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Happy Ferret Friday Afternoon

OK fellas. Look, if you do your little rollover thing, I’ll let ya have a snort off the Tasty Tube! Ready? Hit it! Hey, c’mon, you too, pal! Don’t sit there and pout, there’s enough for both of you!


What happens when two ferrets enter the long tube thingy from opposite ends? You’re about to find out.


Ferret Friday: Sometimes U Just Need To Stop-

-and smell the roses. Or whatever happens to be available at the time. (Photo via Flickr.)

Happy Ferret Friday!

Let’s have Clipper The Ferret start your day off with a bit of a piano recital, shall we? [*Note: I’d swear this is an Encore Presentayshe, but no way can I find it. If someone does, leave it in the comments and we’ll update the tag. -Ed.]

Ferret Friday (Plus Bonus Rule Of Cuteness!)

If you look closely….ah, yes! There it is! Rule of Cuteness #48 Tiny Tongues are Cute! (It’s kinda a #99, too- right?)


What’s For Breakfast On Ferret Friday?

Today on the menu, we have scrambled eggs! So….Polly, Daisy, Luna and Snowy…dig in! (Wait, where are their little Ferret Bibs to wear?)

Ferret Friday: Hacky Sack Time!

A surefire way to engage a Ferret and get his/her attention? BESIDES just wiggling your fingers in their face, that is. Two words.

Hacky Sack.

How To Have Fun On Ferret Friday

1. Place large cardboard box on the floor.

2. Fill with packing peanuts.

3. Add two ferrets.

4. Enjoy.

Ferret Friday: Field Trip

So Mom has all the kids out for a field trip to try that fancy new rock climbing thing- some of them aren’t too keen on following. Just WAIT ’til 1:04. Don’t cheat- watch it all- but 1:04 is THE BEST.


ResQte Of The Week (Ferret Friday Edition)

From Shelly L.: “I am a huge C.O. fan and visit multiple times a day to create an cloud of positivity that will hopefully buffer any negative radiant rays emanating from a certain kindness-challenged homo sapien I am forced to interact with during my daily occupational hours. Or, you could say that I work with a total butthead-happiness-sucker and you help a lot. Note-the rest of my coworkers are great!”

“Here are photos of my personal clouds of happiness and light! (Steve, shown in first photo above.) I think you may have a dearth of ferret photos because out of approximately 8,472 ferret photos I have taken, sixteen were not a blurry streak going by. This is probably why you seem to have more videos than pictures of ferrets, weasels, and other sleek and crazy pets. Every one of my pets is a ResQte!”


It’s A (Holiday Weekend) Ferret Friday!

It is indeed a holiday weekend (in the USA, anyway,) so kick back and relax: it’s Ferret Friday!