Now THIS IS A Look Of Disapproval

MR6ByDNFreddy Frogster wraps up the week for us here at C.O.! Now, many of you have a holiday Monday in the U.S., but we’ll be here for all your Cute Needs! ‘Nite everyone! (Photo from Imgur.)

Why Yes, This IS My “Bond Villain Pose”

[Now can SOMEone please get me some sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads? How HARD can this BE?]


“Gonna Save This For December!”

Mr. McMuzzlepowche has NO shame when it comes to stuffin’ in the peanuts. If you don’t have pockets, you gotta do what ya gotta DO.


Eeny, Meeny, Miney, And…..Moo

They do EVERYTHING big in the state of Texas! A heifer in DeKalb, Texas Y’all gave birth to four Bebeh Moosters, and those are their names! That’s Michael Baird, a vet in the area who helped deliver them!


Thanks to David F.

丸は8です!(Maru Is Eight!)

Maru (まる, Japanese: circle or round ; born May 24, 2007)

It’s Maru’s 8th birthday! In honor of this, we present this Maru Wallpaper for your ‘puter. And since it IS Maru–it’s in widescreen format. Let us know if you want a different size and we’ll see what we can do. (Just click below to enlarge and save.) But first, enjoy this birthday video from Mugumogu.


Bunday Morning Comix

(As seen on Pinterest; artist unknown.)

[*Note: Coming up next- it’s Maru’s 8th Birthday! -Ed.]

Bunday Ball O’ Bun

DSC03266“We just spotted this tiny fluffeh ball of bun on our patio today. Who can resist a face like that? So. Adorable. Thought we’d share him with you! -Lynne from Colorado.”

Tortoises, Start Your Engines!

Today’s the annual Indy 500, and the Indianapolis Zoo held their Zoopolis 500 Wednesday, a prelude to the big race. The winner? Well, watch the video and see! Look what was waiting for the winner (and his pit crew) at the winner’s circle!

OK, Let Me Think About This…

[The stick is THIS wide…but the bridge is only this wide. Boy, feels just like one of those problems they gave us in fourth grade.]


[*Note: It seems AFV videos may now not play outside the U.S. Here’s another (shorter) version to try. -Ed.]

Crash Test Cuties

Here at CuteLabs, our researchers work tirelessly to make kittens safer and more durable. In this slow-motion crash test, we see the benefits of CuteLabs’ patented BellehBuffer™ technology in helping these kittens survive a head-on collision.



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