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Chiang Mai Bear Dog Spotted!

Sometimes one post leads to another! Last Friday, we ran these Flashback Friday photos from Maria D. And those led to…the Chiang Mai Bear Dog!

“Wow, just saw that you published my girlfriend’s ancestors photos (Maria D.) and I have to say you really made her *year* as she’s a big big fan of your site,” says Glenn M.

“Anyway, that got me thinking about an adorable Cuddle Bear-Dog we had the pleasure of meeting in Thailand last year in Chiang Mai – unfortunately I can not pronounce/spell the human’s nor the Cute Dog names correctly, but the dog is well known at the night market there.”



“The Perfect Little Cinnamon Bun”

That name works for us! Tell us about this photo, Molly M. “Here’s Frankie. He always likes to find the softest place available. In this case, it was a round pillow, so he made himself perfectly round to fit on it. He is a perfect little cinnamon bun!”

That’s a wrap for C.O. tonight- back tomorrow with great stuff like Flashback Friday..TGIF..Vinny The Wandering Wombat…and…KOALAS!!!

P.S. And maybe even Stoats. Totally possible. Wouldn’t bet against it.

The Return Of Nuts The Sqwerl!

Flashback to May of 2013- Charlie B. sent us a video of Nuts The Sqwerl, from his college campus in the UK. But wait, as they say on TV- there’s more!

“You may remember my old baby squirrel shoulder video which you used a while back – well I had a good long hunt for the original SD card used and finally it showed up – I was able to find the other clips of the baby critter and put them up in a new vid! It’s my friend Jimmy (who filmed me last time) with Nuts at the start, and other people round campus holding him after. I thought I’d come to you with the video link as everyone on your blog seemed to love the original clip!”