Bella Hits The Bottle

If you think Bella’s not smart enough to figure out HOW to get the treats, you’d be wrong.

Arbroath. (And Jennifer A.)

Let’s Play “Spin The Cabbage”

Not quite like “Spin the Bottle,” but as we all know, Maymo loves him some cabbage.

NOTE: Maymo does not limit himself to that particular vegetable (or fruit,) nossir.





(And…Creme Puffs.)

Little Too Much Catnip There, Nikita?

Ever heard the term “Bouncing Off The Walls?”

Nitika has heard it of that, and totally endorses this concept. PS- speakers up for the Random Quirky Squeaking!

#TBT: 2-19-2008: What? I do ALL my video shoots in the bathroom

Wrinkles McWhinersons is all “Get me down, I gots me some bidet water to slurp!”

Thanks for the bonus yipping action, Cass.

♫ Round ‘Round Get Around, We Get Around ♬

These guys don’t let a pesky disability get in the WAY of HAVING A GOOD TIIIIIIIIME!

22 Words. Header from B. Wilson/M. Love.

Sure, A Bebeh Beaver Lounging In A Bebeh Pool.

[I'm wondering if I can get a little service over here, poolside? How about a grilled cheese, an iced tea with lemon,! A roll of Necco Wafers®, please!*]

From the Paw Nation Facebookster.

(*The exact menu I ordered from “The Canteen” when I went swimming in the summer, back in the day. -B.)

At C.O., We Offer Pickpup Or Delivery*

*If you want the Delivery option, there’s gonna be an extra 10% tacked onto your bill. But our delivery service is cuter than Bezo’s drones.


Now a Word from our Sponsor

Enjoy long, luxurious, healthy hair… with “Gee, Your Hair Smells Like Horse!”™ Now available in Harvest Oats, Apple Orchard, and new Carrot Cake scents.


Via Three Leaf Farm on Facebook.

ResQte Of The Week: Saving Bambi!

Jayne D. of Maine sent this one in- (originally an FB link, but those don’t play nice) -it looks like a bebeh fawn was stuck in a basement window well somehow- but Todd hoomin saves the day! (Check the look on the Worried Mama, who is relieved when Todd comes through like a champ!)

You’re Aren’t Busy Or Anything, R U?

[If you don't mind, I'll just interrupt what looks like a very painful set of exercises, so you can focus all of your attention where it should be. On me.]

Thanks to Ingrid H.