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Ferret Friday: Oh, YEAH?

This little guy has got a lot to say, and why not? It’s Ferret Friday!

(Bored Panda.)


Welcome To Ferret Friday

We’ve got Wombat Wednesday, so why not…Ferret Friday? (Hope to make it a regular thing, many Ferret Fotos are there? Do you have one? Send it in and you’ll be famous!)







(Bored Panda.)

Friday Haiku: Laugh, Ferret, Laugh

Merriment can wait / Ferret clown’s smile wanes until / Your haiku cheers him


How do they all pack into that little car, Juan D.?

Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls Ferrets #2

We told you Part 2 was coming…after all, it’s Ferret Friday!

Aga G. says, “Clearly displaying a Rule of Cutenesstip of tongue. Hopefully, the contorted pose also helps (no, she is not broken, that’s how she sleeps.) Her name is Miss Noodle and pics were taken by me, her hoomin.”


Wanted To Save This For “Frodo Friday”

..but since we just introduced Ferret Friday, Frodo’s, er, Foto is gonna have to go up today! Not that there’s ANYthing wrong with that! From Robin W.

Flashback Friday

The Flashback Friday submishe inbox is hopping lately! We always knew CO peeps were AWW-some.

“Since the Spring of 2000”, Motor City Ferrets nose a thing, or thousand, about rescuing ferrets…

But it all really started back in 1978…. :::waves magical wayback wand:::

1978 Summer
“That’s me in the photo, with the first ferret I ever met on a trip to Colorado. We stopped at a rest stop and the baby ferret and it’s owners were enjoying a rest on a lovely summer day. As I always did whenever a furry critters was nearby, I ran in for a snuggle – and of course my Dad was ready with the camera! I totally forgot about the encounter until my Dad presented me with the photo, enlarged and framed, about a year after I opened a ferret shelter (2001). Today I’m 42, and over the past 14 years I’ve rescued nearly 1000 ferrets.” -Nanci F.

Friday Haiku: Something Smells Fishy

Ferret meets lobster / Romance?  Dinner?  Kinkiness? / We await your words

Sniffing Lobster Tocks

It wasn’t a rock, Kate S. — it was a rock lobster!  Down!  Down!

I Pawsitively DARE You—2

Remember the post with the Yawning Buns? In keeping with that theme, and of the previous post (I am yawning like a crazed banshee at this point) we offer you…….Ferrets. Two days ahead of the sometimes-scheduled Ferret Friday.

[*UPDATE: Wait ’til you see what’s coming up about 2:15pm PT. Ya won’t believe it. -Ed.]

BUNS Aren’t Just For Bundays

If we can have a Ferret Friday today, we can also have a Bunday BUN too. Sez so in the rules. If there WERE rules. Which there aren’t. What?






Everybody Into The Peanut Pool!

Moving Ferret Friday up a few days since Friday is a holiday and all. Besides, we can post Ferrets anytime.

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