A Wise, wise, animule

[Crawling up thousands of feet of mountain]

You: I’ve come all this way to hear your guidance, oh great bunneh-like mammal

Bunneh-ish Creature: "Remember this my son. There are two types of people in this world: Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don’t."


Thank you, Charlotte S., for introducing us to this wise, wise "Viscacha" animule.

Gracias, Tom Hart!

Eagle-eyed Steffy T. caught this maynshons of C.O. in the 10/9 Boston Metro newpaper.


Thanks, Steffy and Hutch Owen

And the most unusual muzzlepowshe goes to…

This guy!!!

Thanks, Cynthia and Dan H…

Kitteh with opposable thumbs will take over the worrrld

Check out this kitteh with "hands" over at the Tacoma, WA Humane Society.

She’s sporting a pair of thumbs! (And obviously has plans to bring the kitteh species forward with her marvelous mutation…)


Here she is showing off by drawing a Turkey (see beak and hat)


For more prosh pics and more details on Willamena, check out the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee!

Sender-Inner Laurie C. says she’s seen "a lot of extra toes" but never hands!

Babysitter en route

Bunneh: Doo ta doo tah doo…

coming to babysit the dockehs again…


Chick: "Hi Behehsittoi!"


Bunneh: Now, you, young man, finish your Lunchabuhls…

[Chick, with awkward and gangly feet, pecks at crackers]


Bunneh: Lemme wipe those crumbs off your face. OK, time for an N-A-P.


Pointer-Outer Carly and photographer "Just Duckie"—really nice pointer-outering and photographering

The Downfall of Princess Bianca Merriweather Juno Kinsolving Leigh kitteh

There once was a kitteh named Bianca,

Respectable, manicured and blanca.


Suddenly; a great thirst,

la toilette she tried first

she gulped, ah, all the fresh agua!


I hope your family is not scarred for life, Mary L. [shaking head in disgust]

Bite-sized sheeps

Sender-Inner Ann K., figured out a way to taste-test sheeps.

Have them walk into your mouf!


Delectables, Ann K. [Glurp]

Ladybug ‘tock submission

‘Tocktober submissions keep comin’, People, this time, with ladybug ‘tocks.

This ladybug sent her OWN photo in (notice she is on a keyboard)


Liz L., I think you might have helped her a little bit, tho.

This hedge finished carving her pumpkin—have you!?

Only Three weeks left!

(OK, you have time)


Ellen A., I suggest toothpicks in your pumpkin to represent Hedgehog quills.

Ham Overload

Will you please get a load of this super ham-bocce-ball.

I imagine each paw would rotate in it’s own circle as he tries to get up…

Chmurka the Hamster Egg!, originally uploaded by pyza*.

Excellent pointer-outering, Susan F.


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