Hmmm, Best o’ the Web?

B2c…Well, this week we were. In the "Weird Wide Web" category, "for those willing to take a walk on the wild, wacky and humorousside of the Web" Niiiiiiiiice, Forbes! And I mean that [weird shifty eyes]

‘Tocks Up!

When in doubt, get those ‘tocks up.

Always works for me.


Heather G., NOW WE’RE ‘TOCKIN’!


It happens to everyone at some point.

Smooshed by a rack.


Nice curled pawsitude, Nicolle M.!

Princess Di just called…

And she wants her look back—

NO ONE did puppy-dog eyes like Princess Di—until now.

THIS puppeh does them better.

AND he’s actually a puppeh.


Eva H.—nice detail on the claw protrusion.

Remember when times were good and you could fall asleep in a bowl?

Señor FerretPants here remembers. [say in Pepperidge Farm voice]

In fact, he’s dreaming about it right now.

Those were good times.


BEST EARS of the week, Sarah A.!

I’ve always liked N.J.B.s*

Actor Jason Schwartzman, who obvy groks that the C.O. audience loves Outrageous French Accents will help the attend his new film Marie Antoinette, has professed an ‘unhealthy obsession’ for cuteoverload! Hey Jase—


Picture_4_1 Picture_5

Merci to alert readers Stephanie C., Mozyouth and Angeline V. wrote who wrote in the sweet news. Bon!

*Nice Jewish Boys

I highly recommend using “Cute Overload” in all news article titles

HEY Press tyyypes! Take note!

Just like TMZ, here you TOO can incorp "Cute Overload" into your article titles. Like, free of charge!


Thanks for sendin’ in, Chief Sister Officer!

(ed. note — fixed some spelling.)

Pardners, it’s October 4. Do you know what your Halloween costume’s gonna be?

LISTEN UP pardners!

Cowpup McSnufflesons here with a reeeeeeeeal important question—it’s Octohber fourth already, and with Halloween only 25 days away, I gotta know—

Do YOU know what you’re wearin’ for Halloween this year?

I diiiidn’t think so. [spitoon 'ding!' sound]

Well, saddle up yer outfits, hop off the toilet, and git to it, lil’ doggies!


[flushing sound] Sasha v.H—Thanks fer the dag-burn advice!


Pup #1: "Like, ONE!"
Pup #2: [Not paying attention] "uh… TWO!"
Pup #3: "TRES, HOMBRE!"
Pup #4: "quah-quah-quah-troh?"
Pup #5:
"ummmm…. Cinco?"


Michael K., thanks, times five [holding hand up]

The Adventures of INVISI-CAT

INVISI-CAT can sneak up on prey!
He blends into ANY BACKGROUND!
He’ll purr in your ear without YOU EVEN KNOWING IT!
Wait—where did he—go?


If you squint, you ken’t even see ‘em, Christa P.


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