Remember Lucy 2.0? This is her paw.

You’ll remember that Lucy 2.0 is a sweet lil’ hammie that’s burnin’ rubber over in the Netherlands. Under the careful guidance of Mathijs "The Paw" van der Paauw, Lucy hopes to run 400 thousand meters on her treadmill. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is her paw.


Head bigger than booooody! [singsong]

This one goes out to Theo! Sent in by Maryann P. (P for purrrrrrrrrrrrr)


She’s such a bitch.

Those girls in the background are sooo saying that! You know I’m right. Look! The girl in the front, she’s like, totally getting all the carrot! Look at her!


From Lou the Lou’s Flickr files. Lou, standing ovation.

Rule of Cuteness #19: Dainty Paws Are Cute

First of all, this image comes from "" It’s the most brillo name ever. Home of the INTERNATIONAL HEDGEHOG ASSOCIATION, PEOPLE! Please look at this logo—it’s a HedgeGlobe logo. Oop, I mean "IHA."

Next, let’s all take a look at this month’s winner of the "Hedgehog ofthe Month" contest; "Sable", also known as Miss March. Sable has themost prosh, teeny paws, and deserves a standing ovation. Absolutelyanerable.


Especially her one limp paw. Too much. Thanks for sending in, E to the C!

A little help around the horse

Meet "Koby" the baby horse who appears to be just another red-blooded American, enjoying his oscillating fan on a Sunday afternoon. Below, he’s all "Let’s play Shadow of the Collossus, Uncle Frank!"…


and then his Momma yells "Koooooby! wash your hooves for supper!


"Oh and Hon, take your clean clothes into the bedroom. I warshed ‘em today."


This magical, floral-printed home brought to you by Koby’s Mom.

SBM Seeks Cuddle Partner in Blue Bed

Single Brownish Male Seeks Cuddle Partner in Blue Bed. Partner must be warm, totally nummy, and equally as sweet as yours truly. Limit: one, so only answer if you’re super duper prosh. Experience preferred.


Thanks, Fitz…

Elven gerbils on a quest

\\This just in!\\
The owner of this photo has been found!

Michelle the Cruise Director (of Live Journal fame) posted an entire series of Gerbil adventures 2 years ago. It’s wonderful commentary and so funny.

More Gerbil Adventures

Her sons came up with the idea and shot the photos. They are brilliant! I’d also like to apologize for not getting the credit right on this one. CruiseDirector and sons, will you forgive me? <bowing head>

\\This just in!\\

Throw on your +15 tunic and pull out your +5 mace, my friends, this is GOOD STUFF. The "Elven" gerbils below are prepping for an exploratory journey around their carboard home. Join us, won’t you? Get in the boat! [trippy music starts]


Sent in by Tina R. Aragorn and Boromir photographed by Michelle and sons.

Time to ‘barf rainbows’, People

Delightful sender-inner Caitlin S. "Barfed a rainbow" when she saw this pic. That commentary is just too good not to pass on.


Waddle waddle.

Kitten Bidet

Japan used to kick our asses in the best fancy robotic toilets, but now we have ‘em BEAT!


\\Forgive moi, had to change the name of the post, I know it’s bad netiquette, but it’s too funny! -Meg \\

Rule #18: Have a teeny tiny tail

Would you please just look at Master Fluff. Yes, the same Master Fluff of "Doc-tare Pepp-are Manshons" fame. She has the smallest cutest tail ever captured on film. And if you lean really close to the screen, you can snorgle her ears.


Remember the deal; "If you bring me dee treats, I come out of dee manshon." Wise, wise, words, Master Fluff.


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