Just Snarfin’ Around

Another great way to spend your Caturday.

Check out the baby armadillo schnozzling around in the yard. He’s all: "Donde es some grubs?"


Bonus points for eye capsules, Anna O.

Everybody calm down—here’s a pic of Flocke.

Wow, almost 500 comments on the ‘Pa-sickie" video! You People are nuuuuuuuuuuuts!

[Patting you on the back] It’s gonna be OK. We’re all gonna be OK.


MSNBC did a story on Flocke ‘n’ Knut, your fave Polar Bear book-ends. Photo by Joerg Koch. Gracias to Sender-Inner Kristyn L.





Sender-Inner Jack G. says his girlfriend can’t help but roll into a ball when she watches this video. I AM IN THE FORM OF A BALL RIGHT NOW OMG

We CAN all get along.

And here is the proof:

Heidi B., you’re right, this interspecies snorgling is OFF THUH SCALES

Prepping for Caturday

Wake us up tomorrow.

Whne we shall… TAKE OVER DEE WORLD!!!


Anna E., seriously potent potential world dominayshons going on there…

Most controversial Cats ‘n’ Racks evar

Hold on to your hats, Ladies and Gentlemens:

Nancy, it’s a good thing you brought this to our attention, we’ve been just starved for commentroversies.

Old-timey Dog Photo Slideshow

North by Northwestern is reporting that Slate’s old timey 1940’s photos of pups are the ORIGINAL Cute Overload.

Touché, People, toooo-chay.


Nice submish, The Dude. Oh, and Congratulations, you will not be fired from the Cute Overload Board this month as a result of your efforts.

How could we reject such a submeeshon!?!

Apparentleh, this submeeshon was not accepted at C.O. and was posted over at ICHC. How could thees haf happened!?!?


Carrie L. and Teho, we’re befuddled…

The last step; add a pinch of behbeh gerbil

Make that smiling baby grebil. The recipe calls for ‘smiling’.

Found by the fabulous Johanna S.!

These wedges look fabulous

Nom nom nom. [Chews on mall pretzel]

Should we go to Forever 21 next?

Chmurka – fashion victim!, originally uploaded by pyza*.

Exsquisite find, Heather! (from Pyza’s photo stream, natch)


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