Happy (Chinese) New Year: Lammies In Jammies!

2008_05-23_FSNY_Dinah_lamb_165_CREDIT_Farm_Sanctuary_2100x1396_300_RGBOk, so Wikipedia says it’s The Year Of The Goat. Other places say it’s the Year Of The Sheep!

It is indeed confusing! This site says it’s the Year Of The Sheep, Goat, and Ram.

Heck, we’ve only got so much space here. We’re goin’ with sheep. Take a look at these LAMMIES WITH JAMMIES (A lamb is a sheep that is 12 months old or less, yo) from Meredith T. at Farm Sanctuary! (Names are in the hovers- that’s Dinah in the featured spot.)


JUST IN from M.T.: “I had to let you know that, miracle of miracles, we have a precious newborn lamb at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter!!!! Little Hazelton, named in honor of a generous supporter, was born Feb. 12 after his mom was rescued and required round-the-clock care to ensure a safe delivery.”



















#TBT: 02/19/06: Oh, This Is Not Happening Again

That damn cat thinks she can just leave me here out in the small bed, just because I came in later, DOESN’T MEAN I can’t have the big bed, I mean, I kinda fit in this bed sitting up—WHAT AM I SAYING? I can’t SLEEP LIKE THIS! If I wake up the cat, it’ll be mad again, oh dammit!

Thanks, Grace M.

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

“Hey Honey? Why’s The PC Screen So Smeary?”

“What do you mean? I just cleaned it yesterday with some of that screen cleaner stuff. BTW, have you seen Sebastian and Hamlet?”



What, doesn’t everyone have a Little Feathered Friend to help them stir their coffee?


Do I LOOK Like I Want To Go Outside?

[Man, if these hoomins don’t know what’s on my mind, they’re dumber than they LOOK.]

(Say OMG.)

The Legend of Skippy

The story goes way back, they say, to the days when this city was just a humble mining town. Little Timmy Johnson had fallen down the mine shaft where they stored all the TNT, nitro glycerine, blasting caps, gelignite, sulfuric acid, roman candles, sparklers, plus 24 quarts of diet cola and a case of Mentos.

None of the good townfolk knew what to do. Should they lower a rope, go in after him, or keep making thoughtful muttering noises? But Timmy’s dog Skippy weren’t having any of that. Quick as a wink, he grabs a torch in his mouth and dives down into the shaft. And that was the last they ever saw of Skippy. Or Timmy. Or the town. And that’s how we came to be known as Craterville.

Now, some folks say you can still see Skippy, chasing through the clouds, looking for his master. Buncha nonsense, if’n you ask me.


Via Reddit.

♬ Shake It Off, Shake It Off ♬

Still got a bunch o’ months til ‘Tocktober. BUTT: Who says you can’t have Quality ‘Tocks in February? No one, that’s who.

Oh, and one more from Edgar’s Mission because why not. That’s what people say, mmm hmmm.

Beagle Power At The Big Dog Show

Clipboard01Miss P took home the Best In Show honors at the Westminster Dog Show, last night in NYC- only the second Beagle ever to do so.

Snoopy would be proud.

Oh, and let’s not forget Best Of Breed winner Rocket The Shih Tzu, co-owned by Luke and Diane Ehricht, & Patricia Hearst-Shaw. Yes, THAT Patty Hearst.


Feature photo from @MorningEdition. Rocket photo from Mashable.

Mom Taxi XLIII: Hitchin’ A Ride

Cecil The Sea Lion decides there’s an easier way to get from Point A to Point B. Ride, ride, ride, hitchin’ a ride. Submitted by Concord Paul & Barb.

Maximum Maymo

Maymo only has one speed. All-OUT. These poor shopping bags nevah had a chance. As Maymo says, “When life gives you paper bags, you eat them.”


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