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Last Toesday Of ‘Tocktober, So…

…let’s serve up some ‘Tocks -N- Beans! “Attached please find a pick of Greyson (aka ‘Grey,’) our former foster cat (now adoptee/new member of the family) showing off his ‘Tocks. Photo by: TJ (aka his adoptive mama.)” -Tara C.


One More Serving Of BEANS To Wrap Up Toesday

These JUST came in, and they just couldn’t wait another week or so. “I humbly submit for your perusal the Beans and Floof therein of my Kitty Catticus, Daisy. Perhaps it’s worthy of Toesday? Photos by me. 🙂 Baranda.”




Oh, U Want Another Toesday Post, Do You?

Fine, fine, fine. NP. “Hi Cute Overload, this is Nino in his ‘Tocks glory,” says Anna. Well- we don’t see much in the way of ‘Tocks here- but there are Plenty O’ Beans and that works for us!

Happy Toesday 2

Yes, Tortoises can have Toebeans. Kinda. “Russell the Tortoises Toes. Submitted by Ron and Carol P. of Phx, AZ.” (Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android.)

“It’s Toesday? Wake Me On Wombat Wednesday.”

It looks like Dingo The Kitteh is just gonna pass on today. Seeya tomorrow, Big D. From Mari L.

Toesday 3: Perigo De Morte!

Yep, sounds just about right, I’d say. “Please find attached a photo from my recent holiday in Salema, Portugal. Sure, he’s quiet enough now, but you have been warned.” -Sarah P.

Toesday: ‘Tocktober Is Getting Closer!

Just over two weeks to go, as a matter of fact! Got some Prosh ‘Tocks you’d like to see on C.O.? You know what to do!

Rats, It’s Toesday

[HEY! Who put that Cheerio on my head!] [*Note: We’re delayed a day due to the Labor Day holiday yesterday. -Ed.] (Flickr.)

Toesday 2: Handbag

“Thank you so much for featuring Mister Tibbs on C.O. last week. He is just precious. I wanted to also share this picture of my Rescue Chinchilla Handbag who you have featured before. I hold him in my palm and then tell him to grab his toes, and this is what he does. He was adopted five years ago from the San Diego Humane Society. He’s just too cute not to share with C.O. who appreciates all great cuteness.” -Annie O.

Salutations Toesday De France

It’s Toesday all over the world today! (OK, well, it might already be Wednesday like in Australia.) These Top Quality Beans are straight from Meyzieu, France. “Here is a fresh picture of our lady Kiri. (Kiri is a brand of french cream cheese for kids.) XO, Sylvio & Marjo.”