Doin’ The Frog Paddle

_h1080_w1920_m6_ofalse_lfalse (1)[Yeah, I know there's no such thing. But I am a frog, duh. So when WE swim, it's Frog Paddle, not Dog Paddle!]

Photo of a red-eyed tree frog in Costa Rica, by Nicolas Reusens for the 11th Annual Smithsonian Photo Competition, as seen on MSN News. Vote for this shot or other photos here.

Earth Day, Eh?

[Well then, I guess we'd better DIG SOME UP! Hey, pal! Get off your 'Tocks and help me out!]

Meerkat Maniacs @ the San Francisco Zoo. Photo by Unknown.

Dahlia, Time 4 Dinner! Dahlia? Dah-li—-a?

At this point it looks like the only thing that will get Dahlia off the couch off her hoomin is a tow truck.

unnamed (2)
“This is Dahlia and ON her daddy.” From the iPhone of Billie Jo W.

Well, U Don’t Have To Be So Piggy About It

These little guys can really pack it in. But where are the little tiny Hamster Napkins to wipe off their lil’ Hamster Moufs? Just sayin.’

From DP&F.

Happy Spring, Louise!

What’s that you say? Spring started a month ago? Really? Have you been outside at all up to now?



“Hi y’all, this here is a little portrait of LB (Louise Bourgeois), our rescued terrier mix, posing in a field of flowers by the James River in Richmond. She absolutely loves frolicking in the meadows now that everything is blooming!” -Anna (dog mom, and dog handler with Canine Adventure LLC).

A Return To Disapproval Island

P4170766Remember Disapproval Island? It’s an actual place in Japan.

Wikipedia: “Ōkunoshima (大久野島?) is a small island located in the Inland Sea of Japan in the city of Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture. It is often called Usagi Jima (ウサギ島?, “Rabbit Island”) because of the numerous feral rabbits that roam the island; they are rather tame and will approach humans.”

No kidding!

Cuteporter Marilyn T.’s friend Jay M. recently visited the island, and look at these Photos of Disapproval!










No Mr. Bond, We Expect U to PLAY With It

This big ol’ puppeh is Bond the Siberian Husky. Here he meets a little rehab Meerkat who is determined to be friends.

As seen on

Let’s Do Our Toesday Stretcheenk Exercises, K?

This Little Dude is about as Prosh as they come!

Let’s hear from the Sender-Inner Kristen M: “I live in a NE Georgia farm town with a lot of outdoor field cats. My husband and I took 4 kittehs inside over a year ago and also put a heated/insulated cat house on our porch for the neighborhood felines to use in the cold winter. A neighborhood mama cat decided to have a batch of her kittens in this house a few weeks ago. We call them “the beans” because they curl up into tight little bean balls. We’re looking to find them good inside homes and mama cat is getting fixed once the beans are weaned.”

“Weaned Beans.” Snerk.


Rocco, Whatchoo Lookin’ At?

Rocco The Springer Spaniel loves to play with Sqwerls. But when he’s stuck in the car, all he can do is….squeak.

As seen on Nothing 2 do with Arbroath.

Agnes Is Back N’ There’s Gonna Be Trubble

If you recall, Agnes sure loves that utility scrub brush.

However, the same cannot be said for the vacuum. PS- Do not miss the Wiggling ‘Tocks.

From Nikolaj K.