What are Your Labor Day Weekend Plans?

I mean besides swinging, what are you Peeps up to? See you in the comments!

8-month old Cockapoo puppy Shin’yuu (Japanese for best friend) was begging to get on this swing so finally, Lisa B. obliged.



From the “I Can’t Believe This Animal Exists And I Didn’t Know About It” files, yes, there is such thing as a tree kangaroo! The Goodfellow’s Tree-kangaroo pretty much owns you, especially with a full bebeh powsche + sunbeam action:

Prosh photos by Flickrerer Andricongirl. Sender-Inner Stephanie S. inspired us with an L.A. Times “Unleashed” story here.

OK, Twinkle Toes

[Say in whiny piglet voice]

“I will NOT let my precious toes be sullened by your dirty farm! I’m off to get a mani/piggy.”

Polly the piglet (see Rhinestone collar for name verification) via Telegraph UK and sent in by Erin B.

Find the Frog™

Check out Señor Subtlety here.

You might need the bifocals.

Another eco-friendly photo from Lucia B.

A Polite Request from Monstro

Yeah, we’ve all seen the movie. Jiminy Cricket, Blue Fairy, “I got no strings,” the whole schmear. Hey, even my grandkids like it — until they get to that scene.

Look, I’m a big animal, and sometimes I swallow things. You try watching where you’re going with a head the size of a submarine. So if you happen to find yourself in my belly, do me a favor: Don’t start a fire; just knock. I’ll let you out, promise.

Posted to our Twitter feed by sfxmaven, who found it in this slideshow.

You Call This A Circle of Life?!

“… and so, Simba, the gazelles eat the grass, and then we eat the gazelles, and then we poop out the gazelles and they go back into the grass. And then a baboon smears Welch’s Grape Jelly on your forehead and that’s how you become king…”

That’s a song cue if ever I heard one, Andy R.

Peeky McPeekersons Gets Schooled

Remember this Peeky McPeekersons?

Or Peeky McPeekersons Jr.?

They’re about to get schooled.

Cutest Bargain Ever!

Short on cash? Well, just look at what you can pick up with a penny these days! It’s a frog no bigger than a pea, discovered in the forests of Borneo. Scientists once thought it was a juvenile of a larger species, but now know this is as big as it gets.

You have an eye for detail, Katherine B.

Dwarf Babeh Buns + Dionne Warwick Soundtrack = Win

Do you know the way to San Jose BUNNULAR DOMINAYSHE

Ms. F1v3r of SaveABunny.org says these bunnies are waiting for adoption, in Oakland, California, right now! Learn more!

A Correction and Apology

As longtime C.O. readers know, we can’t get enough of trick pool shooting, and love to showcase new talent. And so we thought we had when we featured “Lightning Vinnie” Garbanzo, who seemingly cleared an entire rack in a single break.

Alas, it was a fraud. In this slowed-down version of the original video, you can clearly see that an accomplice was used. We regret being taken in by this base deception, and wish to assure readers that this will not happen again.

Our thanks to alert reader Eleaq for bringing this to our attention.