Yep, That’s A Kitteh Hairband

There’s a (naturally) Japan-based designer named Campanella, and she created these so you can plop a kitteh right down on your head. According to Bored Panda, there are no plans to mass produce these. Yet.





ResQte Of The Week: Biscuit In A Box

IMG_0351Jenna C. sent us this email, perfectly timed for today: “This is my cat Biscuit. She has recently been experimenting with “If I fits, I sits.” It’s going well! Biscuit is a ResQte. Someone abandoned her in the parking lot outside my work. I took her home, planning on taking her to SPCA, but she was too cute! I kept her and she’s been sitting in all my boxes ever since. She and her sister, Kali, live with me and my sister in Charlottesville, VA. We all love what you do!”


Mom Taxi XLI : Parked For The Night

Leetle Wah Wah needs a place to sleep- thees looks just fine, no? AND WHAT ABOUT THE JAMS?

Sent in by Susan M.

WHO’S The Best Lizard? WHO Is?

YOU ARE! So git ovah heah this instance and I’ll give ya some head pats! Whadya’ SAY big fella? Come on, shake yer groove thing! An’ you want some dinner now?

(Boing! once more.)

Speakers UP For This!

First of all, you get a GREAT British accent narration. But most of all….well, just wait for them. The squeaks. #UNREAL.

From Paul P.

Hey Charlie! Is That Your New Toy?

I guess that means “yes.”

From Concord Barb & Paul, back in the game following an extended hiatus.

“♬ Everybody’s Gone Surfin’ ♫…..”

“….in Esperance, Western Australia.” OK, so it doesn’t have the rhyme like the Beach Boys classic song. But this video DOES have SURFING DOLPHIN ACTION! Jennene & Dave Riggs took this video with a quadcopter. (Boing Boing.)

Hmmmm…Do Red Pandas Like Apples?

Let’s find out, shall we? My guess is………….yes.

(Boing Boing.)

MMMMM, Peanut Butter!

‘Member how last week, we showed you Annie having a nice Peanut Buttah snack. Today, Mr. Sqwerlio decides he’ll have some PB for lunch! “My little outdoor freeloader eating the peanut butter I put out for the birds,” says Stacy M.

I’m Bustin’ Outta This Joint, See?

First, I’m gonna do my Tom Cruise-dangling-from-the-ceiling bit as I break outta this cage, then take the elevator to the basement, sneak past the guards, hop in a getaway vehicle, and bust through the wall! Meanwhile, Doctor Who will tell you how I manage to pull it off!

From the BBC via The Mary Sue.


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