C.O. Trading Cards: BONUS!!!

[*Note: Update 3:16pm PT; if you think THIS is something…you haven’t see ANYthing yet. Wait ’til tomorrow. Carol H. strikes again. Seven AM PT. -Ed.]

So…Carol H. wrote this morning. “Hi Lovely Cute Overload Peeps, Japan should have their own Trading Card – I mean that whole country (island??? Island that is a country) is oozing with The Cute. They are practically the trailblazers of Cuteness!!!! Just my two cents! Love to you!”

Carol is absolutely correct, and so it shall be. A BONUS C.O. Trading Card…just for The Big J. Click image for C.O. Super-Size™. (They’re also in the C.O. Hall of Fame.) Nice one, Carol!


Photo of “Ninja,” the Japanese Flying Squirrel as seen on Flickr by Osamu Asami : Nature’s Best Photography Japan Winning Work.


Look Who Has A New YouTube™ Channel!

Milo is back, and he’s as Cute as ever. Take a look at his latest video!

Toesday: Vincent Van Gato (AKA Lil’ Vinnie The One Eared Wonder Kitteh)

Who wants another serving of Toe Beans today? “Hope the pictures are good enough for C.O. I’m a terrible photographer.” -Amyjeen D. [*Are U kidding? These turned out great! LOOK at those BEANS! -Ed.]

[*Note: Vinnie is a ResQte via Jamie D. at PawsCo in Denver, CO. -Ed.]


A Normal Kitteh Named Nermal

Just got this email in from Jessie W. who sez: “It has been quite some time since we last gave an update on Nermal! He is now almost 1.5 years old and has really grown into his role as king of our home!






C.O. Trading Cards #13: Disapproval!

Remember these guys from last month? They’re back, and they’ve got their own Trading Card, to boot. And they disapprove of it. Number 13 in the series! (P.S.- Click image for C.O. Super-Size™!)

See the entire line (so far) here, and if you have requests, let us know!

Gudetama: The Laziest Egg In Japan Hong Kong

Believe me when I say it took awhile to get this story straight. So..Gudetama is a…Sanrio (aha!) character. And let’s just quote RN24 for the deets:

“Sanrio’s egg-turned-mascot character gets its name from a combination of the words ‘gude'(pronouced goo-deh), which is a Japanese onomatopoeia for describing something or someone with no energy or strength, and ‘tama’ from the word tamago, which means egg in Japanese. And sure enough, Gudetama is an egg that, well..seems to lack the energy to do anything active at all.”

And what’s all this about? Big G is taking a road trip- a special appearance from now ’til September 6 at Langham Place, a big high-end shopping spot in Hong Kong. (Location info below.)

Unless you just wanna eat him, of course.












If You Go™:

Where: Langham Place
Addy: Address: 555 Shanghai St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong.
Phone: Tel: +852 3552 3388.
Hours: 11:00a – 11:00p.
Online: Website : Twitter : Merch.

(Story from Andrew Y. ~ RocketNews24)

Beans UP!

It’s Toesday and we can’t think of a better reason to feature Willa from Wonder Cat Rescue in SF. (She’s still available and is at KitTea in SF.) Photos by The Furrtographer.

Willa (3)-XL

Lulu Gets Her Fierce On

Those camera lens brushes can be tough opponents, Lulu–be careful! [Speakers UP for the Prosh Barking. -Ed.]

“Thought this might be cute enough for your site. Our puppy Lulu (half Shih-Tzu, half Chihuaua) attacking a lens brush. Doesn’t she have the cutest growl?” -Ryan T.

Catch U Later, Gator

Once again, Maymo is minding his business on the couch, when one of (say like Sarah Palin, remember her?) THOSE DARN PESKY ALLIGATOR PUPPETS GOES ON THAT ATTACKIN’ THING, THERE. It takes ’til 1:01 for Maymo to take it down.

What Would YOUR Cat Post On Facebook?

You know, they’re sneaky like that. While you’re sleeping, they’re talking trash on the Facebookster. No need to be concerned- all we’re saying is- keep your eyes open.