ResQte Of The Week III: Crocodile Rockin’

Ever owned a beloved stuffy you just can’t part with? Gilbert understands. “This is our kitten, Gilbert,” explains Cheryl C. “He was adopted as a wee baby from our local shelter and on his first day at home, our daughter (who was 5) gave him a stuffed animal to keep him company. A couple of weeks later, we noticed that Dot (the stuffed crocodile) had appeared in his bed overnight which was upstairs, but none of us had put her there. Gilbert’s now fully grown but he still loves Dot and drags her around.”

Cheryl, you might need to plan for Dot 2 soon- allow us to direct you to some choices!

PLEASE Let Me Head Butt You!!!

[Just one quick little one, K? It won’t hurt and then our video will go viral and get licensed and our hoomins will make a million dollars and even get on sites like Cute Overload that find it on Mashable!!]

(*Bonus Bing Video Translaysh: “Dwarf goat that amuses a horse: Bibi is my small goat neutered who lives in freedom in my riding…it makes me laugh, always full of energy and nonsense! Other videos will follow because it is in the learning of the Yes/No; to mount on my quad to go treat the ponies…I refer you to my site the ‘ crinsd’or ‘ via facebook to discover or he lives…in soon!”)

Speakers UP For This! (Thursday Edition)

Yesterday we posted a really SQUEAKY video of a bebeh sea otter pup and mama. Today, WE’RE BACK FOR MORE.

“Hiiiiiiii, I saw this on Youtube and thought it was supppzzz adorbs. I hope you like it!!!!! Legally though, I must inform you that it is not my video. I only found it. Thank you for your most excellent website, Leo M.”

ResQte Of The Week II: Daisy

2015-01-04-14.19.20“Hi Cute Overload! We love your website! This is Daisy. She has the most adorable and sweet face! But don’t let that Cute Face fool you. She loves rolling around in stinky things and getting into trouble! She is an imp and helps brighten up our days and make life an adventure! As a side note, she is a ResQte from our local animal shelter. Not sure what she is exactly–maybe some kind of poodley mix?–but we think she is pretty darn great! As always, encourage your readers to adopt! ^._.^” -PJ.

Grumpy Pug

noKinda reminds you of someone, no? “Worcester, MA. got hit pretty hard. Here’s Anabelle T. Pug’s face when I tried to take her for a walk.” -Jessica B.

#TBT: 01/29/2007: Anerable!

Melanie S. stumbled upon this Sir Puffitude with mini winglets and 5 o’clock spine shadow. OK, this whole pic is too much, but the mini winglets are the best part—totally bite-offable!

He’s kinda golf-ball sized, huh Mel? Love the blowfish leeps too.

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

Remember, “Luna” Is Short For…


Yep, That’s A Kitteh Hairband

There’s a (naturally) Japan-based designer named Campanella, and she created these so you can plop a kitteh right down on your head. According to Bored Panda, there are no plans to mass produce these. Yet.





ResQte Of The Week: Biscuit In A Box

IMG_0351Jenna C. sent us this email, perfectly timed for today: “This is my cat Biscuit. She has recently been experimenting with “If I fits, I sits.” It’s going well! Biscuit is a ResQte. Someone abandoned her in the parking lot outside my work. I took her home, planning on taking her to SPCA, but she was too cute! I kept her and she’s been sitting in all my boxes ever since. She and her sister, Kali, live with me and my sister in Charlottesville, VA. We all love what you do!”


Mom Taxi XLI : Parked For The Night

Leetle Wah Wah needs a place to sleep- thees looks just fine, no? AND WHAT ABOUT THE JAMS?

Sent in by Susan M.


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