Tiny Dot

Oh, PLEASE. Just when you think things cannot get any cuter, you open your mail to discover "Tiny Dot" the BEBEH BOSTON TERRIER. He was obviously placed on this earth to KEEL US. Don’t look directly at the ear flop—filter it with your fingers.


I hope your life insurance info is up-to-date, Binky.

Saturday: Your Daily Bunny

Wait! Wait, up in the clouds! It’s…BUNWAY AIRLINES

Man, she looks glad to be down safe. Nice landing, girl.


RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters, you’ve taken it to a whole…nutha…leva

This is just what you need today

Points for:
1. Curled paw
2. Neck vulnerability
3. Purring sounds [I can hear them!]
4. Crocheted blankie
5. Overall ‘soft’ ball shape
6. Visible paw pads

I give this one a 9.9! [Holding up judging card]


I’m sure you’d give her a 10, Right, R. Danette?

Oh, fer cryin’ out—gad dernit

Ehn, ehn, ehn! [Scratch scratch srcatch] leeeeeeeeean Ehn!


To my brilliant grandfather, Papa Frost, for sending this one in. XOXOXXOXO! Love, Grand Dot

Friday: Your Daily Bunny

And now, the next-to-last day of ‘Your Daily Bunny’ this week, brought to you by the tock-kicking Japanese site RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters. These two are huddled close together, frightened by the end of Daily Bunny posts. No worries, Dahlinks—there will be one more tomorrow.


Ne fret pas! And thank you, RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters.

If rats could purr

They’d look as happy as "Lily", here. I think it’d sound like this too:



Right, Jenny C.?

Suspiciously delicious

You can really taste it’s fragile and delicate qualities—the American oak, the touch of berry—haunting! brilliant!


Cory P., and "Petunia Olive" ANOTHER brilliant submission!





Go get ‘em, Mina!!!

Thursday: Your Daily Bunny

Listen! Listen! I think I hear her coming in!

It’s Petite Helicopter Head from Japan! I think she made a pretty soft landing, there. Ploop!


RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters, please stop, you’re killing us.


There once was a hammie named Joe
Who ate all his O’s on the go,

He was carried around
His munchies, profound!

He could barely wave ‘Cheerio!"


OMG, I know you can write one better than that, Winnie!


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