Only on special occasions…

…Does the Puppy Crop Circle appear!

Hmmmmmmm—what could have caused this today?


Anne P.—Do you know what caused it?

Jeck-pup and Hyde-pup

HYDE-PUP! (rrroooooooowr)


JECK-PUP! (cooing sounds)


Yael W., [Insert multiple personalities joke here]

Super tucked

Teeny, towelie mcTuckersons here is pretty beat.

Time for some serious Zzzz action.


Thanks so much, Kimra…

“We’ve been living in a constant C.O. situation since we got these two cats…”

Please check out the hilarity taking place in the Anna-Maria G. household. Two nonstop wrestin’ kittehs on Oriental carpets! Sweet.

"Ehn ehn ehn" [wrestling sounds, ears back]


[SPROING!] Grey cat Luna suddenly cat-tacks the photographer! Aieeee!


Agnosto, Marco, and Mom, WATCH OUT!

mmmm, slurpliciousss…

For some reason, Super-Sender-Inner "Yuriy S." decided to send in like a hunderd photos today. This is one of them. Hmmm.

Just discover C.O., Yuriy? Welcome to the party, my bruthuh. Welcome.


[Licking vanilla off lips]

Let’s just agree we read it for the articles

Dewds, we made it as a "Sick Site" on Maxim this month. How H-O-double-T is that? woo! According to Maxim, you should "sneak on to CuteOverload then sit back and aww like a schoolgirl." OK!


Who knew you read Maxim, Snakeobsen? (Only in the airport, I know. I know)

Chomp on this ear and you’ll feel better

It’s amazing how when you’re have a crapulent day at the office, a small puppy ear-chomp or two can wipe it all away. Make sure to not bite all the way through (I know it’s hard.)


Jamie H., does "Princess" have any ears left at this point?

Nyahm nyahm nyahm.

Speaking of butterstick, hold on to your hats



I just went over to and saw this teeny curled tongue of delight. Yes, I just said "teeny curled tongue of delight." Not to mention the ear knobule of delight.


Holy smizzokes, TangTang and

Butterstick’s Ma is really flexible

I mean, LOOK at her rubbery back leg. I think she’s been doing pilates. And WHO KNEW that "Butterstick" would be a chosen name for this panda—Are we done with the ‘Ling Ling’s, ‘Tang Tang"s and "Hua Mei"s of the world?


B.L.L.A., nice submishe [head bow]

Yup. That thar is Pergo®

Listen, Honey. I know floors.

And this is no ordinary hardwood. This is Pergo BRAND 7MM Oak laminate. No doubt in my mind. Yes, we have it in stock but processing takes an additional 2 to 3 days. [shifts around]

Yep. Eeeeeeeeeet’s gonna cost ya.


Thanks to Sthuper Sthender-Inner Yuriy S. ;)


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