William Approves!

This just in, Everyone!

William the Bun, now older and muchas mas wiser, APPROVES of his C.O. debut!

WAY TO GO, William! Welcome to the Club.


Sweet photog (AGAIN!) Vina P.

And William? Way to publicize your snorrrrffffing, man.

Wine just came shooting out of my nose

Um. Red wine just came shooting out my schnozzle at 75 miles per hour.Please look at what sender-inner Bridget F. just sent in. She says: “This isn’t a picture of an animal per say… but it is a picture of my butter and how it landed on the carpet. It looks exactly like a little duck, and I had to send it to you!Happy New Year!”


[Wiping off computer screen]


Mmmm, what a delectable cup-of-something. I think I shall SNORRRRRRFF it.


The rabbit’s name is "William"! love it, Vina P.

Ani-pals in a Mondrian frame

Ooooooh, what better way to start your new year than with a SCHWEET desktop (measures a whopping 5100 pixels wide, People) for your computer?

Download this mofo pronto!

Cutest... Desktop... EVAR

Awesome work, Cassandra P. Nice choices!

Crooning Chameleon Curmudgeons

[Piano playing in the background]

Big green lizard: "Boy, the way Glen Miller played… Songs that made the hit parade.Guys like us, we had it made.

Together: "Those were the days."

Little grey lizard: And you know who you were theeeeeen!"

Big green lizard: "girls were girls and men were men."

Together: "Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover agaaaain"

Big green lizard: "Didn’t need no welfare state. Everybody pulled his weight.Gee, our old LaSalle ran great."

Together: "Those weerrre the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaays."


Nice point out, Marisa B., and Sydney Morning Herald

Wait—I gotta take this call

Dude—what’s up?Yeah. Happy New Year t’you too.

Not much, just hangin’ out. Why?

Yeah, I’ll go to In-and-Out Burger with you.

Lemme get my coat.


Caroline B., it’s a good thing you got unlimited Family Ferret Plan for "Noodle".

J.C. Penney’s portrait studio

Oh dear sender-inner Tanner. Do you realize you are the Mario Testino of kitteh photography!? Behold your sweet lighting capabilities! Let’s get together to make millions on Cat Calendars STAT!

Below is Tanner’s kitteh: "JC Penney’s" I am not making this name up. At least he didn’t call her "Target" or—gasp—"Montgomery Ward’s".



The coy part of the shoot:


Getting coy nooooooow (Sing in ‘Rocky’ theme song)


And stretch-it-out-and-one—and-two [aerobics instructor voice]


Note serious curled paw action in background and rare visual on kitteh paw webbing. Nice work, Tanner M.

Puttin’ on the MOVES

My dahlink—don’t say a word

[puts paw over your mouth]

Just….let me keeeeess

[Whiskers quiver]


"Bubby" and Kimberly, sittin’ in a tree! (you know the rest) 


OMG, New Years was very fun, and I’m still hungover. Hope ya’ll welcomed the new year with a bang.


Happy New Year, Cara H.!

Cruisin’ New Years Party Hopper

Wooooooooooooooooooooo! Parteh! Let’s go to the next one! woooooooooo!!!


Yow! Parteh! Rally! Let’s go to Tipsy Pookins place, he’s got beerrrrrzzzzzzzzz!


Have fun tonight, Peeps! You too, Kelly B.


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