Cold As Ice

That Big Bull Mastiff Puppeh has NO problem dropping a dime on the Toilet Paper Caper Culprit. #Payback

Flashback Friday: D.C. Dog Show, 1915

05641a“Washington, D.C. “Dog Show, 1915. Mrs. Blanche Strebeigh Bonaparte.” Dog owner Mrs. B. (this girl’s mother) was married to Jerome Bonaparte, great-grandnephew of Napoleon. Harris & Ewing glass negative.” (Shorpy McShorpersons.)

Jimmy! You’re Back!

jimmy2Last September we told you about Jimmy Choo, the Bull Terrier who finds himself in all sorts of imaginary adventures c/o his hoomin Rafael Mantesso.

Mantesso got a divorce, so it ended up that his wife got all the furniture, and he got the house and Jimmy.

Mantesso had a lot of blank wall space to fill…hence these artistic flights of fancy with Jimmy.






Via My Modern Met and Laughing Squid.

What’s For Breakfast On Ferret Friday?

Today on the menu, we have scrambled eggs! So….Polly, Daisy, Luna and Snowy…dig in! (Wait, where are their little Ferret Bibs to wear?)

Da DUM…Da DUM…Shark Week’s Almost Here

Sunday kicks off another edition of Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week feeding frenzy, bring up the age-old question; Are Sharks QTE? (A lot of, er, rough publicity the last week or two.) However, judging from these Encore Presentaysh videos- it would seem so.

Of course, Sheriff Brody may disagree.


[I just found this out here on the porch railing—I SWEAR—so I am gonna help myself!]

From Lucy B., who adds “Usually I give him crunchy peanut butter on a cracker but this was one of those small individual peanut butter packs, like jelly, that you get on the free breakfast buffet. Brought some back from beach and wanted to see what Mr. Squirrel would do with it. Loved watching him.”

Twiggy The Waterskiing Squirrel

This USA holiday weekend will no doubt feature a lot of fun in the sun (and on the water) for many of us. Twiggy the Waterskiing Sqwerl shows us how to hang ten. Or…hang however many toes Sqwerls have.

How Andy Murray Trains For Wimbledon

Murray is a former Wimbledon champion (2013) and currently the third ranked player in the world. As the first week of Wimbledon continues, he shows us just how he gets ready for an important match on Centre Court, and just how crucial Interspecies Snorgling is to the process.

(*Note: It seems Instagrams must be viewed with either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome– they will not display properly in Internet Explorer.)

How To Survive A Shark Attack (As Told By Kittehs)

From The Bad Timing Department: With Shark Week looming, there have unfortunately been quite a few reported shark attacks in recent weeks. Should you find yourself in this, er, unenviable position, here’s how you need to respond. Leave it to kittehs to tell us what to do.

THIS JUST IN: UK Duckling ResQte Of The Week!

Maintenance worker Gary Bartoszewski was going about his day when what did he see but BIG TROUBLE! Some bebeh ducksters had taken a dive down a sewer grate in Doncaster, South Yorkshire UK. (This happens far too often! Don’t they read the signs? Whoops, one more.)

Naturally, Gary sprang into action, and was able to haul the little guys up and out, to be reunited with Mom!



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