No Mr. Bond, We Expect U to PLAY With It

This big ol’ puppeh is Bond the Siberian Husky. Here he meets a little rehab Meerkat who is determined to be friends.

As seen on

Let’s Do Our Toesday Stretcheenk Exercises, K?

This Little Dude is about as Prosh as they come!

Let’s hear from the Sender-Inner Kristen M: “I live in a NE Georgia farm town with a lot of outdoor field cats. My husband and I took 4 kittehs inside over a year ago and also put a heated/insulated cat house on our porch for the neighborhood felines to use in the cold winter. A neighborhood mama cat decided to have a batch of her kittens in this house a few weeks ago. We call them “the beans” because they curl up into tight little bean balls. We’re looking to find them good inside homes and mama cat is getting fixed once the beans are weaned.”

“Weaned Beans.” Snerk.


Rocco, Whatchoo Lookin’ At?

Rocco The Springer Spaniel loves to play with Sqwerls. But when he’s stuck in the car, all he can do is….squeak.

As seen on Nothing 2 do with Arbroath.

Agnes Is Back N’ There’s Gonna Be Trubble

If you recall, Agnes sure loves that utility scrub brush.

However, the same cannot be said for the vacuum. PS- Do not miss the Wiggling ‘Tocks.

From Nikolaj K.

Updated! Un-BEAR-ably Cute In Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care has a new resident. Someone dropped off this 2.5 month old (now named “Tahoe”) at the Bear League’s doorstep in Homewood. No note or explanation was provided. According to Lake Tahoe News, “‘She is healthy. She is not emaciated. She’s a little dehydrated, but not enough to be worried about,’ Tom Millham with LTWC said.”

Updated! Fresh video!

bear2 dt




All photos by Dan Thrift. The LTWC FB is here. Sent in by Morjana C.

All You Can Eat Sprouts Buffet, Again?

Mom’s all, “You will eat your sprouts and you will like them or I will give you the Capybara Mom Stink-eye.”

Capybara kiddos, “But Moooom, we’re smaller and can run faster!”

“One capybara not enough for you? Chiba Zoo has five.” Via Rocket News. Note: Capybara babies are called pups.

THIS JUST IN: Maru & Hana: Stairmasters

Japan’s #1 and #1A kittehs, aka The Round Mound Of Girthness and sidekick Hana, decide to play on (what must be) Mugumogu’s extremely clean stairs. What I wouldn’t give to see a video tour of that entire house.

When You’re Out Camping…

…there just isn’t anything better than toasting some marshmallows, is there?

The elegance of Kanzi the Bonobo as seen on BBC One Monkey One Planet, by way of Laughing Squid.

Welcome 2 Wally World

People, check out Wally. No ‘Shopping here- that really IS how big he is.

Wally is a Flemish Giant Rabbit who will be up for adoption sometime soon at the Oregon Humane Society! Dave L. of the OHS told C.O. that no date for adoption has yet been set. The video says Wally is 13 pounds, and OHS confirms that is the right weight.

Here’s a bigger version of the photo they used:

Thanks to Kelly S.

Miles O’ Brien, We Salute U

According to Boing Boing, journalist Miles O’Brien was at a drone flying range (they have these things?) near Washington DC, learning how to fly his camera drone one-handed (due to an unfortunate accident.)

He happened to be joined at the range by…a blanket with a pair kittehs. C.O. tweeted Mr. O’Brien, who tweet-replied (in 125 characters, btw):

“I think there is nothing cuter per pound than a kitten that small. Not sure I have ever seen one that young. Smitten w/kitten.”

He took this video, and sent it to BB. Interested in adoption? Click here! (The little critters the remaining kitteh are is with veterinarian Nikki Driver in Charlottesville, VA.)

Update! This just in from Nikki herself:

“Thanks so much for the shout-out, your site has more Cute on it than I thought the Internet could handle! The only thing to add is that the bigger of the two (the other has found a foster home with the intent to adopt) purrs and kneads after he eats and when he poops!! Thanks so much and keep up the Cute Work!”