Mom Taxi XLVI: Are We (Ribbit) There Yet?

aP4X2Aw_700b Somewhere in Japan, the RocketNews staff sheds a tear; Andrew Y. spotted this on his new go-to,

Caturday: He Shoots, He Scor-NOOOO! A GREAT Save!

[*Note: if you have your speakers up, the announcer loses his mind. -Ed.]

The goalkeeper crouches in front of the net, tense as a….cat. He waits for the penalty kick, and here it comes and WOW WHATTA MIRACULOUS SAVE!


Maybe A New Rule?

image1“If your tongue is hanging out in the breeze…that’s cute.” And Jack here would be the reason for that Rule. Notice a small critter on the far right side of the photo- that turns out to be Penny, the little Yorkie Snorfer who was here just last week!

Thanks be to Jenny C.

Night Night, Timo

Don’t we ALL wish we had beds like Timo does? Yes we doooooo…………


unnamedThat was the desperate headline in Clark H.’s email. Clark, we’re happy to post your submeesh (picture credit to @WildlifeQLD ;) -just the second Quoll ever on C.O.!

TGIF: Inertial Dampeners Are Offline!

[Mr. LaFORGE! I need those back online or we’re all dead dizzy! Today’s Stardate: 92895.75; that means it’s time for a Trekkie TGIF!

(Boing!! Boing!!!)

It’s Just About That Time, Isn’t It

unnamedNot QUITE time for TGIF…but almost. And we have a good one today- one hour.

[*Note- if you’re on the U.S. East Coast, OR ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD, it’s already the weekend, duh. -Ed.] “You’ve featured my cat Truman before (I can’t find the link but it’s of Truman as a kitten chilling behind a steering wheel, bright blue eyes, super fluffy), so I thought I’d try again! Here he is crashing my work-from-home day. #noshame” -Jessica B.

Young Man, It’s Time For Your Afternoon Nap

[Aw MAAAAA. Can’t I just play for a little while longer? Can I huh? Can I huh? Can I huh?


Friday Haiku: Lunchtime?

Hungry Butterfly
Wants some nectar for his lunch
Not from a backpack


Flashback Friday: 1927 Police Lineup

HEC/34500/34539a.tif“OK m’am- take your time. Don’t worry, they can’t see you- only you can see them. One-way glass, y’see. Give each suspect a good, long look. Which of ’em snatched your purse?”

(“Washington, D.C., 1927. ‘NO CAPTION (puppies).’ Where’s Harry Frees when you need him? Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. ” –Shorpster.)


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