Pass me my pig-sized snorkle

Yeah, the water’s great… visibility is like 50 feet, come on in.

[moves schnozzle in snorting motion]


Sender-Inner Leigh H. says asked readers to submit "warm weather" photos. Exxxxxcellent!

Kitteh in tree

Sender-Inner Jacquelyn C writes: "I visited my aunt in Florida, and she said this cat had been stuck up in a tree for over three days after it was chased up there by a couple dogs.  The fire department wouldn’t come, nor would most other places, but I found one tree service that said in their ad "no job is too small."  So I called, and they agreed to get the cat for $50.   A man climbed up the tree with a pillowcase to put the cat in, and a bunch of us held out a tarp at the bottom to catch the it just in case.  When the guy got up there, the cat scratched and bit the hell out of his face and hands, but we got the cat down!"


Ahn. [head tilt]

Bring on Carnivale!!!



Fantastic shot, Spluch! and fantastic-er find, J to the S.!

// And as Spluch notes, original photo is here on Flickr, shot by Lawraa //

// and and AND, check out Rissu’s "Say Anything" version! //

Snorfable Morsel

Oh, Heylerhe, little MorselPants! I shall eat you now.

Bokeh, originally uploaded by Óli..

Oh, Heylerhe, little MorselPants! I shall eat you now.

Boob Tube

Kittehs, they spend SOOOOOO moshe time watching tele-bishons.

(Nice Shake ‘n’ Bake leg action)


Johanna S. nice little pic you got yerself there.

Peep Show

[Shaking head]

Wayle, Peeps gotta do what Peeps gotsta do.


Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll come around by Easter Sunday, Carrie L. and Katie A.

[We’re not alone in this, y’all… – Ed.]
[UPDATE — This peep diorama was created in April of 2007 by Kate Koop of Crosby, MN.  Thanks for sourcing this image, Cheryl! – Ed.]

Mr. Chomps

First of all, "Mr. Chomps" is the best pup name evar.

Second, Mr. Chomps has a hilarious bowl-cut haircut pup equivalent.


Kim B. Señor Chompersons is rokkin’ that bowl cut.

Another afternoon wasted

Hey Rudy—you up for some BioShock?


Rudy: Yeah. [Ehn! pushes buttons at lightning speed]


Stacey A. wanna play Rock Band? I get drums.

It’s almost like you’re THERE

Dewds, close your eyes, and it’s like this SUPER PURR action is on YOUR OWN VERY LAP.

Serious—close your eyes, trust me on this one. [Hand bumping computer for ‘petting’ action]


Tammy L., prosh kitteh you got thar… ;)

This Hedge is for YOU

First, Happy Birthday Shakespeare, you lil’ brisle brush o’ love.

Second, Ziv S., the fabulous Stanford Daily columnist, this hedge is FOR YOU.


GO CARDINAL, ZIV and grat submission, Jenny C.!


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