C.O. Trading Cards #12: Red Pandas

Red Panda RuckAnyta wrote in and said, “You need-need-need to have a Red Panda Trading Card!!! They are the Qte-est of ALL!!!” You’re right. We can do that! Check our entire series here!

Ever Think “I Wonder What A GoPro Camera Smells Like?”

These heffalumps did. And so they decided to take matters into their own hands trunks. (Note: Scooting Bebeh Trunkster appears @ :25.)

Anybody Seen Squeak?

Hey Squeak! Are you in the barn? Come on out, little lady! (Speakers UP, please!)

(Read more about Squeak here.)

Go, Hattie, GO!

When you suddenly find yourself being chased in the garden by a hoomin with a hi-res GoPro camera, whadya do? PLAN A: RUN LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW. Or, PLAN B: Whoops, there IS no Plan B. Keep running, Hattie! (Nice Scottish Plaid collar there, too. Izzat new?)

Sure, It May Be August 3rd…

Squirrel…and it’s hot as blazes out there. But- this guy is here to remind you…Old Man Winter is not so far away! (Nothing To Do With Arbroath.)


Ladeez an gennelmen, it’s the mystical color-changing puppeh! Changes from black to gold right before your eyes. It’s amazingly abricadorable!


My Toy Ate My Hamburger!

As part of McDonalds’ attempt to lure back customers, the fast-food giant has announced sweeping menu changes, including all-day breakfast, a new dollar menu, and for kids, the Unsettlingly Altogether Much Too Happy Meal.


Via VKmag (some pics at link may be NSFW)

THIS JUST IN: Norbert Loves Cheese

Pal, we just got a package of Mozzarella String Cheese at Target. Come on over and you can have as much as you want. (Speakers UP!)



Rule #58 Update

Emails continue to zoom in regarding our Newest Rule, If You’re Flyin’ With One Flap Up, That’s Cute. (aka “The Paisley Rule.”)


Should we change it to: “If One Of Your Ears Is In The Air ‘Cause A Kitteh Is Sleeping Under It, That’s Cute?”

(Gina S. found this on Pinterest.)

Another #58 email just in- this is Zack, with photo by Grandma Nancy.

Zack 5-24-08

Meet Edward The Bebeh Sloth

The video states “He might just be the cutest thing in the world.” I think they might be onto something there.


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