Would you please look at my legs

…’Cause I’m not sure if they’re elbows or legs. They kinda bend like elbows, and thankfully, they keep me right side up with my huge schnozzle.

Also, can someone please explain why I’m hanging out on a placemat? This place is—foreign to me! [say in unfrozen caveman lawyer voice]


Non-stop nose-twitching thanks to Sara L.

“My puppy’s cuteness must be disemitated to the world.”

Yes, that’s what sender-inner Janna said. I’m in total agreement.


Now, puppykins shows off her eye-capsules and Rule #14!


Way to go, Janna L. ;)

Meanwhile, in a pile o’ pillows

Kitten: Um, So, we built this fort, and we were playing in it, and suddenly Mom got all mad and she caught us making a fort and we got GROUNDED!

Dog: Can I have a popsicle?


Holy Rule #4, Ginnie-Pinkie S.!

Ginger invades your personal space

As ya’ll know, we’re huge fans of the C.O.X.C.U. [Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up™].
So it goes without saying that if Ginger the Kitten feels she needs to invade our personal space with her perfect muzzlepuff, we are defenseless.



Keep up the macro-licious work, Rotem!

Let’s see, what happened today?

Time Magazine, I thank you, the kittens thank you.

Cute Overload, 50 Coolest Web Sites

and as if that weren’t enough, here we are again:

We’re the number 1 time waster!!! (Ma and Pa will be proud)


I hate it when I lose the dog, then find him in the couch cushions

It’s like, days go by, and the dog is nowhere to be found. Then I find him in the couch cushions with the remote. Geeshe.


I love it when a photo makes me LOL—then I know it has to go up on the site, Deena and James I.

Fuzzy bee-tocks

Can you just SEE this bee animated? He’s got a super-heavy back end, and he droops and floats, droops and floats and the he finally lands on the flower, and he’s all; "Do my ‘tocks look big?"

///UPDATE!///This photo has been removed at the request of the owner and may be viewed online here

I’d like to apologize to the photographer Elke for posting the photo and not giving the proper credit.



Danke, FotoBlicke!!!

The Chronic—what!?—cles of Narn-ni-ah

Forget changing topics—we’re back with more Bambi and Thumper, with even more shots of their snorgle-fest:


And their Hide-Out:


And the fact they both take time out for groomin':


Once again, Tanja Askani RULEZ.

Bambi and Thumpare

Fabuloso photographer Tanja Askani strikes again with her ‘Bambi and Thumper’ series. Two canoodling wildlife sweethearts, snorgling away.

Check out Teh Thumpster, he’s all: "Whaaa? What ees thees tenative snorgling?" and Bambi’s all "Eeeear-licious…"


Later, in Narnia, they rendez-vous AGAIN!


[Sounds of Springtime music] la la la la la la, and they’re back at it!Image007_4 

Way to submit ‘em, Cheryl E.! ;)

Real-life cartoon cat

"Kuva" the cat is sooo prosh. Check out his little cartoon-cat face. His whole head is made up of, like, two ovals. Yay!


He’s the perfect little character, Minea!


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