Everybody’s Irish Today, Including Abbie!

St. Paddy's Day AbbieVOKRA rescue Abbie McFlooferson has been enjoying St. Patrick’s Day!” -Sharon D.

Can It Be St. Puggy’s Day?

Can it? Because I’ve got my little hat and my light-up bow tie and I’ve had two beers already and I can say Irish things like “Top o’the shillelagh, Mother Mockery” and okay more like four beers and I know how to riverdance…


Via DaPuglet.

TGIF St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Ok, it’s not Friday. We always do a GIF on Friday’s at 5pm PT, but we have these photos for today, so we’re just moving things up a few days, right? “Doug the Scottie & Dexter the Westie looking good in green,” writes Colby F.




Ah, ‘Tis A FINE DAY For An OMG Pony!

IMG_1430“This is Teddy – he’s a Quarter Horse who lives at Gelinas Farm in Pembroke, NH. He’s most definitely saying….’Kiss me, I’m a Red-Headed Irishman!‘” He’s a love bug – very snuggly.” Nancy K., Pembroke, NH.

BUB Raises A Pot O’ Gold

tumblr_nldfzhpTTa1r69a5mo1_1280Last week we told you about BUB’s fund-raising efforts in Austin, at SXSW. BUB raised a BIG pot of gold (over 10K) for animals in need! #GREATJOBBUB (Image and deets via the BUB Tumblr.)

Don’t Be At The Pub Too Late, Milo

image1 You’re a little guy, and we all know after half a beer you’re under the table. Come to think of it, you’re always under the table. (From Anita C.)

Happy St. Patrick’s Pigtrick’s!

IMG_20140315_141213Cora The Peeg wishes everyone (Irish or not) a Happy St. Patrick’s, er, Pigtrick’s Day.

From Samantha D.

The Luck O’ The Shrimp!

edit8“Shrimp went for a walk in the clover patch and found his VERY OWN FOUR LEAF CLOVER this morning! He promptly ate his lucky charm!” -Natalie W.

St. Patrick’s Poll: Kodie, Or A Pot O’ Gold?

unnamedWhich would you rather have? Take our St. Patrick’s Poll!


Worst. St. Patrick’s. Day. Ever.

GCOh well, it’s over at midnight, Tardar Sauce.


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