Mom Grandpa Taxi: Hang On, You Whippersnapper

potd-turtle_3317686kFrom The Telegraph: “Hugo the giant Galapagos tortoise gives a ride to an Indian star tortoise at the Australian Reptile Park, New South Wales, Australia. Picture: Rex Features.” Thanks to Arne, who added, “If not a ‘Headline This,’ then at least a ‘Mom Taxi.'” Good CALL, Arne!

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Northern Tokyo

We continue our Japan-centric (as if you hadn’t guessed) C.O. Cat Café World Tour with a stop in Northern Tokyo. This spot is called, er, “Hand of the Cat.” No, we don’t know why. Japan-based correspondent Robb S. wrote up his visit for his website, and you can find his report here.










When You Go™:

Call: 04-7168-8629.

Hours: 11am-8pm daily.

Address: Kashiwa City, Chiba, Kashiwa 3-7-21, Shiina Bldg 401. (Robb promises it’s in that building..somewhere.)

Online: Website : Twitter : FB.


If you happen to find yourself, say, in St. John’s, Newfoundland (it could happen!) and are looking for some nightlife, you’ll find it here. At Junco’s Pub, the seediest bar in St. John’s.* This fly-by-night joint is open 24/7. (FYI: you have to be a bird to get in.) When it has customers, here’s how it looks:

And here’s the live stream- check and see if anyone’s tossing back a cold one stopping by for some seeds. (Click the button to start it up.)

And here’s how Junco’s came to be:

From Andrew Y. as seen on Da Buzz. *Line stolen from CBC Newfoundland Twitter.

“But I Don’t Haz Shoes To Remove?”

FullSizeRender“Saw this kitty napping at a souvenir stand in Poʻipū (Kauaʻi island in Hawaii,)” says Barbra B. Up next: C.O. Cat Café World Tour heads to Northern Tokyo.

Wanted To Save This For “Frodo Friday”

IMG_20150522_183657232..but since we just introduced Ferret Friday, Frodo’s, er, Foto is gonna have to go up today! Not that there’s ANYthing wrong with that! From Robin W.

No, We Don’t Know What Planet He’s From

At this point, that hardly seems important. The powers of this one are formidable. Resistance, as the old saying goes, is quite futile.

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Smedley found this on Pinterest.

Live Alaskan Blorp!

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has partnered with the group to set up a live webcam of these Blorps, hunkered on Bristol Bay in the Bering Sea in Southwest Alaska. (Make sure your speakers are up so you can hear ’em snoring!)

(Boing Boing.)

Rock-A-Bye, Bikke

SOMEone’s a bit on the sleppy side, wouldn’t you say? (Thrown off by yesterday’s holiday.)

Snorgler on the Orient Express

Agent Romanoff glanced furtively about. The man in the tortoise-shell glasses, pretending to read the paper — she’d seen him once before, in Tangiers. So they were onto her at last. There would be others, she knew, watching her every move. Now she would need her wits about her if she hoped to smuggle the kitten to Moscow for debriefing.


From The Netherlands With Loff

1211“On offer, for your consideration: Bink de Ruyter.

I have lost count on how many Rules apply, but there is definitely:

* A sunbeam!
* A very fluffy tummy-area!
* Tuesday toebeans on show! With mixed colors!

Please? Pretty please? With toebeans on top?

Love from The Netherlands, Annemieke & Bink de Ruyter.”


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