#TBT: 11/05/2006: Rule of Cuteness #27: Have A Tiny Mouf

mouf-3167If you have a tiny mouth, you’re most likely pretty cute. Check out tiny McMoufersons here. He could prolly fit one of your earlobes in there. Know what I’m sayin’, Janet T.?

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week: Best Snorgle Sesh You’ll See Today

Ariel M. writes to us from Chile: “Santuario Igualdad Interespecie is a farm sanctuary located in Chile. That’s co-founder Marisol de la Reguera in the video, [*Note: Having the best day anyone has EVER had. -Ed.] The cow in the video, is really a bull, Salvador. He was rescued from a dairy farm. The little pig in the video is Miguel, found tied to a light post in the street, and was rescued by animal rights activists. The first cat is Alelí, rescued from street. The second cat is Rayito, also rescued from the street. The second cow in the video is Esperanza, also rescued from a dairy farm (and best friend of Salvador.)”

Ever Met A St. Berdoodle Before?

IMG_5345You have now! This is Mabel The St. Berdoodle. Amber A. of Hamilton, OH. says “My little Beanie Baby, at 12 weeks old.”

(“And some other fall photos!”)



Photos by amber rieder. Thank you!

They’re Here To Take Us Back To The Home World

Baby seal, i need you in my life right now... - ImgurAnyone have a problem with that? (Imgur/Reddit.)

Nosevember: BEFORE…..


unnamed (1)
“I tried for quite a while to get a good “nose shot” of my boy, Bailey, aka “The Boo”. My fav has to be the last one.” -Kathy B.

Congratulations, Harper!

[OK, now…which side do I flip the tassle to? Left or right? Wait—WHERE’S MY TASSLE????]

“This is Harper graduating from her puppy class with her PHD(og). A proud moment for Mama & Pup!” -Breana A.

Still Have Your Halloween Pumpkin?

If you carved it up, it’s probably on the way out. If you didn’t and it’s just sitting there- why not donate it to a good cause? Like dinner for these guys! Just leave it on the porch, and they’ll be right over.

(Note in the second video- they make great players/serving bowls, too!)

Shouldn’t Have Peed In The House, Howard

Don’t worry, though- you’re gonna get a treat anyway. But it’s a treat you DON’T much care for……CELERY!

OK, OK, We Forgot Toesday…

IMG_0784(That, plus this email didn’t come in until earlier this morning.) To make up for that, we got a LOT of Beans for you.

“Dear Cute Overload: My polydactyl cat, Tilli, should be a should be a shoe-in for Toesday, she thinks. But she also proudly offers her tricolor nose–peenk, dark peenk, and black–for Nosevember. I adopted her from the Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud, Minnesota! The photos were taken by me..you can credit me as JK. I am all over those Terms and Conditions. Thank you for the site, which I check multiple times a day.”


11027946_10208170973738549_7008887074036574384_oIn this photo that Anne H. sent in, we get a little SLOBBERKNOCKER TONGUE ACTION too. “It’s impossible to get next to Billie’s nose without a healthy helping of tongue! Photo by Billie’s dad, Chafe H.”


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