Cow lick(s)

Amazingly, this kitteh just lets herself git licked.

By two cows.

On a cold day (check out the bref.)

Now I’ve seeeen it alllll [singsong]

T.J. S.—can someone please tell me why Peeps choose the nuttiest songs for vide background music? XTina is great, but the context, is like, so weiuhd! [say in John Travolta voice]

It’s Time For InterSnorg™

Sidebar_20070112Whuff.  OK.  Theo here.  I’ve just gone back through EVERY SINGLE CUTE OVERLOAD POST from the beginning of time, and re-categorized the whole ever-lovin’ load of ‘em.

"Why?" you ask.  "Don’t you have better things to do?"  "You know they’ve got meds for that now, right?"

Fair questions all.  To the latter two, I say "no" and "yes" and "shush".  ;)

As to the first question, well, here it is, at long last, our newest CO category:

Interspecies Snorgling

YAY!!!  Enjoy, Peeps.

“He only has a very faint skunk scent”—I’ll bet

Sender-inner Karla’s Friend’s Aunt’s Cousin took these pics. ;) Apparently, this lil’ skunk was found on the side of the road, orphaned, it’s mother roadkill. After bringing the skunk home, they placed him in the barn with a mother cat and kittens. Apparently, Lil’ McSkunkersons is easy to pick up and pet, and "only has a very faint skunk scent".


Someone git the Lysol

One question: what will happen when the skunk gets a little older (and stinkier!?)

Whoever smelt it, dealt it

Check out this kitteh, he’s all: "I can’t even focus muh eyeballs much less deal with this OUTRAGEOUS McSkunkersons!"


Mom’s all: "whuh?"

An adoptive McSkunkersons Mother's work is never done

Lovely work, Karla ;)

Ferret snorkling

Look, I know there are three bowls of food here.

Alls I need is water for the time bein’. [dunks entire head in bowl]

Daaaat’s corrrecte.


Holy Jacques Cousteau, Ashlie W.!

Wii Kittehs

People, we all know that most kittehs are not strangers to technology. But did you know that kittehs all over are playing your Wii while you’re at the office?

Alert reader Emily M. says site "WiiKitty" is keeping track of those Wii-playin’ kittehs. I bet they’re all extra good at tennis.


Nice shot, Emily M.

Celery mönche + schnozzle wiggles

Can’t you just HEAR the celery kronsche?

followed by schnozzle wiggles


"My beloved Peter" sent in by A.C.:^x

I’ll show you some ivory ticklin’


Lemme hear a B-Flat, Bebeh.

Ravenswingstudio, way to go!

Now playing on CuteCast, tooooo

In the Heart of the Birthday Jungle

Bright shapes curled, lay, and sat between the cushions, leaning against the table legs, clinging to the rug, half coming out, half effaced within the camera flash, in all the attitudes of puffy abandonment and delicate despair.


Another call in the kitchenette went off, followed by a heavy rumble of the floor under my feet. The cake was being served. The cake! And this was the place where some of the yelpers had withdrawn from, stampeding for the most frivolous of foods.


“The howwah! The howwah!”

(with apologies to Joe Conrad)

Alien life discovered [in prosh crocheted sweater]

  KoKo’s new sweater – 3 mos. old 
  Originally uploaded by kikileta.

Ribble ribble

From condos to castles, Barry has you coveredFrog-saver and stellar mortgage broker Barry writes:

"My wife and I were at a Chinese market when we spotted these bull frogs being sold for the Chinese New Year to be eaten. We decided to save one from a sad death and took it home. They sealed it in a bag with a sticker price tag just like I had bought a piece of meat. When we arrived home, our dog Puka fell in love with the frog. She thinks its her baby. She mothers it and follows it everywhere. If he tries to hop away she will nudge it back with her paw. When its in the tank she never leaves its side. She loves her Phineous frog!"

Shifty eyes

[will you please check out the eyeball action on this frog]


Ehn! [pushes with nose]

Run away!


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