Ruhmember Bunny Pantaloons? Here’s the cat version. I know, I know, it’s out of focus, but this cat is SO FANTASTIC he makes my head spin. He’s so just about to serve me a martini.


Dirty with an extra olive, Alvan Tan and Kit Ying S.

Damn laminate

Ya had to go and install that damn Cherry Laminate from Home Depot, didn’t cha? I know you can Do-it-yourself and it looks nice and all that, but did you ever once consult me about it? I wouldna told you to get the one with RabbitGrip™.


Ooooof, Jennifer A.!

This ferret is sad due to lack of posts

[Looks up tenatively]

Why so few posts in the last 2 days?



Sorry guys… you know how it is with work and shizzle… Thanks for the Ferrle, Beth M.

Uh, paging Senor Lickersons

Aye yei yei! Senor Leeeeckersons ees leeckingk again.


Holy straight tiny tail, Katie W.! ;)

Things are getting really out of hand

[Dog voiceover] "It all, uh, started innocently enough. There I was, on a typical, hot, summer day, when I came upon a large bowl of water…"


"I slurped that there water. Oh, it quenched my dry froat!"


"When suddenly, I saw something in MY BOWL! I had to make sure my water was MINE ALL MINE! I considered an attack."


"Alas, it was nothing—but to make sure, I sat in the bowl to check ALL POSSIBILITIES."


"Indeed, all was safe, and I could safely slurp—it was—a relief."

Right, Shannon C.?


Leeeeeeeeeeeet’s check in on Baruchito.com. For those of you just joining us, Baruchito first captured our hearts paw-feeding himself corn kernals in his fluffy lounge. Ever since, we’ve followed his family via the Baruchito.com site.

Here is Baru’s wife ‘Flan’ snaking some tasty morsels.


Bravo, Javi! ;)

If this Bun were to wear pants, they’d be teeny tiny pants

And they might have a couple of blue buttons on them. And they’d be made of flexible material so that he could still curl into a ball. Carry on!


Oh Joy! Does it once again with her non-pants-wearing Buns.

There’s nothing wrong with letting the girls know that you’re money and that you want to party.

…Especially when you’re name is "Cash" and you’re rockin’ some wet pawsitude.


He doesn’t even know how money he is, does he, Mitzi?

Scroll down close-up 2

The scroll-down close up, made famous by Cid, the strangely sleeping cat, has happened again, this time with Kicia (and loooove the sunny yellow wall, Girl)


C.O.X.C.U. [Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up™]


Zoom in, Maria S. ;)


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