The Leeps The Leeps The Leeps The Leeps

(Oh and the leetle peenk tongue.)

People, this is Redonk taken to a new level. Got ‘cher Elephant Shrew right heah.

Nothing to do with, well, U know.

Elmo RULES Over Jess & Buster

Watch what little Elmo The Wa Wa does when given the all-clear to get the snack. #ELMOFTW.

Update: The original video was taken down, guess they didn’t wanna share, waaah. No problem, we found one with BONUS GERMAN NARRATION! Yay!

Maru Has His Box, and Sargon Has His….

….spoon. (I swear I thought Sargon was a Vulcan Ambassador to…somewhere. Nope, he was some King Dude from back in the day.)

Live long and prosper, Cuteporter Helmut M.

Flying Sqwerls (& Much Much More!)

Photographer Max Ellis has delivered some amazingly closeup shots of these knuckleheads, as seen on Bored Panda.

[I don't know why U won't launch.]
[I DO wish they'd make these Cadbury eggs bigger.]

[Ah, what's in here, then?]

[Oh, it works like THIS!]

[Come OUT of there!]

[Sneef? Hmmmm.]


[And now for my next trick...]

[I haz goodd spelinngs skils, see? I wil spel werd noww.]

[Giddy Up!]

[I theenk this belongs to Thor.]


[How high can I stack these before they fall?]


Hey Hey We’re The Donkees

…an’ people say we Donkee Around! But we’re too busy posing, to put anybody down!!

Donkey baroo is most uncommon.

First photo from Vajda B as seen on FB; second from Pinterest.

Henri: “The Humans Brush Us For Their Own Vanity”

On an idle Paris morning, Henri the Existential Cat ponders the meaning of spring. He does not like what he sees.

Comme on le voit sur T.O.

Quincy Bean Demonstrates Pure Snuggle Mode

If you were tucked in the covers like this, you wouldn’t want to get up either, correct?

“Our pup Quincy Bean is the queen of snuggles!” -Bryn N.

Just When You Thought All the Great Rock Band Names Were Taken

Peeps! Let’s hear it for, SCREAMING PUG ROCKET! (wild applause!)

That’s our favorite song, youmongrel!

The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous 9: Speed Racer

As we saw earlier today with Sydney The Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat, Ground Clearance is a key concept when ZOOMING along. Helps to get a little air under your belleh so U don’t BUMP IT on anything. This little kitteh shows textbook form.

From Digital Photography School.

THIS JUST IN: C’mon Maru~ PLAY With Me!

Hana wants Maru to play with her. REALLY bad.

Hana is 100% Looney Tunes.


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