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Wombat Wednesday With Robert Irwin

Crickey. Let’s go way Down Undah for today’s edition of Wombat Wednesday, hosted by Crocodile Hunter Mini-Me v2.0, Robert Irwin.


And A Good Wombat Wednesday To You, Too!

Looks like SOME of us are sleeping in. Perfectly acceptable, mate. It’s YOUR day, after all. (Flickr.)

Digger’s Wombat Wednesday

“To add to your stock of Wombat photos, here’s a “Sack O’ Wombat” from Tasmania. This is Digger, an orphaned wombat being raised at the Bonorong Animal Sanctuary outside of Hobart. We got a behind-the-scenes tour of the sanctuary and got to hold Digger as he was waking up. He was shy when he was sleepy, though when our guide took us back into his enclosure later, when he was more awake, he was ‘quite grumpy,’ as our guide put it.”

“He charged us, bit my leg, and went after my boyfriend’s… let’s say, sensitive area (though fortunately he only got a mouthful of fabric). (That’s the photo below — yes, my boyfriend kept taking pictures as Digger went for his special area.)” -Megan.


Welcome To Wombat Wednesday

We’ve got a whole LOT of Wombat for ya today! Look at this massive furball mowing the lawn!

White Wombat Wednesday

Sing it! “It’s a nice day for a…White Wombat…..”


“Ceduna’s Lucia Franks with Polar the Rare White Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat at the Ceduna Wombat and Fauna Rescue Centre. Picture: Andrew Brooks.” ( From Karen (“Paws up! XOXO”) F.

Wombat Wednesday: Interview With The Wombat

PatC.O. presents an EXCLUSIVE interview with Patrick, Australia’s #1 Wombat!

Patrick- tell us about your daily routine. What’s your day like?

“Being the Godfather of the Wombats, I have to keep myself in great shape so I eat plenty of fresh greens and loads of carrots and eat my daily grains. I’m not too keen on exercise so I get pushed about in a wheelbarrow alot of the time.”

Who do you like to hang with?

“My neighbours are a fab family of Wombats which include a Mamma, a Dadda and a wee baby Wom. The kid often looks to me for Wombie Advice, which I always say ‘be nice to visitors…don’t bite! And dig really big holes so the keepers have something to do….we have to keep them in a job!'”

Big famous guy like you- bet you get tons of fan mail. Do you have a girlfriend?

“Being the Wombassador of Ballarat I have a busy schedule saying hi to visitors and often meeting VIP’S, which includes Nicholas Cage, Kirstie Alley, Jerry Lewis and most recently Phil Ligget. I have been on TV lots too, so I don’t have time for a girlfriend.”

Did you ever get to meet the late legendary Steve Irwin?

“I never personally met Steve Irwin, however my Dad, Greg Parker who owns the park knew him.”

Anything else you’d like to mention?

“I will be 30 in August and I am looking forward to the celebrations. Big Bucky Tooth kisses XOXOXO to all my fans! I’m off for a snooze now, as I have to keep up on my beauty sleep!”

Special thanks to Patrick’s pals Julia L. and Jared M.

Wombat Wednesday (With Special Guest!)

Time for another edition of Wombat Wednesday, and this week we have a special guest- a little Echidna Puggle. Here, Chloe The Wombat snuggles in the dirt…when a friend comes calling. Huh? What? Whozat?

This little Echidna Puggle is hanging out at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo after its burrow got bulldozed. 😦





Wombat Wednesday: Kenny

Holly H. sent us these photos of Kenny, The Rescued Wombat “from my personal Pinterest collection!” We think Kenny may be a relative of Vinny, from the looks of it.


980x (2)
Images originally from The Dodo.

Wombat Wednesday

Only our second edition of Wombat Wednesday here at The Mighty C.O.- this video comes to us from Paul & Barb. Enjoy!

♫ Just Another Wombat Wednesday ♫…

From Arbroath, discovered by Karen F.