Can We….HELP You?

IMG_20151025_151330“Just poked my head out to look at the weather, and jumped when I saw this guy starting back at me!” -Shelley H.

Milo Vs Lamby: The Rematch

This is one fierce throw down, People. Milo. Lamby. World Domination. You know the rest.


output_tLxC2MThe work week is behind us, and the weekend hasn’t even started. Isn’t Friday night the best part? You’re done with work, but the weekend hasn’t started. Kinda like…free time! Oh, and BTW- who are these guys? “This is Georgie and Andy. Andy had a famous pic on your site a couple years back in a planter box on our balcony.” -Brian S.

Thanks, Brian- it’s time to TGIF!

(*P.S.: “We now have wire mesh underneath all railings and neither cat can get to the planters anymore.”)

Flashback Péntek

KV_29That would be “Flashback Friday” in Hungarian, which makes sense since the website it came from is also in Hungarian! Thanks to Vajda B.

Fényképezte: Ismeretlen: Cím nélkül, magángyűjtemény

Nosevember: Kazoo, Part II

P1010426Last week, Sender-Inner Mindy emailed us some photos of her kitteh Kazoo. We saved a couple of them for this week, and here we see Kazoo intently studying a backyard Sqwerl.

For educational purposes only, naturally.


C.O. Trading Cards #26

Next up in our series, some pure California Blorp! (First seen here.) Click for ULTRA MASSIVE C.O. Super-Size™, and collect all of ’em!


Long Eared Jerboa ACTION!

This rodent is a long eared jerboa. It hops around like a kangaroo - ImgurQ: What could be better late on a Sunday than some Long Eared Jerboa Ear Flappage Action? A: Not much. (Reddit/Imgur.)

Named After A Rolling Stone, Perhaps?

IMG_20151013_212231“Jagger has a tiny nose but that just means more cute per square inch.” -Sara F.

Ultimate Rule Of Cuteness #7 Noted!

6a010535647bf3970b01b8d171bcda970c-popupOK, let’s get MATCHINGKS out of the way right up front- this photo begs for it. Now then, more importantly- RULE OF CUTENESS #7: “A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.”

“Here’s just one of a series of staggeringly cute pix of a mama and bebeh capybara, newly posted on,” says Elizabeth W. “Legal disclaimer: These are not my pix. Or, sadly, my Capybaras. But I think they exemplify the Rule of Cute about having a Mini-Me.” Pix also discovered by Smedley.

Bunday Morning Comix

XX-Funny-Animal-Comics-By-Poorly-Draw-Lines__700From Poorly Drawn Lines as seen on Bored Panda.


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