Prosh Petal

FullSizeRenderNosevember is winding down, but Petal made it in time! “Petal says ‘Did someone say Nosevember?'” -Beth O.

Remember Summertime?

Trips to the pool, ice cream cones, outdoor concerts. Well, here comes Old Man Winter. For those of you who are already starting to shovel your driveways, this one is for you.

From Natasha H.

“Hey Honey- You Want A Muffin?”

“Sure, if it’s that Hedgie Brand™ we had last week! Maybe with a bit o’ blackberry jam?”

(Maureen P. spotted this on HuffPo.)

Move Over Grumpy Cat

image1You’ve got some competition. “Fluffernutter disapproves of having his picture taken. This picture taken by Kelly C.”

Instagrammed Look Of Disapproval!

From Martina M.

Bunday Morning Comix

the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-100__700By Hilary Price as seen on Bored Panda.

“OK Niko, You Got Your Photo…”

IMG_6344“…….now hand over the peanuts and no one gets hurt! Please?”


“I’m a long-time fan of Cute Overload but think you need a bit more European representation in the squirrel department. I think this photo I took is the best, but I’ll let you decide. It’s hard to tell whether the fuzziness is the focus or the fur!” -Niko.

Just Don’t Even Think About It, Selby.

unnamedToo late, looks like he already has.

~ ~ ~
Selby says thinks the burrata cheese ‘”looks yummy.’ -Atsuko M.

Nosevember: Ruby The Westie!

unnamedWhy do Westies always look they they are just about to get into some mischief? They haven’t done anything yet…but they’re givin’ it a serious think. Is it just me?

“Hi C.O. Attached for your Nosevember viewing is the boppable nose of Ruby the Westie, We hope you find it Cute Overload-worthy (we think it is). We adopted Ruby 5 years ago from Maryland Westie Rescue and we can’t remember what life was like without her. Thank you for bringing Cuteness to this sometimes not so cute world. Picture by me, Ruby’s mom (aka Jill) using my iPhone.”

From Another Galaxy

2015-10-27 15.49.17“This is Galaxy. I found him on the street in Bucharest, Romania almost 4 weeks ago (on Monday). He grew up a lot faster than I imagined he would, but he is still the most amazing kitten I could have found on my way home.” -Diana.

[*NOTE: Rule of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.


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