Absolute, Total, 100% Nose Boop City

Clipboard01Nuthin’ but. (From the Gorgeous Goldens Twitter.)

Retro BUB

Being Throwback Thursday and all, (or #TBT for those into the #hashtag thing) we thought this video clip of a very young BUB would be totally appropriate, no?

Headline THIS: My God, It’s Full Of Stars!

Haven’t done a Headline THIS in awhile because we forgot about it we haven’t. But that’s all changed now! Take your best shot, thanks to the US Department of Interior Twitter (surely a first time source here) via Maureen P.

We’ll update the post with our favorite headline around 3pm PT. And we’re back, with an updated post headlined by Myadestes. (Don’t get the reference? Check it out, it’s a gas.)


ResQte Of The Week


#TBT: 02/05/06: i love you, egg


Hi folks, there appears to be the possibility for some users to get a virus when visiting the iloveegg site. I did not get a virus when I looked at it multiple times, but perhaps it’s a PC thing and not a Mac thing, not sure. Boo, viruses! I am removing the link to the site. Thanks to those who commented and Nong, Christophe and Alexander for writing. 

You can still see the movie other places; namely here!


This is the most ridiculous thing ever; the iloveegg.com site. There appears to be no real purpose to the site other than professing love for eggs in the form of wallpapers and movies.

You gotta see the lil’ movie.[Warning! this song will get in your head, and ping pong around!] I highly recommend singing it out load to annoy your housemates.


Oodle doodle! Thanks for sending, Melody D. and Amber C.!

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea*

Sometimes, things are not quite what they appear to be. Or are they? Click and find out!

(BB.) (*Not an Irwin Allen production.)

And Just Wait ‘Til He SNORTS!!!

Check out this Prosh Little Squirm Bucket! Speakers UP!

“OMG, stop the presses – this is SO CUTE. Never Enough Boxer Puppies,” says Concord Barb and Paul (Still Stuck in Flu-Land.*)

(*Ah. THAT’s who gave it to me. -B.)

ANY Day Can Be Bunday

bunbunhoneyRight, right, it’s always between Caturday and Rats, It’s Monday. Can’t we just slip Bunbun AKA Budgie AKA Lieutenant Dumpling in here for a little midweek disapproval fix? Thought you’d agree.

From Natalie W.

Anyone Want Some Waffles For Breakfast?

Waffles WellingtonYesterday we brought you the saga of Tugboat Jones! Well, we did a little more checking, and it turns out that The Tugger has a brother.

And his name is WAFFLES.

From Jamie B-H.

The “But I Don’t WANNA Go To The Vet” Look

Iq7AD77He/she is being hauled SOMEwhere, and from the look on his/her face, it’s PROBABLY not to the park for playtime. Checkup, anyone? (Reddit.)


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