Remember Dahlia?

Last time we checked, Dahlia was 100% sacked out.

As U can see (and hear, speaks up for the snoring,) Dahlia still doesn’t have much on her agenda.

“Sleep apnea, puppy style! Billie Jo Waddle’s white Boxer Dahlia. Sent from my iPad.” -Kevin W.

The Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Lured Her

And poor Maggie was never seen again.

“Here is a cute/funny one I took of Maggie the other day! She looks very fierce but is really just stretching and yawning after a cat nap!” -Tammy L.

Friday Haiku: HoverPug™

He must go up steps
Looks like he is hovering
Like levitation

As seen on Boing! Boing!

This Little Knucklehead Needs A Name, STAT!

Cuteporter Joanna tells us:

“Here’s a short video of our newest family member, the tiny little monkey (ahem… puppy) we adopted on Monday night from the North Shore Animal League. He’s a right proper mutt: spaniel + who knows. As we contemplate a permanent name for him, he is alternately referred to as “Pupstein,” “Puppinski” or just “PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY!!!” My husband and I are in love. Our two cats are… annoyed. It would be a great honor to see our newest family member on your site!”

OK, you nose what to do~ hit the comment section HARD with those suggestions! We CAN’T let him get stuck with PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY………can we?

Hark, Do I Hear Knitting Needles?

Out there, somewhere, is a gorgeous sweateauw, waiting to be spun and knitted, by a deliriously happy yarnfan.

13963897456_01e14eeeb0_b (1)
“This adorable little fluffernutter is a chia (baby alpaca) at the Bluebonnet Hills Alpaca Ranch in Navasota, TX. They breed alpaca there for incredibly soft and delish yarn, and the humongous doe eyes on this little one just melted our entire tour group! I love your site! My 3 kitties and I check your site every day!” -Kelli N.

Comments, Please: What Is FitzRoy The Cat Doing?

tumblr_n4ej7rGiP41rucojxo1_1280FitzRoy gives off such a regal presence, doesn’t he? But what is he doing? Is he watching cable, and he’s got a remote in the bowl? What’s on his mind? What does he want from his slave Wendy B., who sent in the photo?

Comments encouraged. This means you, Oakley.

Flashback Friday

Older dog on top looks like, “When I were a pup, we cruised around the old fashioned way – on four paws!”

“A man cycling through London’s Battersea with a greyhound draped over his shoulders and a puppy tucked inside his jacket, 1931.” Via Getty Images. Photographer unknown.

Welcome 2 The Wonderful World Of Winston

Q: How can anyone resist a face like that?

A: You can’t. End. Of. Story.

From Reddit.

Inigo Meowtoya – The Sistine Chapel Edition

P1050380[So close...and yet, so FAR....]

“I was beyond elated when you guys posted the video my dearest boyfriend sent in of Inigo Meowtoya – so even if you don’t post this picture of him, I wanted to let you know how much that made my cat lady day! He might look like he’s innocently reaching for the curtain- but seconds after I took this picture he mistook the curtain for the six-toed kitten. Let’s just say the curtain had to be replaced.” -Emily P.

THIS Will Put A Little Sproing In Yer Step!

Um…yeah, because bebeh goats. And donkehs.


From the Baby Goats & Friends Tumblr.


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