I Feel Your Pain, Dawg…

They missed an easy kick, and now they’ll never beat the point spread!


Via Redditor twosnapsup.

Rats, It’s Monday!

f0b4c11e549c4f53cc7632cd891d6e78Worse yet, it’s also the first Monday after the second straight short holiday week! No matter- this little guy can help get you through it! (Pinterest.)

RIP To Kaka

IMG_20141214_080848Some unhappy news to end up the week, folks. ‘Member Kaka from last November? Irene D. says Kaka passed away earlier today. “I just want to say thank you for featuring Kaka during Nosevember and update that Kaka has passed peacefully this morning. It’s been hard to take in as I’m not ready to let him go, even though I thought I’d be prepared for it considering his age (almost 8 years old.)”

You Wouldn’t Happen To Have A SMALLER Ball…

unnamed…..would you? (“Banjo and his oversized red ball. Hope you can post!” Photographed by John B.)

Ayup, Alfalfa’s Comin’ in Good This Yee-ah…

Corn’s all planted, hay’s all bailed… Nothin’ to do now, ‘cept chew on this hee-ah straw an’ wait for spring. Sure hope we get an early spring this year, on account of my jaw gets powerful tired after a spell…


Attention On Deck! For….

…. Commodore Gustave Swaddleman! Or, um, Gus for short, right Zeki B.? “This little doughball belongs to my brother and his girlfriend (making him my dog-nephew of sorts?), and, in my totally unbiased opinion, is THE cutest French bulldog.”

“He’s a cuddle monster with an appetite for treats and expensive shoes! Gus would be thrilled if he made it onto Cute Overload and gained even more followers for his Instagram page!

Happy Late (Bunday) Birthday

edit9Now THIS is the kind of party to have on New Year’s Eve. From Natalie W.: “We celebrated Bun Bun’s first birthday this past Wednesday night! My daughters had a blast making party hats and a carrot cake with oatmeal icing! Bun’s friend Bowie came over too. Shrimp didn’t waste any time jumping right into Bun’s cake and sang Happy Birthday with us.

Bowie (named after David Bowie for the look of eyeliner on his face) had catnip instead of cake and took a climb up the tree following the cake. Good time had by all! Happy New Year, Cute Overload!!”


New Year…New Kodie

unnamed (2)Ridiculous…I know. But it’s what we do.

unnamed (1)

From Angela C.

Bunday Morning Comix

(Spotted on Pinterest; a drawing from Cat vs. Human.)

Someone Needs Some Ten-Shuns

image (2)This little fellow looks down in the dumps, doesn’t he? Maybe that’s ’cause he mixed it up with The Cat. “My sis and I were visiting our aunt’s house in the countryside and found this sweetheart cute-and-friendly-yet-sad-all-the-time puppy. But he humored us and let us pet him. He had a scab on his nose because he got into a fight with the house cat. (Out aunt owns both the puppy and the cat as pets.) Maybe he was thinking about that and it made him sad. We think he’ll feel better if he’s featured on Cute Overload.” -“Chopped Greens.”

[*Note- Glad to be of service! -Ed.]


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