You Win, Buddy

With those eyes, THAT look? We’ll go anywhere, do anything, or give you whatever you want. Guaranteed.

From @CuteEmergency.

Doug The Pug

As you stagger through your Rats, It’s Monday- take a moment to gaze into the Cute Little Face of Doug The Pug.











As seen on Mashable.

It Takes Very Little To Amuse Coco

Specifically, a single peanut will do fine, thank-you very much.

GoPro + Doxies = Perfection

Recipe For Fun:

1) Buy a GoPro Camera.

2) Head out to the backyard with a bunch of crazed Doxie Pups.

3) Goad ‘em into chasing you around while you stick the camera in their face.

4) Upload the video to YouTube so Mashable can run it and Cute Overload can, uh, borrow it.

Rats, It’s Monday!

And……we’re ready to kick off another week with this pair of maniacs. Please say hello to Oskar on the bookshelf, and Bran in the teacup!

image (1)

“I see you interviewed Marty two weeks ago. He is a fantastic rat ambassador! My rats want to join the crusade!” -Frankie O.

You’re Gonna Be Yawning For The Next Ten Minutes

Sorry about that.

From Daily Otter.

Bunday Evening: Rule Of Cuteness #09

They do love to cuddle. - ImgurAnd that’s a wrap for the week here at Cute Overload. We’ll be back tomorrow morning with a lot more Cute! Meanwhile, cuddle up with this pile of Cute from Reddit. And remember Rule of Cuteness #09: “Piles of a cute thing jack up a cuteness rating exponentially.”

I WONDER What’s Back Here?

They usually have that cargo lid in place. I’ve never looked back there…maybe I can juuuuusssst…..OOOMPH. OK, I’m done with THAT.

Say OMG!

The Many Moods Modes Of Crumble, Igor and Miu

First off, Quiet Mode. Two outta three ain’t bad when they’re kittehs.

Then, O HAI Mode. This is the typical look you get when you sneak up on them. They haven’t destroyed anything yet- but they will.

And….Maniac Mode. No explanation needed.

“My little bunch of Cuteness,” from Anna K.

A Conversation Between Two Heffalumps

Faa Mai: “Dok Mai, would you like to roll around in the mud?”

Dok Mai: “Sure.”


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