Loff At First Sight

Remember when you got your first puppy? Did it go…something like this? [The Mashable article says she waited five years for a puppy- don’t know why. -Ed.]


11156134_10153222923321505_6244362052384441969_n[C’mon hoomin, GET WITH IT. We’re HUNGRY. Crunch-n-munch for me and The Dog, and whatever it is you toss outside for these birds.] From Josh N.

Bitter Kibble Battle Trouble

There was a tense moment at the Goldie household last night, as Mary, Larry, and Shari got into a three-way stalemate over who would get to eat the last piece of kibble.


Miele’s sweet pups, by Flicker-er Franco Vannini

Amazon Has Done It Again

We all know you can get everything from Amazon. (Note to Amazon customer service- guys, where is my complete X-Files DVD set? Ordered them on the 19th.) But..DID YOU KNOW…you can also….rent goats? True. Let’s go to the audio for a complete report from reporter Kai Ryssdal.

Katherine B. sent us this story and added, “Well, ALMOST just in (two days old): Amazon will rent you goats. You get to keep the poop.”

And here I thought nothing could top those lockers they set up in convenience stores.

Hey Wally, We Know Your Fortune

“You will rip open this fortune cookie and nom it to bits.” Are we close?

NEW MARU (In Super-Slo-Mo)

Maru moves surprisingly fast for a fat mature cat. So let’s see what His Eternal Blorpness looks like slowed down a bit. (Note- none of the trademark Mugumogu Ambient Sound™ with the slo-mo part- there’s a brief regular-speed part at the end.

Hey! My Turn Next! Hey! Up Here!

At Edgar’s Mission, Poppy The Pig is enjoying all the attention she is getting from Pam Ahern. This has not gone unnoticed by Ruby The Doggeh.

Poppy Pig from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Rats, It’s Monday

5782407612_c39c679c87_oWhat happened to the weekend? It’s already over? There’s only one thing that can mean- RATS, IT’S MONDAY! (Flickr.)

Good Night From Esther The Wonder Pig

Time for a little late night snack. (Speakers up, please. To get the..FULL effect.)

That’s gonna wrap it for another week here at C.O. Rats It’s Monday is just around the corner (heck, it’s already Monday on the East Coast but we’re in Northern California, y’see) and we’ll kick things off with an excitable trip to Edgar’s Mission, and new videos from perennial nutcase Wally The Sqwerl, and New Maru!

OK, So They Use Water Droplets…As Hats

As fashion choices ago, they may not do much. But in terms of practicality, can’t beat it.

(9gag via Andrew Y.)


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