I Think…..I Killed It!

image1[I didn’t MEAN to. We wuz just wrasslin’!] (This is Snoopy. Whenever I go to visit my Dad, I’m followed and watched.” -Jessica K.

Happy Birthday To Leon Trotsky!

Leon got a band to play, and a huge birthday cake TO ALMOST SWALLOW IN ONE BITE, but what he really wants is to help raise funds for a new Piggy Paradise at Edgar’s Mission, Down Undah.

[And why is it we always say “Down Under.” Do THEY say “Up There” to refer to the U.S.? -Ed.]

It seems they’ve exceeded their $100K goal, but I’d bet they won’t turn down any new donations, mate.

Thanks to Smedley.

Pardon Me While I Nom This

c4These photos just scream BAMBI at ya, and in fact that was the the subject line of Carol B.’s email to us. “Hello, Missy-Moo the sheep’s hay servant here, I saw the lovely photos of deer a few days ago and it reminded me of some shots I took a couple of years ago.”

“A little Bambi was being a typical youngster by sticking it’s tongue out at me!”

“I hope you find them just as cute as i did :).”


The Little White Dancing Bear

IMG_8037LOOK at that face (above.) He obviously WANTS something- and he can have EVERYTHING I OWN. Right. This. Second. (Hmmm- I could make this happen. He’s local.)

Catalina writes, “I am a dog walker/sitter in the Berkeley, CA. area. I adopted Cracus from a local shelter (Crazy + Circus. I combined the 2 words together for obvious reasons) last November. He’s just over 1 year old and is full of energy. Pt. Isabel is our favorite place to go. He’s been called “Little White Dancing Bear,” “Happiest Dog,” “Little Monkey” and many other cute names!”

[*Note- Check the IMPRESSIVE ground clearance below- click the image for CRACUS ENHANCE! -Ed.]


It’s April First- Who Are THESE Guys Foolin’?

Clipboard01Many websites roll out goofy pranks n’ stuff for April Fools. We happen to prefer the Bing.com page today– I mean, video of kittehs in a basket, get OUT. (You’ll see full motion video on Chrome and IE, but a still image when viewed with Firefox.)

(And don’t forget to click on the puffy Cute Cloud! #REDONK.)

C.O. Wallpaper Of The Month: April 2015

Play ball! Or– go fetch the ball! It’s almost time for Opening Day- spruce up your ‘Puter with our latest C.O. Wallpaper Of The Month! Just click to save. More here, too.

April 2015
Original photo from Shutterstock.

Headline THIS: Where’s The Toy In The Bottom?

Clipboard01[*UPDATE 1:05pm PT: On time, too! Thanks to Annette for the header- although MD’s “What the gods can digest will not sour in the belly of a slave. Open the temple graineries!” is a fave too due to the Ten Commandments reference. Sunday night, 7pm, ABC. Check local listings!]

Andrew Y. sent this in with a suggestion this might make a good Headline THIS post, and as usual, he’s spot on. Give it your best shot and we’ll update, as we usually do unless we forget about it around 1pm PT. (From The Twitter.)

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Ear Plugs?”

“I’ve only got one here. Do we have any extras? How could I be missing just ONE ear plug??”

Double Front Paw Splayage Right HERE

Rule of Cuteness #47 states: “Splayed haunch action is cute.” Well, could the reverse be true? For evidence, wait for :30 and :38. Is there such a thing?

How To Make A Hedgehog…

…using just pears and grapes. It’s a fact: Hedgies never tasted so good! (They’re good FOR you, too!)


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