I do some of my best thinking in the shower

You know, I’ve been thinking about our business lately…

[Scrubs lavender shampoo into fur with tiny claws]


That the next product we should sell at The Guinea Spa is Melon-Apple conditioner.


Yes! The tween guinea pig market will go crazy for it!

[Places rhinestone clip in hairs]


Emilie S., I’m glad ‘Potato’ is sooo productive.

Ma’am, I think we’ve located the problem

The bad news is that you have a major clog.

The good news is if you give the clog a treat it might fix the problem.


I think you should do what we’re suggesting!!! AmandG.A..!

Cute Is Their Strong Suit

Cuteologist brothers Ron M. and Nick M. have talent in spades, bless their hearts, because they just dealt us this expert recreation of the classic "Dogs Playing Poker" paintings.

Says Ron, "After a hard weeks work chasing rabbits and chewin’ bones, my 2 dawgsRoxie (right) and Meg (left) like to chill out in the kitchen and betsome biscuits on a poker game. As usual, Meg’s gotten carried away and drank more than she can handle while Roxie dominates the game."

Hello, and welcome to every rec room in 1962.

Fun fact: In 2005, a pair of original poker-playing dog paintings sold for US $590,400 at auction.  Too rich for my blood; I fold.

Jurassic Dork

Skillfully shrouded within the dense prehistoric jungle, the deadly velociraptor stalks his prey.  A soulless killing machine, he is as cunning as he is ruthless.  Patiently he waits as his unsuspecting quarry draws closer, and then, without warning … HE STRIKES!

Give it up, pal, you are SOOO dinner!

We all need our dreams, Karen G.

New! From CuteCo!

Is your home or office drowning in documents?  Tame the clutter with PaperCat™ — the revolutionary filing system!  PaperCat is covered with thousands of patented FelineFiber™ micro-hairs that keep important papers under control.  Simply place a document on PaperCat’s patented Cranial Command Center™ …

I file everything under 'M' for 'meow.'

… and like magic, your documents stay put!

Ehhhh ... It's a living.

Order now!  Operator Laura J. is standing by!

Rule 14 Alert and the Frog Boss

Mr. Slippery just showed up to remind you to finish your T.P.S reports. Well are they done yet? Are they? He’s trying to run a business here!


Yes Mr. Slippery, they’ll be on your desk tomorrow morning by 8AM! [Salutes awkwardly]. Here’s a reminder of

what Rule #14  is, (how dare you forget it!)

METALLICA + 4Chan + Kittehs = Outrageous!

People, what more do you need?!

Metallica lyrics and kittehs, all in a row! (I suggest playing the song while scrolling down, or just play the song in your head)

Get ready, here we go…


WWJHD? (What would James Hetfield do)!? Fekket C.?

The Sqwerl Halftime Show

Watch as a lil’ ole squirrel successfully steals the show at a Cleveland Indians game! Love the ‘lie down/tailio up’ action.

He’s all looking for the "Peanuts! Get your peanuts heah!" guy.

NTMTOM, I bet this sqwerl has a great fast ball.
[and he’s always wondered what sliding headfirst into home felt like… – Ed.]

[Sniff sniff] Do I smell carrot…?

or soupe à la carrot?
or is that carrot Cake?!
wait—glazed carrots!?
OR Julienned carrots with A SPICY CELERY PURÉE!?

[Nose twitches get wildly out of control]


Um, I’m SURE you’re whipping up something DEELEESHOUS , right, Maeve?

Alright, who left the kitten on the grill?

It’s everyone’s favorite Caturday activity!

Let’s play (and tape ourselves playing!) "Find the Kitteh"!

Kent R., I count 16 hiding places. You?


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