Ploceus Baglafecht Reichnowi

Cliff_Clavin_in_Cheers(Say like Cliff Clavin-) “Ah, Nahm, this is the Ploceus Baglafecht Reichnowi most common in Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. But any elementary school kid knows that.”

Whew. Thanks, Cliff. Now let’s hear from our Sender-Inner, shall we?

“(This is also known as) a Reichenow’s Weaver that I saw in an awesome aviary while on vacation a couple weeks ago. Photos by Kate S.”

unnamed (1)


Teeny Sqwerlio Action!!!

“This tiny little ball of adorableness followed us home today. Rabies schmabies.” -Natalie U.

baby squirrel 1

baby squirrel 2

baby squirrel 3

baby squirrel 5

squirrel collage

Vancouver BC PD Needs Your Help!

(Well, actually, they need the help of elementary school kids in Vancouver. Which, ah, narrows down the audience of this post considerably. But it’s a Cute Video, so what the heck, eh?)

From Connie C.

Remember Your Tote Bag When U Go Shopping

Otherwise, you’ll have to make, er, other arrangements for carrying your nutz home.

Chubby Cheeks at Wallowa National Park, Oregon, by Deanna F.

A Post O’ Firsts

You’d think C.O. has featured just about every Cute Creature there is, right? Not so, according to Cuteporter Joey. In his her first ever submission, he she writes: “A Coatimundi from my first trip to Mexico. So friendly…I could walk up and pet them. Couldn’t find other ones on your site.”

Joey’s totally correct. Joey, we bow to your greatness.


UPDATE! Commenter Simon pointed out that maybe the results would be less wrong more accurate if we searched for “Coati.” Sure enough!




Yo, Mo!

Remember Mo? He is back, and doin’ that Maru thing with a Chipotle sack. Mo? Are there?

Oh, you are!

There’s no food in there, is there.

Would U like some?

From oppressed hoomin Kathleen T. Notice- Mo has his own tag now. A sure sign of C.O. Stardom.

“Honey, Why Won’t The CD Drive Work?”

“Ask Friskies. She was going one on one with it the other day. When she finished that off, I think she whacked the printer.”


From TO.

Hope Your Monday Is Turning Out Ducky

Just like this little fellow. (Or, er, little lady?)

Wee little orphaned ducklings at the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, California, from KB.

These Hammies Have Earned Their Wings

How and where do they get ‘em? Their tocks have oofed and ker-splatted, smooshed, waddled and drooped enough!

We like Facebook page dedicated entirely to Hamster Butts, and we cannot lie.

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

Oh-boh Uh-boy, thuh-bis ih-bis suh-bo muh-buch fuh-bun!