Zen Master Shiro Wraps The Week

Pretty much time to shut ‘er down for the week here at The Big C.O.- but as always, we’ll be up all night tonight -behind the scenes- plotting tomorrow morning’s QTE….like a new Maru, and something to do with Tortoises and—nope, can’t say anymore. But you’ll love eet. We leave for the night with the latest from Shiro And Friends, doing what they do best, blasting out that patented Mellow Shiro Zen Vibe.

In a bookcase.

Say, Em, Er, Mate?

daily-picdump-1369-14{…you wouldn’t mind if I used yer head as a….headrest, would ya? Just for a spell? Thanks, you’re a pal.] (Daily Picks & Flicks.)

If Life Gives You A Lemon….

Give it BACK. (Or, in this case, pound it to death.)

Monkey tries a lemon, does not approve. - Imgur

Dear Santa Claus:

It's so fluffy - ImgurI know it’s seven months or so until Christmas, but if you would be so kind as to leave this guy in my stocking, I’d be appreciative. Now, he may not FIT seven months from now- LMK and we can make some type of alternate arrangement. (Imgur.)

ResQte Of The Week (Bunday Edition)

IMG_20150515_181800223“This is my latest batch of foster kittens,” Glenna M. says. “Their mother, Chloe, actually only had a small litter of three. The silver/black kitten is Rocky, who was found by good Samaritan Christine, when his mother, a local stray, decided to relocate all her kittens except him.”


“He was alone and crying for eight hours before Christine decided that the mother wasn’t coming back for him and she contacted the rescue organization I work with. Lucky for Rocky, Chloe had just had her litter a few days before, and Rocky was about the same size.”


“I put him in with Chloe and she immediately started taking care of him. He yelled for about half an hour before he figured out where the milk bar was. He is now a fat little guy, and doing great with his new siblings.”


“The organization I work with is Pawsitive Outreach, located in Newport, WA. This is our GoFund Me link, should anyone want to make a donation to help out these little guys and many others!”



Bunday Morning Comix

GCAs seen on Neatorama.

I Could Be Awake- Or, I Could Be Asleep…

3572051134_2dd0d3c606_o[You can’t quite tell, can you. Make a move for my carrot, and I promise you’ll find out.] (Flickr. Coming up next- Bunday Morning Comix!)

I’ve Been A Good Puppeh All Day

Can I please swim now - Imgur[Can I please jump into the big pond now?] (Imgur.)


[What is this clear magical thing? It rises up out of nowhere and I can’t stop it! MUST…HOLD…ON….]

(Tastefully Offensive.)

When You Gotta Go…You Gotta GO

Go on, little fella! Do your bizness! What’s stopping you? Here, let me open the door- whoops.


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