Q: How Many Goldies Does It Take To Go Down The Slide?

A: Two!

(From TMZ: another Quality Smedley Find.)

Now WHAT Can You Say About THIS?

FUR_5996-XLC.O. Hall Of Famer Fufu bringin’ the Maximum Redonk in photos by The Furrtographer! Can we get Fufu together with Milo and Norbert?

The world would probably implode.






Mr. Shankly_SGR-XL

Dude, Where’s My Treat? (Part III/GoPro Edition)

Magician/Mentalist Jose Ahonen has been featured on C.O. several times, but it’s been awhile! Now he and his four legged friends are up to their usual tricks!

(Boing! Boing!)

Bunday: Popcorn, Yogurt, and Coco

tumblr_nbzym0qJdj1thxqiuo1_1280Amy L. writes, “I love the Cute Overload website, and I want to share my cute bunny blog with you!” Now we’re pretty sure this first guy is Popcorn. Just a hunch.

And then, this is Yogurt.

And Coco, looking for a handout.

Nice IKEA bed there, Coco!

And is that a sharp briefcase, or what!


There’s Disapproval….

….and then there’s BIG OL’ HONKIN’ END OF THE WORLD DISAPPROVAL. I think (tip toes away) we’ll be going now…nice Bun, good Bun….(makes mad dash to safety.)

“Saw the above face of disapproval on the Springwatch FB page – for those who aren’t familiar with Springwatch it’s a British TV programme all about British wildlife.” -Hannah L.

Bunday Morning Comix

f797e4625fc876a443174bd3eef76781338210737“Hi, my name is Jessie B. and I did a cartoon based on that photo of a horse drinking from a hummingbird feeder.”

Snuggle Time

Who needs that fancy ordered-from-Amazon dog bed, when you can just hunker down on your very own Goldie?

From Arne.

“I Took This Picture Of My Bestest Friend”

IMG_2224Georgette N. says, “This is Betty (full name Bettina Chiweiner.) She is about 7 years old and I was so lucky to find her at Pets in Need in Redwood City, CA. Betty loves to sleep and it is often hard to drag her out of bed in the morning. Here she just woke up with her version of One Flap Up. I took this picture of my bestest friend.”

[*Note: And we know what THAT means. -Ed.]

Caturday Celebrity Cats (And Their Faithful Hoomins)

MQ-PrincessCheeto-HeroThe Interwebs are ruled by Cats. We all know this. But who puts The Cats in that position? Sure, cats are smart- but they need SOMEONE–grudgingly, no doubt–to open up that Instagram account or post that first photo on Reddit. Here are a few of the more well-known Net Felines, with their humble hoomins. That’s Hugo Martinez and Princess Cheeto of Brooklyn above and below:



Lil’ BUB, Bloomington, Indiana. Hoomin: Mike Bridavsky.


Sam (Who has eyebrows,) NYC. Hoomins: Amanda Collado.


Princess Monster Truck, Brooklyn. Hoomins: Joseph Bryce and Tracy Timmins.


Atchoum, Montreal. Hoomin: Nathalie Côté.


(Bored Panda; additional Princess Cheeto photos from Meow Quarterly.)

Caturday Cat Logic (Or Lack Thereof)

You go to all this trouble to build an epic cat tree for your little darling. OF COURSE they’ll appreciate it!

Won’t they?

From Paul P.


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