You Are Cleared For Landing

15977241292_ab17067a58_k“Hi, I saw this on Flickr. It was called ‘Jumping From the Clouds.’ Flying Disapproval – yes please!” -Jaclyn Z.

(Bonus) Wallpaper Of The Month

Because oh why not. (On a PC, click on image, then right click to save. Mac folks, you…know what to do.)

Kitty from Shutterstock.

Been A Busy Parrot, Have We?

In The World According to Shrimp, it’s NEVER a dull day. So, first, let’s take a bath, right?

Then, it’s time to play with some of those OUTSTANDING coffee filters.

And finally, let’s Deck The Halls or..something.

From Natalie W., who never sleeps.

A Tense Moment

With focused determination, Hector stared down the mysterious stranger, his gaze barely lifting from the round yellow object of his heart’s desire. A minute passed. Then another. And another. The interloper scarcely moved as it jealously guarded its prize, but Hector remained resolute. His moment would come. Oh yes…it would come.


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Holly, Aren’t You Gonna Check Out Your Present?

DSC02228HollyBun has decided that the WRAPPING is a lot more fun than whatever was in the bag! “HollyBun enjoying the wrapping more than the present! Taken by BunnyMummy Sue.”

I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe

Roast beef on fire next to the pork shoulder on our iron skillet… I’ve watched tin foil glitter in the microwave next to the Anheuser beer. All those moments will be lost in time… like drippings in gravy…

Via Reddit.

Live from the “Digging to China” Semifinals!

… and, as we enter the forty-third hour, it looks like Goldie “Shovelpaws” McBlavin is still having trouble getting started…



ss-141204-twip-05.nbcnews-ux-1520-900From NBC’s This Week In Pictures: “A small owl yawns as it sits in the snow in Ansung City, South Korea, on Dec. 4.”

*Captioning assist from Smedley.*

What’s THE Most Funnest Most Excellent Thing To DO EVER?

If you’re a Perfectly Prosh Fennec Fox (note the back to back alliteration)- jumping for soap bubbles HAS to be right up there. Boing boing boing boing.


Stella’s Christmas Adventure!

Stella needs a Christmas tree. Stella will not be denied. Do not mess with The Stella.

“Hello Cute Overload. I thought I’d share this lovely video by filmmaker Jesse Rosten.” -Lauren W.

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