish Or So?

It was a long night. Better yet- come back and get me about 3. And have my coffee and croissants ready. Please.

“Hey Honey, Did You Get Me A Glazed Donut?”

“Sorry, I had to get you something else. Someone JUST took the last one while I was in line.”

Come N’ Git It!

Anybody want something to eat? Step right up, don’t be shy!

Doggone, Almost Forgot…

…to include this for Toesday. Just gettin’ it up under the wire! These are Olive’s Beans, and she and her Beans are taking a nap right now. Thanks to Robin S. for the photo!

Best Name Of The Year (So Far)


Sounds like the name of an astronaut from one of those 1950s serials, right? (Kids, ask your parents.) And look at those ears! AM, FM, BBC, they can pick up everything. “I would like to submit some photos of my Basenji puppy. His name is Captain Xavier,” says Tina R.

And we can tell you that you will be seeing X again this Friday at 5pm PT for TGIF! Without a doubt.