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Bunday: This Cup Runneth Ovah

I’ll have two buns to go, please.


Bunday Morning Comix

From Poorly Drawn Lines as seen on Bored Panda.

Bunday: Rabbits -N- Roombas

Let’s take a spin around the kitchen/living room before our Morning Carrot, OK? Wait—it’s GOT the carrots! It’s on the move! Hop to it, guys!

Could NOT Hold These ‘Til Bunday

Just. Could. Not. Do. Eet.

Scott Y. writes, “I’m submitting two new videos and a photo of a white and gray baby bunny from Nono’s litter. These bunnies are just 6 days old, and with their eyes still shut they spend most of their days sleeping and finding the best position to snuggle comfortably. ”

Bunday: Disapproving Nose On Nosevember 1st!

Can there BE a more Disapproving Nose? No. There cannot. Who is this? Looks familiar! “Hello! I sent some pictures along last spring of Luna The Bun chilling (disapprovingly) in a basket. Luna is back in a basket, this time blissfully unaware that she is about to have to share her space with a new hoomin. Disapproval is surely imminent! Thanks for continuing to make adorbs posts!” -Liz B.


Bunday Morning Comix

Cartoon by Poorly Drawn Lines as seen on Bored Panda.

Bunday: “My Year With The Rabbit: Episode One”

Wait ’til you see this Bouncin’ Bun- in Super Slo Mo, no less! “I just started a YouTube channel for my new adopted angora/lionhead rabbit, Jack Bauer, and posted the first video. My name is Daniel F. and I edited the video with Selina Y. If you get a chance to post about him I would be so psyched, Cute Overload has been my favourite for a long time!”

Last Bunday Of ‘Tocktober!

Where HAS the time gone? Got some Double ‘Tocks this time around, thanks to Matthew & Kelley. “Dear C.O., please accept the Fluffy ‘Tocks of our Rescue Bunnies. The Light Grey Bun (below) is Sassafras Buttocks Biden, aka Sassy Butt. We don’t usually reveal her middle name, but for ‘Tocktober we felt we had to make an exception. The dark grey bun (above) is Joe “Bitey” Biden, who, as you might guess from his name, is a bit of a biter. We are daily visitors to your site and thank you for many years of Cuteness!”


Bunday Morning Comix

From Cat Versus Human as seen on Design Taxi.

Bunday ResQte Of The Week

These orphaned Bebeh Buns came in as rubbers (baby bunnies are black with no fur and look like black rubbers) after they were injured in a fire. They’re now grown, healthy and back into the wild living out their Happy Bunneh Lives. Thanks go to the folks of the Raven Ridge Wildlife Center.

Photographer: Betsy