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Friday Haiku: ‘Tocktober

‘Tocktober is near
Lots and lots of fuzzy butts
It starts in twelve days

“Hello, hay servant to sheep Missy-Moo and pals here, I wondered if you would be interested in these little ‘Tocks? We have a number of fawns growing up around the property, and this little one had just taken a drink from the sheep’s water :)” -Carol B.


Friday Haiku: Snoozy

Such a cuddle ball
Warm, safe, and so toasty dry
Dormouse in a nest

(BBC Earth via Michelle W.)

Friday Haiku: Frogsters

Glub glub glub glub glub
Glub glub glub glub glub glub glub
Glub glub glub glub glub

(Telegraph, via Arne.)

Friday Haiku: Delicate

Butterflies notice
All the little things in life
Like prosh turtle tears

*Two Julia Butterflies (Dryas iulia) drinking the tears of turtles in Ecuador : Winner, 2014 Wikimedia Picture of the Year competition : Photograph by Ama la Vida TV. Story as seen on Laughing Squid.

Friday Haiku: Capybara Redux

Last week’s Haiku
Was about Capybaras
Now we have one more

More on Tempozan Anipa in Osaka by Robb S. here.









Friday Haiku: The Capybara

Big furry Rodent
That is a Capybara
No sound on this one

By Robb S. at Animal Cafes.

Friday Haiku: Sea Sapphire

The Sea Sapphire is
a mysterious critter
Sometimes invisible

(Anna C. from IFL Science.)

Friday Haiku: Smiley Bug

If you’re happy
And you know it flap your wings
And smile real wide too

Smiling bug 2

Friday Haiku: Feelin’ Snoozy

Missing your pillow?
Find the closest guinea pig
And then take a nap

A kitty and a guinea. - Imgur

Friday Haiku: Delicate

Hi butterfly friend
If want to land on my nose
That is fine by me