Sing Along With Maggie!

Listen to little Maggie The Doxie sign along with her hoomin- and don’t miss The Non-Stop Tail Wagging Action, either.


Chiang Mai Bear Dog Spotted!

Sometimes one post leads to another! Last Friday, we ran these Flashback Friday photos from Maria D. And those led to…the Chiang Mai Bear Dog!

“Wow, just saw that you published my girlfriend’s ancestors photos (Maria D.) and I have to say you really made her *year* as she’s a big big fan of your site,” says Glenn M.

“Anyway, that got me thinking about an adorable Cuddle Bear-Dog we had the pleasure of meeting in Thailand last year in Chiang Mai – unfortunately I can not pronounce/spell the human’s nor the Cute Dog names correctly, but the dog is well known at the night market there.”


Time For A Little T.S.C. (Too. Stinkin.’ Cute.)

Mihai Francu has put together a great compilation of Cute Puppeh Videos. It would be a better world if we all just stopped what we were doing and watched it right now. (Speakers up for this, too.)

I Wanna Get In The Little Box, Too!

[I just wants to play!!! How do I get IN there??]


[Original video here. -Ed.]

Oh, Snap!

Not everyone is bummed out on Monday! “Mountain Flower Snap the dairy goat looks quite happy,” says Susan M.



Rats, It’s Monday! (BONUS Edition!)

DSCN8787“Rats, It’s Monday” has proven to be quite popular! And if we for some loopy reason forget to do it, you really let us have it with the emails are most helpful in letting us know. Today, a bonus! We got this email earlier today from Meg W. “I’m so glad you feature rats every Monday. I love to start to every week with them! Enclosed are a few pictures of my babies. Above, there’s a picture of the two of them together: Ziegler in the front and Otto is behind him. The last picture is Ziegler ‘smiling’ for the camera. I promised him a Froot Loop if he did!”


How Much Does This Thing Eat, Anyway?

It’s like a bottomless milk pit or something! I’ve got places to be, y’know?


This Meeting of the Loyal Order of Hamster Wizards Will Now Come to Order

Thank you. Before we move on to new business, I want to remind you that brother Harfurt Fizzywigg’s workshop on charms and incantations in the defense against cats has been moved to Mondays.


Now then, it has come to our attention that certain members have been using the spell of fructus amplifico in Mrs. McGinty’s vegetable garden again. Not only does this unauthorized use of magic threaten to expose our secret order, but Mrs. McGinty nearly tripped on a twenty-foot carrot. So it won’t happen again — right, brother Bumblefogg?


Via TTsuruda.

Yes, I See What You Mean

IMG_1655“This is our dog Olive… My fiancĂ©e found her stray in a bad part of Los Angeles eight years ago. Now she lives a life of leisure and…squirrel watching. She is getting a bit older though, hence the glasses. Photo taken by Dr. Jeff.”

Sometimes The Simplest Toys Are The Best

Take a bag of ice for example. Who knew they could be such FUN? Maymo and Penny did.


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