Headline THIS: “Uh-Oh, Did I Leave The Stove On?”

pug_NL[*UPDATE on time for once 1:02pm PT: Annette FTW today! Thanks to all, we’ll have another Headline THIS tomorrow morning! -Ed.]

This little guy clearly has something on his mind- what could it be? Write up your best header and we’ll post our fave about 1pm PT!

“My dear boyfriend met this nosy fella sniffing the streets of Didam in the Netherlands. We think the boopability of the nosicle and the definitely pouchy muzzle are definitely C.O.-worthy. Wouldn’t you agree? Love, Doomchild.”

Wombat Wednesday!

This Encore Presentaysh hasn’t surfaced for awhile- and it’s THE perfect way to kick off Wombat Wednesday, mates! (Guaranteed to be the best :04 seconds of the day for ya.)



Pawshank Redemption

Shawshank - Imgur[I didn’t have ANY inside help like those NY prison guys. I had to tunnel all the way out BY MYSELF. OK, well, Andy Dufresne saved up some cat food lids for me that I used to dig with. But that’s ALL. Zihuatanejo, here I come.] (Imgur, where we stole borrowed the “Pawshank” reference. FYI.)

Dodger Dog

No, not THAT Dodger Dog– this one! L.A. Times special correspondent Gizmo T. Pug visited Dodger Stadium last Saturday for their annual Pups In The Park event, and he filed this story. Sorta.


Try Mega-Gro Plant Food!

Add “boom” to your bloom in every room! Only Mega-Gro has the added ingredient Blayvin-35, for roses that radiate, tulips that triumph, and daisies that dazzle! You won’t believe your eyes!


Via Alexander Lyubavin.

And What Can We Do For You Today?

[Oh, I’m just…hmmm..looking…hmmmm, what’s th- oh, just looking around. By the way, might you ‘ave any SARDINES in the house? Jus’ askin.’]

Who Wants To Read “The Pokey Little Puppeh?”

RUSTY SBGH“This lovely guy is named Rusty. He is a volunteer at the St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. If you look closely at his badge there is his name and picture, minus the glasses…those are for reading!” -Hayley L.

Close Encounters (Of The BUB Kind)

Watch what happens when BUB meets the small hoomin, Roscoe Bear. (Great name for a bebeh hoomin BTW, and Good Job, BUB!)

“Hey, Honey? When Are The Gardeners Coming?”

“I know what you mean- the sunflowers in the back are looking kind of…..well, shaggy. And I do believe one of them BAAAA’d at me.”


From Rahja M.


While we’re on the subject of Bebeh Goatsters….anyone wanna play Musical Chairs Goats?

(From Tastefully Offensive.)

Why, Mr. Callis, You Imprudent Scoundrel…

You of all people should know better than to violate the sanctity of a lady’s boudoir without so much as knocking. But as long as you’re here…


Via Chill Wildlife and sender-inner Arne.


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