Just another Sunday, playing with the turtle…

(…No, that is NOT a euphemism, People!) These kittehs are playin’ with a mini-toit-pants, and here’s hopin’ they don’t one-bite him. Gulp!


Thanks to turtle "Chinedum", kittehs "Che" and "Eva" and sender-inner Emily ;)

Rule of Cuteness #27: Have a tiny Mouf

If you have a tiny mouth, you’re most likely pretty cute. Check out tiny McMoufersons here. He could prolly fit one of your earlobes in there.


Know what I’m sayin’, Janet T.?

You have .02 seconds…

…to get OUT the way.



Nice work, CuteTracker and "Eepie" kitten >^•^<

First time ‘tock viewin’

Look man, I didn’t ASK to see your ‘tocks. Them thar are some scary ‘tocks. [Shivers]


Lies V. R. and I are looking for the photographer of this and other kitten photos. Anyone have a clue!?

It’s Nautastic!

"The Octonauts" a new book from the fine folks over at Meomi is OUT. Lots of rich desktops and colorin’ book pages are out too. Wot a delight!


EXTENDED Saturday morning flop

I am having a full and total Saturday morning flop. It’s 12:39PM California time, and I’m still sittin’ here in mah jammies drinking coffee. WHO’S WITH ME, PEOPLE?


Philla B. is. I know that much.

My bunny just opened a lettah

Oh yeah, my bunny, just opened a lettah

Heylerhe? I lof you

"Zero" and "Portia" (Not sure who is who) share some sweet nuthins’…

  Originally uploaded by bivoir.

Nicely staged, Bivoir! Love the combo.


Just a reminder, peeps… this is it, right here, the feline washcloth, the kitty loofah, the interspecies sandpaper scrub-brush that we’ve been taking about with this question.


Click on the photo for the C.O.X.C.U. just to make things abundantly clear.
Any questions?

Nice droplet, Lord Kalvan!  (Everybody say Hi to Princess Hank!)

I…can’t…drive… FIFTY-FIIIIVE! [Part two]

Kathy A., nice work on the Sammeh Hagar look-alike… Check out the other Sammy here.


Get your piggle runnin’…. Head out on the highway!


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