H2Oh NO You Don’t

[I don’t want any of THAT water! It’s too cold! Can we please get some room temp water in here?]


#Tocktober: Worth A LOT More Than Just A Penny!

20150823_121420-1We’ve got ‘TOCKS UP X 2! “This is my little Penny,” writes Vicky S. “She is a rescue from a backyard breeder that I adopted 2 years ago and she will be 6 in February. She has been a real joy to have in my life. Thank you for considering her for a ‘Tocktober submission.”



Bunday ResQte Of The Week

IMG_7254sThese orphaned Bebeh Buns came in as rubbers (baby bunnies are black with no fur and look like black rubbers) after they were injured in a fire. They’re now grown, healthy and back into the wild living out their Happy Bunneh Lives. Thanks go to the folks of the Raven Ridge Wildlife Center.

Photographer: Betsy

Bunday: Not JUST For Buns, Y’Know

Of course, we’ve got Rikka and Yui here…and THEY brought their Octopus friend, too. Not a thing wrong with that.

(Andrew Y.)

Bunday Morning Comix

the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-7__700As seen on Bored Panda, and created by Cat Versus Human.

“PITA And The Stare”

IMG952015083095155202027“Loving acronym for Pain In The A**. Dark motherly humor for the win.” :) -Alex T.

#Tocktober: Swan Lake

'tocksGot some more Swan ‘Tocks for you, from Sharon D. Wonder how long they can stay like that? Do you think maybe they have a little Swan Snorkle down there somewhere?

Yeah, That’s About The Long And Short Of It

12106938_933185656770878_5402062806407785163_nNorbert with his new bestie Fred. We can also safely assume Fred’s a bodyguard, too. From the Norbert FB.

‘Tocktober USB Disney Butts!

Just plug Winnie The Pooh, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck into the outlet, and then add your USB charging cord.

RN24 says they’re going for “1,800 yen (US$16.50), and according to the Hamee site are scheduled to ship out in early October.” Buy ’em now!

That store ad looks great. I like how they! Put! Exclamation! Points! After! Every! Word! Practically!





Your Teddy Bear Would Like a Word

“Sure, go off to school. I’ll be fine here. Don’t worry about me. I’ll just sit here on the bed and wait for you. It’s nice there. Quiet. Peaceful. Nobody picking me up and throwing me around the room. Sometimes a breeze makes the curtains flutter a little. That’s always exciting. So, basically, what I’m saying is…




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