ResQte Of The Week III: Goats With Coats (And Some Cows)

2013_FSOR_Zuri_lamb_DSC_6856_CREDIT_Farm_SanctuaryTHIS JUST IN from Meredith T. at Farm Sanctuary! “The temperature has been in the single digits and negative degrees at our New York sanctuary lately, and that means one thing: GOATS IN COATS! And all kinds of farm animals in all manner of winter-wear! It’s the Cutest Sight Ever and I thought Cute Overload readers might like to revel in the adorableness.”

Yes, they would.



















O, Canada!

Chunk has….a problem, for some reason- with this O CANADA water bottle. Chunk, Canadian water is just like everyone else’s water, dude! You don’t need to be scared of it!

[* * * * COMING UP NEXT……GOATS WITH COATS. And maybe a cow or three.* * * *]

ResQte Of The Week II: Daisy -N- Teddy

IMG_20150113_163638403After a fierce battle with both her camera and the dodgy lighting in her kitteh room, Glenn M. has these photos for us! “These are a couple of gorgeous little kittens I am fostering for POSNA, a local spay/neuter ResQte group in Newport, WA​. They are about 4 months old, and though they were feral, they are both incredibly sweet.”

IMG_20150113_175345977 (1)
“They need a little work to be more comfortable around humans, but they are coming along wonderfully and hopefully they will be able to be adopted soon. The Calico is Daisy and the Marmie is Teddy.”


Eye Cannot Handle This

Artist Andrei C. drew these sketches for his puppeh Juno on a rainy day when Juno couldn’t go outside.

See more on his FB.






(Bored Panda.)

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Kyoto, Japan IV

unnamed (5) Dorobozaru O. has most graciously taken C.O. readers on a Cat Café tour of Kyoto, in The Big J. (Click the links for Parts I, II, and III.) She tells us now about our fourth and final stop in that city. “Next up is Neko Café MaruMari. I’m not sure if ‘Marumari’ has a specific meaning, but if you look carefully in the café you will find a sweet little Scottish fold who answers to the name.

This cat café is in the northern part of Kyoto and is a bit trickier to get to. I had a friend take me who had been before. If you don’t mind a walk, it’s about 20 minutes from Koukusai-kaikan on the Kyoto subway line (it’s the very last stop going north.) There are other ways to get there, but the directions are entirely in Japanese.”

unnamed (1)
“The owner was very nice and a little shy, so I’d recommend bringing a Japanese friend to help you through the greetings. He does things a little different and writes down the time you arrived, you then keep track of your time and pay when you leave. It’s 200Y/15minutes, you can purchase some drinks from the owner- however, he does allow you to bring in your own snacks or drinks. Just don’t share anything with the kitties. He was very, very nice and gave us some kitty treats and cat grass to attract the residents. Usually at a cat café you pay 100-200Y for treats.”

unnamed (2)
“The space is beautiful, although not the coziest. There’s a great big window that looks out on to the river. It was very tempting to grab a kitty for a pillow and take a nap in the sunbeams.”

unnamed (3)
“Perhaps my favorite part of the visit was getting to choose a sort of collector’s card of one of the cats. Of course I choose Hime-chan (‘hime’ means ‘princess,’) who is possibly the most awkward and clumsy little princess I have ever met!”

unnamed (4)

If You Go™:

*Hours: Noon ’til 9. We think.

*Call: 075-708-8840


Lemme Change Into Something More Comfortable

Ya know, it’s a New Year. Time for a New Look, right? Is that too..shellfish of me? Let me just slip into this riiiiiight (PLOP) here. Perfect. Ahhhhh.

(22 Words.)

ResQte Of The Week: Lucy

IFFantastic ResQte Of The Week photos for ya today, straight from Florida, USA! “I wanted to send you some photos of my sweet kitty Lucy,” begins Leigh N.’s email.

“She was a ResQte cat we brought home four years ago.”

“She is such a camera ham and loves all the attention!”

“Photos were taken by her human and more photos of her (and her brother) can be seen here.”

“Thank you for such a Cute website that always puts a smile on my face!”

#TBT: 01/15/2007: Just Doin’ My Paht To Save Water

Look People, I live in [does Arnold Schwarzenegger voice and fake quotes with paws] “Kally-fornia”, where we’ve had water shortages, OK? So, I use this SMALL bowl—smaller than the sink, so I can save on our water bill. Sure, it looks ridiculous, but I can take six times as many baths [splashes water in your direction.]

Hasta la vista, Luna V.

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

Night Night There, Humphrey

Humphrey just…can’t…hang…anymore. It’s OK, little man- it’s late! Time to shut ‘er down. We’re back Thursday morning with more of The QTE, including Throwback Thursday, the C.O. Cat Café World Tour‘s final Kyoto stop, ResQte Of The Week, and more! (Like….HERMIT CRABS??)

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen Puck?”

FullSizeRender“I know he needs to go outside but since it’s been so cold out, he’s not really happy about that. Did you check the bedroom?”

(It’s cold here in Arkansas. Our 12 week old ResQte pup, Puck the Boxer, found a way to stay warm under the covers and still be able to breathe!” -Liz M.)


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