How LOW….Can You GO?

These Floppy Chubbular Guys give new meaning to the term “Lo Ground Clearance,: and when you’ve got yourself a pair of Low Hangin’ Ears, you best be careful you don’t trip on ’em!

#TBT: 09/03/2008: I’m Waiting

I SAID I’m waiting.

What is wrong with you I said GIN MARTINI!

Vodka isn’t even a REAL MARTINI [cracks picnic table with one mighty paw swipe and doesn’t leave tip]

::Smirk:: Thanks, Uncle Wire!

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

THIS JUST IN: Are Droids Cute?

You better freakin’ believe they are. The Force is WITH this one. Here, take my money.

ResQte Of The Week 2: Dateline, Warrior River, Alabama!

Couple of good ole boys were out fishing (never understood the appeal, personally) when all of a sudden…SOMETHING CAME PADDLING QUICKLY TOWARDS THEM!


Moofers (And Irie!) UPDATE!

Sara D. provides us with a Moofers update: “Moofers and Irie (ACL surgery; also a rescue like his brother Moofers and his little sister Copita) have begun the road to recovery! Moofers is standing on his own, already getting used to his 3-legged stance. Irie wants to run around and it’s going to be quite a challenge keeping him calm enough to heal! Here’s Moofers after his surgery!”

“We’re still trying to raise the funds to cover the surgery….the 2 surgeries together cost over $7,000. We’ve hit the $2500 mark on our GoFundMe page and are hoping to meet our goal of $4,000 soon. Thank you C.O. for all the support and kindness and caring!!”

Moofers and Irie in their Cones

♬ The Marmoset Song ♫

Don’t recall ever seeing this one, and it’s COMPLETE REDONK. Came across this clip in looking through emails from our readers, nominating posts for #CO10 on September 26th! Do you have a favorite post? Send it in!

A Prickly ResQte Of The Week!

IMG_0540Great story from Nicole D. in The Great White North! “I was bicycling in the country when I spotted a little black ball huddled against a guard-rail post on the side of a busy road. I checked in with local wildlife experts who told me it was probably orphaned and assured me they’d take it if I could capture it and deliver it to them –200 kilometers away! With the help of an old pair of leather gloves, a plastic bin and family members who each drove a part of the way, we relayed the little critter to the Toronto Wildlife Centre where they will take care of it until it is old enough to be released back to the wild.”

Why Are My Feet Moving?

[I don’t DO windows. This HAS to be the work of the Cat.]


UPDATE: Will this version run in the UK?

Nice Side-Eye, Betty! (Plus Double Rules!)

BettieLouiseWhitepawsAnd look closely. Juuuust a suggestion of some Prosh Underbite Action™ going on there, am I right?

Jim S. says, “This is Bettie ‘Louise’ Whitepaws Shumate (it helps to picture Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers to truly appreciate the “Louise” in her name.) Her momma was a puggle, and her daddy just had to have more than a little chihuahua in him. She loves naps, chips and anything shreddable. She Side-Eyes like a pro, loves to cross her paws and and chews more powerfully than any large dog we’ve ever had.”


Room Service

[And I hope my dinner is READY AND WAITING FOR ME this time.]


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