The eyes—THE EYES!

Sender-inner Heather DARES US to check out the ‘tip o’ the tail action’ of her poochness Buddy. That is if we can get past the eyes. THE EYES!!!!!!!


Heather R.—you wrote the caption for us, Girl!

Ehn, ehn, ehn!

Looks like someone just arrived home from the PETSTORRRRRRE in a BOOOOX!!! [Singsong]

Ehn, ehn, ehn!

Whitney L., love the giggles…

Sweden weighs in on Cats ‘n’ Racks

It was only a matter of time before the Swedes got in on the Cats ‘n’ Racks action. Check out Ms. Hanna K. here. She’s all "der teh der" stuffin’ a kitteh in her rack. Ahn.


Purrs to Hanna—utmärkt!

“Purrrr-shuuu” + toes

Do you think when cats sleep it’s like:

"Purrrr-shuuu, Purrrr-shuuu" [repeat]

Let’s listen and find out… [paws clench and release pillow]


Michele S., tiny honk-shus to you.

A perfect “Baroo?”

Speaking of "Baroo?" Let’s take a look at this perfect specimen of "Baroo?-ness." It’s "Chase" pup, with a perfect inquisitive held tilt, at nine weeks old, already Baroo-ing!

Look at him ‘Baroo’ like a pro. He should like, teach at Baroo U.


Skyline Events, you rocketh.


Could someone please explain what is going on here?

Because, even the fawn can’t believe it. He’s all—"Baroo!? I’m in a halter in a minivan, with a blond, WTF!?"


Oh yeah, and somehow, it’s November already. Thanks, Kari K. (Who’s friend of the girl took the photo. ;)

Listen up!

So, this weekend, I was hanging out with friends talkin’ Overload, when one guy announced "I really like animals with the big ears. Yeah. Really big ears." It was followed by an uncomfortable silence, but oh wells. This one is for you, Thomas.


JAY KAY, THAT’S NOT HOW IT HAPPENED. But he does like ‘em big. Nice photog, Loolee L…;)

Time for a story, then off to bed

Storyteller Thom: "It’s been a looong weekend, Peeps. Time for your story, then off to bed."

[Spaniel looks over at cats in disbelief] "ONE STORY!? no waaaaaaaaaaay!!!"


Nice work, Thom P…

Secret Backyard Rendezvous

Boid: "We keel them in their sleep at meednight. AGREEEED?!"
Kitteh: [Nods]
Boid: "Then eet is ees done."


Rokkin’ Rule #4 is pretty sweet, Dean W.

Kumanoko, thrilling children everywhere

With his tiny honk-shus:


hernnnk-sherh. hernk-sherh.


Seattle Roll, nobody does it better…


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