Cat-Mas Tree

If you think getting THESE Cat-Mas Lights untangled is gonna be a tough job, you’d be right.

From Myriam H.’s photos on Google+.

Harlow & Indy’s New Sister!

‘Member Harlow, Sage, & Indiana?

Harlow and Indiana are back (sadly, Sage passed away) and look who they brought with ‘em! A new lil’ sister named…Reese Lightning!




As seen on BuzzFeed, from Jaime H.

Wassup At The Cat House?

Haven’t checked in lately at one of our fave spots, The Cat House On The Kings. So let’s see who we have. First up, please welcome Marshmallow von MuzzlePuff, who rules the kitten room. “Not yet ready for adoption but will be soon,” says Sender-Inner KB.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

This little critter’s not ready for adoption yet, but will be there soon!

Now, these guys ARE in the adoption room, and are ready to roll.

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)
And ya know, they’ve got PUPPEHS there, too.

unnamed (7)

unnamed (8)

Ya WON’T Believe This Little Foldabuhl

Little Man here just can’t crank up the courage meter to get down that last set of steps. He grunts, he snuffles, he wiggles and waggles…

Oh and did we mention HIS NAME IS “CHUNK.”


The Cute Power & Light Company

13065994214_3ebca5b4d3_o[*That’s our winner for today- Larry M. wins a pair of 2015 C.O. Calendars! Larry, check your email- we need some info from you. More coming soon–maybe….Wednesday morning? -Ed.]

Time to give away another pair of 2015 Cute Overload Calendars! (Also available RIGHT NOW on!)

Write up a headline for the photo- ya have ’til noon PT- then we’ll pick our favorite and announce the winner.

Feature image from Jaime M.

Top Ten Cutest Videos Of 2014!

shutterstock_80614225We proudly present the Cute Overload Top Ten Cutest Videos of 2014. We thank you so much for your many video suggestions and send-ins. (Oh, you have a YouTube video link you’d like to send in? Here’s all ya need to do!)

Next Monday, same time, same channel: Top Comments of 2014! (This means you, Oakley.)

#10 Cutest Video of 2014:
A Jolly Happy Soul

We’re used to Japan blowing the lid off The Cute, but just when you least expect it, here comes Edgar’s Mission from Down Undah to steal the show. And steal it they DO; this is Frostie The Snow Goat! Good grief. Take it away, Kyle B.

“A couple of days ago a little goat arrived – Frostie The Snow Goat – who has joint navel disease which limits the use of his back legs because of a buildup of gunky stuff and swelling in the joints. We need to keep him active and actually lent him Leon Trotsky’s cart to get around in and it is working wonders.”

[NOTE 1: Watch for the tail wagging.]

#9 Cutest Video of 2014:
Got Kleenex?

[This is the Budweiser SB commercial. Go get one -before- viewing this clip. Then come back and hit ‘Play.’ -Ed]

#8 Cutest Video of 2014:
Miss Minnie, You’re The One

You make praying, sitting pretty, rolling over, playing dead, sitting, knocking things down, waving hello, weaving, licking, pushing, shopping, closing the door, going around, even being sad so much fun. Remember Misa Minnie playing patty-cake? Huffington Post says Misa Minnie can do two dozen tricks!

#7 Cutest Video of 2014:
ABBA Goes To The Dogs. And The Cats.

This clip was performed by the SPCA of Wake County in Raleigh NC, and you’ve got to hand it to them: they knock off ABBA pretty well. They’d like you to take a chance on one of their residents, and who can blame them!

“We hope it encourages more pet adoptions across the country and around the world!” -Darci S., SPCA of Wake Co.

“Just in case this hasn’t been sent in already by a gazillion others … check out the fabulousness of this Wake County SPCA promo video!” -Karen, aka Sasha’s Mum.

[Note: I was always a “Frida” guy. -Ed]

#6 Cutest Video of 2014:
Olympic Cat Curling

Has NBC shown this yet for the Sochi Olympics? Did I miss it?


#5 Cutest Video of 2014:
Maybe I Can Hide This In Here

Wally The Sqwerl tries to hide his nut in the fur of Jax The Bernese Mountain Dog. Didn’t quite work out.

From Tastefully Offensive.

#4 Cutest Video of 2014:
C’Mon, Give It All Ya Got

Jus’ rear back and let ‘er rip, little guy! Go!

#3 Cutest Video of 2014:
Alan! Alan! Alan!

The British Sense O’ Humour (note correct spelling) is outstanding.

#2 Cutest Video of 2014:
Tiny Hamsters…

EATING TINY BURRITOS! (And this is only Episode #1. There. Must. Be. More?)

Submitter Megan: “Holy crap- this is exactly what I was imagining and I love it!”

#1 Cutest Video of 2014:
Koko’s Tribute To Robin Williams

They were the best of friends. :(

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TOP 10 image from Shutterstock.

Denver The Guilty Dog…Strikes Again!

Denver The Guilty Dog is 100% totally busted here. And of course, this isn’t the first time she’s been nailed, either.

Here’s the 2011 video that made her a star.


Rats, It’s Monday

016“Here’s a submission for ‘Rats, It’s Monday.’ Meet Piggy & Chester!” -JLS.

Moral: Never Mess with Mom

(Oh, this is prank going to be epic! Mom totally can’t see me, so I’ll just sneak up behind her really slow, and then when she least expects it, I’ll pinch her on the OW OW OW OW OK I’M SORRY LEGGO MY NOSE!)


Via Maren Vollman.

The Floof of the Month Club

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