THIS JUST IN: Streeeeeeeeeeeeetch

Limber up, People:

“Lookforthewoman” sent this in with a ‘Toes!’ exclamation.


I Keep Telling You, It’s Not A Pacifier!

It’s actually… ah… a ring through my nose! I’m really a ferocious bull! Toro, toro! Hey, which way to Pamplona? ‘Cause I don’t want to miss the… running of the…

No? Erm…

I’m really Hannibal Lecter! Yeah, and this is my scary Hannibal Lecter face mask! Say, you wouldn’t happen to be a census taker? See, I skipped breakfast, and…

(sigh) Yeah, it’s a pacifier.

Well, we think it’s very becoming, Taylor S. (suppressing giggles)

Worst. Remake. of Little House on the Prairie. Ever.

Mary…? Laura…? Run down to the creek and fetch your Pa and Mr. Edwards for supper!

Mrs. Olsen and Nellie would never stand for such crap, Mischa M. Original photo here!

March of the Penguins

Young Magellanic penguins, these days – no respect for their surroundings.

Like adorably awkward steamrollers, Anthony B.

Meow Noir: All Cats are Gray in the Dark

Detective Barnaby Frisky knew it was the opportunity of his career. The killer had finally made one wrong move, and he knew exactly where to nab him. The only problem: Frisky was a virtual prisoner under Gloria Whisker’s  debilitating beauty.

The killer’s name is Smoke McCloud, Susan B.

Mr. Mike’s Least-Loved Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, in the faraway kingdom of Fnord, a lonely maiden happened upon an enchanted frog. “Free me from this evil curse,” begged the frog, “and I will transform into a prince, and carry you away to my shining castle on the hill.”

And so, the maiden placed the frog in an engagement ring (which she always carried with her, because you never know), leaned forward, and kissed [The remainder of this paragraph has been deemed unsuitable as it contains horrific scenes of strangulation that may upset sensitive viewers.]

And the moral of the story is: First things first, genius.

Oh, all right, here’s the real story, from Jamie I.: “Yesterday afternoon, a surprise thunderstorm came through the Mojave desert (CA), and all these baby frogs came out to play.  This one didn’t mind posing with our engagement rings – probably because he’s a die-hard romantic.”

Cooler than the Average Bear

Ah, time for some more fun in the snow. Bonus Envy Factor: This video was shot just two weeks ago, in British Columbia, according to the video notes. (Meanwhile, you moved your bed under the air conditioner again this year, didn’t you?)

Posted to our Twitter feed by Dawn. Thanks, Dawn!

Sweet Jack Tripper Action

THIS JUST IN: A remake of your fave sitcom t.v. theme set to PUPPEHS

This Puppy Party brot to you by Carey B.!


Two pugs in a tub
And how do you think they be?
Walleyed, snorfing,
Barking and rorfing
We won’t let them out ’til they’re clean.

Where are the towels, Jennie M.?

Armed and Fluffy

*ALERT* This is an all-points bulletin – Please be on the look-out for a suspect of smaller build, answers to the name “Scoop” and is known to use the alias “Smooches DeLuca”.  Suspect is wanted for string of heinous drive-by lickings.

Crime is really on the rise, Kaley B.