Bunny moufs are weird Discuss.

Bunnies have the f strangest muzzlepowshe action. It’s like their top lip works as two separate units. Their tongues can hold one lip side up and just stay there. It also looks like their teeth couldn’t all possibly all fit in there. What’s the deal?

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Photos by Sender-Inner Siegfried M.

MS Paint makes everything better

Linus in hats is a new Tumblog featuring (Winston’s long lost cousin!?) “Linus” with painted-on costumes.

Obviously, Linus and Winston are that much closer to taking over the world in the name of smooshed-faced kittehs everywhere.




What costumes you do for Halloween Sender-inners Bill and Maggie!? Maybe we should have a contest…

What’d I do this weekend?

Just hung out.

Hangin' out

Rim shot please, Katherine F.

Look into my beadular eyes!

Is it just me that got up at noon o’clock today? This baby sloth perfectly captures this slooooow-starting Sunday:


Plink plink! [eye closing and opening sound]


Behbeh sloth was sent in by Christine Y., uploaded by Maxxbass.

The Naugahyde Napper

[old-timey typewriter sound] We interrupt you regularly-scheduled Caturday to bring you an important news bulletin. The Naugahyde Napper is in the vicinity, armed with rabbit’s feet and considered mostly dangerous. Unless of course, he falls asleep.


Vivian F. keep the children indoors until this blows over.

Winston fails at corn on the cob

Winston has his very own special nomming procedures. Check out this cobfail, it will remind you of Shark Week:

Baby Mongooses… Mongeese… (um…)

The Bronx Zoo recently welcomed a trio of baby mongooseses… er, mongoosi.  Here, mama mongoose monitors her mongoslings.  (Hm, that didn’t sound right… mongrels, maybe? Nah, really no…)

Didju chew the frisbee!? Didju!? …Didju!?


YOU DID, Didn’t you!!!?


Marina D., there is ample evidence to support my theory.

Bacon: Saved!

Just when you thought the interspecies snorgling action could go no further, we witness the very finest Mail Online has to offer. The tiniest bacon:


Rhodesian Ridgeback and piglet action submitted by Marilyn T. over at The National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blog (HEARD OF THEM!?)

Raiders of the Lost Ook

Dr. Jones coiled his bullwhip and gazed at the crumbling stone altar just paces away.  Atop it sat the squat bronze idol, as it had for centuries, returning his gaze with mocking contempt.

“Let us hurry,” said the guide.  “There is nothing to fear here.”

“That’s what scares me,” said Jones.


Once again, Chantal P., what was briefly yours is now mine! (evil laughter)


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