National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Vol. VII

Back this Tuesday morning with more tereef photos from the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Let’s begin with “Cutest little Sumatran Rhino Calf” by Stephen McDonough:


download (5)

download (6)

Are you here for the winery tour? by Greg Snell:

download (1)

Solo surfer by Mark Connell:

download (2)

Dancing with crabs by Sharon Powers:

download (3)

Monkeys of Siem Reap by Andrew Blackman:

download (4)

Family affection by Vanessa Donaldson:

download (7)

Himalayan dog by Sebastian Wahlhuette:

download (9)

Poll: Bottle-Fed Bebehs

Vlad S. sent us these videos, and wants to know which one you think is cuter. Fair enough, let’s roll out a Poll!




(UN) Official Magic Kingdom Toebeans!

This Toesday, we’re goin’ to the Happiest Place On Earthâ„¢! Well, sorta.

“My adorable kitten, Gigi, has images of a Certain Famous Mouse on her toe pads,” reports Sophia G.


Do NOT Watch This Video~

…without Kleenex. It’s THAT cute. OK, you’ve been warned. Go ahead and click. If you dare.

From Viral Viral Videos.

Orangutans -N- Tarsiers, O My

Cuteporter Newbie Helen A. sez: “An avid follower of your site, but never got around to submitting my own photos, so here’s my first selection- some Orangutans hanging out out at Singapore Zoo, April, 2011.



“..and a couple of Tarsiers from Bohol, Philippines taken June 2011.”



Benny & Penny Go For The Big Swim

Remember when you were young, and you learned how to swim? Maybe you took lessons at the pool, or your parents taught you. Either way, it probably looked and felt a little like this!

“It’s their first swim on the “Big Waters” of our pond enclosure at the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary, after being raised in a smaller pen with only a baby swimming pool. Their excitement is contagious! These goslings, and all the other orphaned and injured babies at our sanctuary, will be released back to their natural habitats.” -Monika M.

In Which Snickers Gets The Treatment

“So I’ve seen this picture of the cutest little dog floating around Facebook (L) with its fur in pigtails looking ever so scrumptious,” says Cuteporter Emily P. “We thought we would give it a go with our crazy 6 month old Maltese Shih Tzu pup Snickers (R) (or Snickerdoodle as we like to call her.)


unnamed (2)
“As you can see we NAILED IT. I also threw in a super cute pic of Snickers and her besty Bear all snuggled up in bed on the first day of winter.”

unnamed (1)
“Have a super cute day guys.” (Sent from Yahoo! Mail for iPhone.)

From Italy With Loff

Ciao, Laura from Italy. What do you have for us today? She says in her email, “This is Peppo my 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier.”

foto 1
“He loves to be Foster Dad for stray kittens waiting to be adopted.”

foto 2
“Playing with them and especially grooming and licking them like a nom mom.”

foto 3
“Hope you’ll post them…”

foto 4
“…since they’re super cute!”


IMG_1809“Winston the Basenji meets a new friend at Golden Gate Park. Both survived the encounter just fine.” -Chris H.

Do Ya Wanna Play Do Ya Do Ya Do Ya

This little Prairie Dog is simply not gonna take no for an answer. And if the cat really doesn’t wanna play, well, there’s always that cardboard box. (Great Jazz Hands display and Backwards Movement going on, too.)

Laughing Squid.


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