Friday Haiku: Wah Wah Bubbles

Bubbles float freely
You try to pounce on them all
But it’s too hard

Spotted on Nikki Yanofsky’s Twitter.

What Do U Get When U Cross A Sloth With A Kitten?

Well, Slittens naturally.

Rachael A. is a web designer. You can submit a kitteh photo to her, and she’ll give ‘em the Sloth Treatment.

And no Mr. & Mrs. Nuffer and all ships at sea, these aren’t real.

She was behind the Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls page, too.


As seen on Design Taxi.

What’s With All The Fruits -N- Veggies?

In -N- Out Burger!

“Our adorable gerbil, Nugget, won’t eat her vegetables!” -Amanda B.

And Now For Something Totally Different

Cute. And they come with their own aluminum siding. Sort of.

ImageProxy (2)


ImageProxy (1)

Some QST (Quality Sink Time) Right Heah

There are some cats and dogs- especially cats- who won’t go within a COUNTRY MILE of a sink or tub. And then there’s THIS long-haired Doxie, who thinks differently.

The translated text from the video comes out as “High-kicking you are very beautiful.” We’re not quite sure what “High-kicking” means. T.O.

‘Tocktober: In Search Of…..Missing Dryer Sheets!

20130721_205744You KNOW you tossed a couple of ‘em in there before you started the dryer up. But when the load is dry- they’re gone.

How can this be?

“Here is Skipper checking out the dryer!” -Kate G.

ResQte Of The Week 4: Wally

Got a note earlier this morning from The Furrtographer. “His name is Wally and he’s available for adoption via Grateful Dogs Rescue. I’m fostering him, and he’s a Mini-Aussie. He had his eye removed due to glaucoma- the blue thing is a donut to keep him from scratching the stitches.”

[*Note: Wally seems very stressed in this video. Not. Speakers up, and notice the Random Paw Twitching. -Ed.]





‘Tocktober Four Pack!

IMG_4215“In celebration of ‘Tocktober here are Quadruple Elk ‘Tocks taken in Prince Albert National Park. The picture was taken on a very snowy day in February, a sad reminder of the snow we will certainly get in Canada very shortly.” -Erika B.

ResQte Of The Week 3: Do U Know Sir Pounce?

Robin C., Ph.D. at Marshall University in Huntington, WV sent us this email:

“Not sure this is something you do, but I thought I’d try. Meet Sir Pounce; he showed up on my friend’s deck near Cabell-Huntington Hospital 4 months ago….and hasn’t left. He has a collar and is litter trained and he’s very clean, but he’s not chipped and we can’t find his owner.”

“He’s very sweet and gets along with dogs. Neither of us can take him in and we’ve just about exhausted our resources for trying to find him a good home. He wants to come inside so badly, and we want him to have a wonderful indoor home, especially before it gets cold here in WV. There is only one non-kill shelter in our area and they’re not accepting cats, so we don’t know what to do!”

“If you could possibly post his pictures and info we’d be so grateful! I’m also willing to drive him a fair distance for a good home. Thank you for all you do. Your site is exactly what the Internets should be used for!” [If U are interested in adopting or know where Sir Pounce belongs, drop us a note and we’ll forward it to Robin. Thanks. -Ed.]


THIS JUST IN: OMG Dwarf Ponies!!1!!11!!!

His name… ACER.
He’s three…..and he sleeps in a small stable. Of course he does.
You may pick yourself up off the floor whenever it’s convenient.



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