Wilford Brimley, We Presume?

Look! See the mustache there on Mr. Banana Slug? Now eat yer oatmeal- it’s the Right Thing To Do!

From Iesza J. in the Great White North.

Tiffany’s Friends

Cuteporter Tiffany L. sent us some photos, and we’d like to share them with you. “Mr. Tudball in his wooly sweater with Skipper The Puppeh wanting to get close and cuddly.”

“Here’s Roxie the bulldog and Hopper the kitty getting their snuggle on.”


Cobayo y Princesa

We have seen many great interspeshe pairs here on CO; sloths ‘n kittehsbunnehs ‘n piggehs, turtlets and flutterbyes, the beat goes on….we loff them all. Today we have a new one for you! Puppeh ‘n Guinea pig! Their story is a curious one.

“We have had Cobayo in our lives for 4 years and during that time he would not socialise with anyone. (No matter how hard we tried, he would bite bunnies, cats, chinchillas and some people too.)”

“This Christmas, we brought Princesa home and they cannot live without each other ever since.”

“They like to sunbathe and play all day long. They even TALK to each other (in their ‘languages’, of course)!”

“I am a loyal follower from Galicia (northwest of Spain) and I have finally decided to send you some pictures of Cobayo and Princesa. Cobayo has changed completely since he met Princesa and they sure make a cute couple!” -Estefania G.

If Your Puppeh Runs Outta Gas…

…Gotta call for a tow!

From @CuteEmergency.

Oh, Look Who Has A New Facebook Page

None other than Cute Overload Fave Kitteh Magilla Glub Glub. How ’bout some early vintage Glubster photos? Yeah? U want? OK.






The Sweet Life of Chief Brody’s Cat

(Oh, man, this scam works like a dream. I just put on the shark suit, hum that “dun-dun-dun-dun” theme music, and this bozo drops the kibble and runs out of the house screaming! And the best part is, I have it all to myself… Wait, what’s that music coming from behind me?)

Via kcxd on Flickr.

WHO’S The Penguin, Then?

(Say like any Monty Python character:) “Can’t beleef it- bloody thing here, wot’s it doin,’ yeah? Bit o’ string, mates. In our way! Gonna have a go gettin’ by it, aren’t we then? Who’s ‘wit me?”

Via 22Words..all 22 of ‘em.

Gunma-Chan’s Big Adventure

Great story from our Japan colleagues at RocketNews24. Gunma is a prefecture in Japan. (Sorta like a district or county- Google wasn’t much help, or I just couldn’t comprehend.) Speaking of “can’t comprehend,” take a look at this. Gunma-Chan is the mascot for, well, Gunma tourism.

Prepare the Squee Rocket for liftoff, Cap’n.

EVERYTHING in Japan has a mascot. Gonna have nightmares dreams about this for sure.


“She is our new Lab/Great Pyrenees puppy. She is super cute, sweet, intelligent, a little bit naughty and a lot cray cray. She enjoys short walks in our backyard, chewing on her stinky bone and barking at her poop. Photos by new mom Kristin.”

photo 1

photo 4

photo 8

photo 10

photo 9

photo 17

photo 12

Stairs? What Stairs?

[I is just gonna sliiiiiiiide my way down! It's easy!]

From Susan M.


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