Batter UP, Hank!

It’s Opening Day in the Big Leagues, and no one is happier about that than Hank The Ballpark Pup, the official mascot of the Milwaukee Brewers. Let’s check in on Hank as he celebrated his own BOBBLEHEAD DAY in Spring Training last week. You get your own bobble..and that is Big Time. (P.S. His team lost today, 10-0.)

Back To Cat Heaven Island

We seem to check out this spot every two years or so. Tashirojima is a small Japanese island with less than 100 people, and LOTS of stray kittehs.

Having said that, we spotted this rather educational mini-documentary by Landon Donoho on Boing! Boing!; all that’s missing is the requisite filmstrip projector sound.

[*Note: No mention of the world’s first cat nightclub? -Ed.]

Rats, We Missed World Rat Day!

cute-pet-rats-2__880It was April 4th! Well, that’s OK- since it IS Rats, It’s Monday after all. Enjoy this selection of Ratso Photos, as seen on Bored Panda.


cute animal pictures















Why can’t the dog across the street from us act like this at midnight? This one is straight from The Big J, with thanks to Annamarie R. (And we get Bonus Wacky Studio Audience Interaction, too!これはとても面白いです!)

I Just Can’t Stop Eating These Things!

Every time I finish one, I want to have an otter, and an otter, and an otter!


This Is One of Those “Funny” Donuts, Isn’t It?

(sigh) No frosting, no sprinkles, no sugar… and those funny little seeds that get stuck in my front teeth. You just couldn’t have dropped something from Krispy Kreme, could you?


My Morning Bagel, by Jesse Millan.

NEW Maru: I Must Jump On This

[Ah! What is this big shiny thing? I must haul My Girthness up onto the top!]

Q: Why Did Baby Trunkster Cross The Road?

A: ‘Cause his Dad picked him up with his trunk, that’s why!


Prosh Little Pink Hoofster

He/She is doing his/her part to make your Rats, It’s Monday just a little more tolerable.

Here's A Happy Pig - Imgur

Rats, It’s Monday And I STILL Hate Broccoli

An encore presentaysh for sure, and well worth it. It’s Monday, and I cannot stand broccoli. However, this time I did SPELL it right, so that’s something.


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