In The Studio With BUB

It’s true- Lil’ BUB is in the studio recording her own album, and tolerating those pesky hoomins who have to, well, you know, PLAY THE INSTRUMENTS. Check out this “Making of” video- GOOD JOB, BUB!

TWO Pigs….ONE Blade Of Grass

Guess which one is going to win!

#Tocktober: Even Cats Admire ‘Tocks

We’ve got Supreme Goldie Action on the kitchen floor here, with RULE #47 strictly enforced: Splayed haunch action is cute.

“Hi Cute Overload, my sweet golden Theo is shown here splaying out, while his brother, Mia (boy cat with girl name,) looks on, judging*.” -Jennifer H.

[*Note– A cat, judging you? Imagine that. -Ed.]

It’s A Corgi World (And We’re All Just Renting Space in It)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADUAL STUMPERS ALERT! Many thanks to Jane S-H for these great shots of the First Annual Tour De Corgi in Ft. Collins, CO. (Between Ft. Collins and Estes Park, Colorado is THE place to be.)

Jane says “Taffy, aka Taffers or The Taffsters is this next photo below, and is my mom’s Corgi.”

“Great heelarious fun parade, awesome organizers! Every one, dogs and hoomins alike so totally friendly!”




*AND: Another Stumpers note: The Fall Nor Cal Corgi Con is this Saturday in San Francisco- deets at (They were in SF at Ocean Beach for the Summer Edition.) If you’re going- can you send us some pix?


Best Job Ever In The History Of History (#2)

Swimming with Sea Otters is a darn great job as we saw on Monday…but giving tummeh tickles to a MEERKAT ain’t half bad, either. Sign me up. For either job. (Speakers UP, please.)

(Wendy M.)

Little Pudding UPDATE 2

Haven’t heard from Little Pudding in awhile- not since mid-August. So let’s get an update! It seems that LP has decided… take a swim in the Oregon Zoo’s Cascade Stream and Pond habitat.

And we’ve got :39 of Prosh YouTube video to prove it.

リトルプライバシー、してください (A Little Privacy, Please)

Only in The Big J, do you get a kitteh litter box to look like a private spa. Yep! This is what’s called a “Cat Onsen.” Quoting Wikipedia: “An onsen (温泉) is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language, though the term is often used to describe the bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs.” Now that we’ve got that settled- we move on.

Got a nice little discreet curtain.

But as you know, cats go when they are good and ready to go.

You just slide your litter box inside this box kinda thing…

Hang up your little curtain..

The interior..

Assemmbly required!

And…you got your rubber ducks in the litter.

Yes, rubber ducks. It’s Japan, just roll with it.

Cat watches as hoomin does all the work. As it should be.

And that’s it!

(RN24 and Andrew Y, of course.)

Charlie’s Schedule For Today

BREAKCharlie’s sked looks pretty open for today in case you need to book a meeting with him. Or something.

“This is Charlie, the Chunkie Frenchie. His Batman Ears keep growing and growing,” comments Jordan B.


#Tocktober: Zebra ‘Tocks!

17455847785_7401c5bd0c_oThis Rule just smacks you in the face, don’t it? All together now- #07: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute. This is Enzi and his mama Elvira, from Maia C.

Slowly He Creeps…

…in search of some noms. Ninja Dog creeps slowly up on his unsuspecting hoomin prey. In stealthy silence, he creeps ever so closer…closerCLOSER


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