But whyyyyyyyy can’t I go out? Whyyyyyy!!!?

I am soooo grounded, there is no WAY I can go to the game.


Baroooooooooooooooooooo, Wendy D. and Aunt JoJo! ;)

I need some a-tayn-shons :(

Prozac-popping pug Topanga is sighing loudly, dangling paws, and showing extreme brow furrowing action. Meanwhile, Dan, oblivious, watches HomeStar Runnoi.


Siiiiiiiigh [snort]


Claire C., Prozac might not cut it—you might have to go straight to catnip.

("Ah kin make it on mah own!")

A 180-degree “Baroo” is rarely even attempted…


[judges holding up 9.9, 9.8 and 9.9 respectively]


Amazing, Lauren W. Truly amazing execution and years of training have lead up to this moment.


Who makes these Halloween costumes for Guinea pigs and ferrets?! Who ARE these people with tiny sewing machines and infinite ideas!? What is the deal!?


Rebecca C., It’s no doggie mullet wig, but it’s still good…

Now that’s a respectable Halloween costume

A Pup. Getting eaten. By a croc.

That’s a sweet costume.


Meg F., I wish I could’ve seen it in action!

The tiniest of…trolls?

You know what I’m talking about—those guys with the wild head of hair, in all different colors? He’s totally one of those.

He’s all, "I am a toy that sits atop your pencil in fourth grade! yaaaaaah!!!" [shaking hair back and forth]

Baby tamarin hanging on…, originally uploaded by Nick Lawes.

OK, it’s really a behbeh Tamarin monkeh. Not a troll.

GREAT IDEAS for Halloween kitteh costumes

Kittehs LOOOOOOOOVE costumes. Why not make one for your kitteh today? [head tilt]

Theres: “Kandy Korn Kozie” (with ear holes)


The spicy “Tropicana Girl”


And when in doubt, there’s always the go-to costume, the Rice Krispy treat (as modeled by the fabulous Winston)


Teresa H., Joe R., and Amanda C., very inspiring and helpful, thank you.

[Dreaming] there must be a good costume out there for me…

But… I shall look later…


Jessie S., that kitteh is gonna taste like pumpkin.

Stoat teefs!

Will you please check out this stoat teef action. He’s got his muzzlepowshe wrapped around this toast, and is all: "ADIOS!!!"




heee hee hee, Sender-Inner-Teef-Spotter Sunshine B. ;)
More at the DailyMail Photo Contest, photo by Ari Tervo.

Looks pretty delectabuhls.

My diet says I can have one quarter of one Cheetoh®.

sq, originally uploaded by james.blackmore.


D’Arcey C., wiping the orange dust off in the pond should clean those teeny claws OK.


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