It’s really annoying when a barnacle-like kitten sticks to your back. It’s hard to get a good nap in.



Teeny tail thanks to Mario the kitten and sender-inner Luigi Schiavo, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Double Baroo

Looks like this bun is getting paraded around an office. The perfect Friday activity! Perhaps it’s the offices of Bun & Bun, LLP. I love the Extremely Alert™ ear positions—it’s a "double ‘Baroo’?"


Sent in by Lyssa B.

“Noodle Attacking My Bathrobe”

…is the name of this submission. A FABULOUS name. Look at lil’ Noodle, and his look-alike salt shaker. [Pulling on string] "Mrrrrrrrrrgggghe!" No wonder she needs BandAids!


Ears back, Alexis R.!

Fluffy Quackmobiles

Beady eyes,
Beady eyes,
Quackin’ along in grass so high—


I kid, I kid. Simmer dahn nah. Tiny beaks of thanks to Heather H. ^_^

Three evil otters

Obviously, these Dudes are making very evil plans. Using every tool in their arsenal, their teeny ears and plump cheek puff, they will soon be running SeaWorld Park. Better ply them with delicious fishes early on—it’s best for your own survival.


Moist, webbed thanks to the Sea World.

T-shirts are arriving!

Have you received your T-shirt yet? You should receive it very soon if you haven’t already! This just in, Lucy 2.0, of HamsterTracker™ fame seems to like her T-shirt. The hamsters look alike, minus the corn kernel. I think the shirt is her BFF.

For those of you who won the Kaption Kontest and various other peeps along the way who I promised T-shirts to, the shirts are being packaged and sent very soon.


Grubbie Mc Grubbersons

[Baby elephant theme song]

Alas, it’s another day in the life of Grubbie McGrubbersons, the soon-to-be-Hawk-moth grub. He’s all: "mmmmmmm, delicious green stems!" [touches stem with 'paw']


Who knew grubs had BEF? Delectable, Stephanie S.!

Xtreme Snorgle Close-up™

This kittle is about to lean into your face and snoooorgle YOU.

Oh, and Rule #16 in full effect: (Head has big as body!) Don’t miss the teeeeeny tail too. Rule #17 for those following in the handbooks at home.


Alert reader Yaoming sent in this anerable pic. ;)

All-Bunny Tuesday: Dual Calico Sniffers

Bun on left: Harrrummph.

Bun on right: Should we see what’s out there? [tenative step forward]

Bun on left: Harrrummph. [shuffle shuffle]


Thanks, E to the C and RabbitsOnline ;)

All-Bunny Tuesday: Grey Blobule

Talk about a dust bunny!



Impossble to resist, Rabbits Online!


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