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Nosevember: Super Shelby Baroo Action!

You nose there had to be a terrific Baroo starting here. The hoomin is holding the camera pointing down, and Shelby is looking up with a classic “What Tha’?” look. Right, Karen W.? “For your consideration, this is my precious girl Shelby, She loves getting her photo taken and this shot is a perfect candidate for ‘Nosevember.'”

We totally agree, and have Made It So!


Sweden Celebrates Nosevember, Too

From the land of ABBA, Björn Borg and Volvo comes….Rufus! “This is Rufus our minature poodle playing in the snow! The cutest nose in our family :). Best wishes from Michaela and Rufus in Sweden.”


[*Note: Tried to work up something tricky and Swedish for the headline, but Google Translate just won’t make “Nosevember” Swedish. -Ed.]

Nosevember, You Say?

Lucy puts her snoot up front and center in this photo from Joe F.’s Flickr.

Nosevember: BEFORE…..


unnamed (1)
“I tried for quite a while to get a good “nose shot” of my boy, Bailey, aka “The Boo”. My fav has to be the last one.” -Kathy B.


In this photo that Anne H. sent in, we get a little SLOBBERKNOCKER TONGUE ACTION too. “It’s impossible to get next to Billie’s nose without a healthy helping of tongue! Photo by Billie’s dad, Chafe H.”

Nosevember Double Play!

What could be better than one Nose? Well, two of ’em, naturally. Simo H. says, “Hi, You’ve got the cutest website ever! Here’s a nosy picture for you, hope you like it! 🙂 There’s “Max” and “Nuppu” in the photo. They’re Scottish Terriers.”

Nosevember: Meet Charlie!

“My name is Amy Parsons, and I’ve been enjoying your website for 9 years now, but haven’t yet submitted a photo. I rescued Charlie three years ago from a shelter, and he certainly has some photos worth sharing! Hopefully you think he is Cute enough to share!” -Amy P.

Nosevember Is Dot-A-Licious

When I think of Dots, I first think of Dippin’ Dots. However, THIS Dot makes me rethink all that. “This is my cat, Dot (short for Dot-a-licious). She slept all day yesterday following the time change and I just couldn’t help sending some photos of some of her more interesting sleep positions. She was smashed up again a couch cushion most of the day until she then turned sideways and went all-in. Photographer: Dot’s mom.” -Janie F.


Nosevember: Jake Likes To “Help” In the Garden

“HI! For Nosevember I humbly submit my dog, Jake. He’s my helper in the garden. Likes to make small holes bigger. He’s a hard worker. And you can see the result. I took the pics. Sincerely, Valerie H.”

“PS: I’m good with the Terms and Conditions.”

#Nosevember: Meet Dave

“My dog’s name is Dave (or David Justin Russell when he is really naughty!) I think his Nose is pretty cute, I hope you agree!” -Alexandra R.