Rule of Cuteness #5: Fisheye lens + baby animal is always cute


Unless of course it’s an iguana. The best example of this being the rock solid, high-cuteness factor of the Japanese calendars “The Dog” or “The Cat.”


Welcome to the Dollhouse

Alert reader Cory Pinter and his girlfriend (who must be fabulous to have suggested sending this photo) sent this Hamster Haus photo. Obviously, this Hamster just woke up from a nap and is stretching, thinking about his morning cup of Joe and side carrot. Brilliant decorating job he’s done…



Oh GET OUT! (pushing you against a wall) THIS is really redonkulous. Is this even real? Because I might have to gouge my own eyes out after having seen The Cutest Thing Known to Man.


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(French accent) so, Cherie…. (music in background) You like dee Ghetto Tomato? ahn? I open eet for you… non…. ssssssssssh! (covers your mouth with paw) don’t you worree—I open eet for you weeth my paw—I can do eet, ahn?. I am dee ulllltimate, Cherie—mignon, zee strong paws, zee best cook. (Pours more wine into your glass) Pooffée—moi—I take care of you tonight…

Staring contest

This is the sound of your brain melting—a fondue caused by a Sears Portrait Studio heathered grey background and the cutest flop-eared helpless kitten ever. Full use of the “Pathetic” camera angle for extra effect. Extra points for the glossy eyes. Look away!


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With the fro, I’m 1 foot 5

This is ridiculous. There should be a whole category dedicated to the styling of these bunnies—obviously, someone took great pains to fluff the heck out of "Verissa" which is the most fabulous name for a rabbit ball. Oh, she’s on a pedestal for a very good reason!




Someone please tell me what GENIUS put *this* photo shoot together. Look at all the factors here: you’ve got FOUR helpless baby animals, many of whom will gladly kill each other once grown, a Hallmark-riffic background, a “conversation” of sorts, lead by a gerbil-like thing. What could he possibly be saying to the others? “I’m the cutest, but my beady eyes are a drawback in this contest?” Simply stunning! Major props.


More mice-like things

Just what *are* these things and what are they doing? Doormice feverishly cleaning some guy’s lime swim trunks? Or Is that a large colorless piece of lettuce? Who cares, they’re beyond cute. They might be associated with the Dry Cleaning Snow White Bird below.


Moments later, the mouse’s tail was seen dangling out of the cat’s mouth

But for now, aren’t they cute? Former foes, having a tender, whisker-entangled moment. High BEF on the mouse.




Plumpness is almost always cute. Sure, this bird is sitting next to his own crapulence (the branch poop!) but look at him! He’s out of Snow White for God’s sake! His teeny beak can open just enough to chirp the tiniest “bok!” before he flies off to pick up your Princess sashes at the dry cleaner.