You PIG!

Sooty the Guinea Pig might be the new hero of men everywhere. Get this. The Sootsters decided he wanted to get into the Girls pen, so tunneled his way in, then proceeded to "romance" each one of the 24 females. One gestation period later, he’s the proud Baby Daddy of 43 new pigs.   


Apparently, after the one-night stand, Sooty slept for 2 days straight. Wot a stud, Muriel L.!

The scroll down close up

I love it when I get submissions and LOL. Raymi sent in her cat ‘Cid" who is "crazy". Well, obvy, look how he sleeps.


C.O.X.C.U. [Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up™]


First stand-alone monkey

People, Cuteoverload exploded six months ago. We have yet to post a monkey (on it’s own, not with the ‘help of a kitten’.) In all of the 1.2 billion C.O. posts, this is the first MONKEY!

Welcome, lil’ Dude:



So prosh. Just like Jocelyn C.

Muncha-buncha muncha-buncha muncha-buncha munch, little wormies make good lunch

Hungry, hungry birdos are ready to swallow their Momma.


Open wide, Rachel H.!

The Pulitzer within his tiny grasp…

Sara the moth set the lens then the stage was set. It was time for Barley to take his shot. The Pulitzer depended on his accuracy. He was not going to lose it to Boris again this year, that bastard Chipmunk.

Steady! he said to himself—steady!!! he waited until the deer and rabbit touched noses and—CLICK!


Thank you, Scott J. and The fabulous Photographing Squirrels series!



Would you please check out this (literally) BUNTASTIC bun just lounging around. He totally owns the place. And of course, his ‘buns’ are authentic.


Bunny Lovers Unite! On Flickr is sweet.

How daaaaaaarrrre you!

How could you!?!




That’s IT. I’m scratching your eyes out.


This and more Engrish fashion at CatPrin!
Nice work, Azi R!

A perfect “Rule 20″, trotting around

Look, I know I’m in the minority on this, but dammit, Eye Capsules are cute. A perfect example of Rule 20. You can practically hear him blinking. "Plink plink!"


Tiny (but earth-shattering) stomps to Mr. T!

Theo, asleep on the job

…That’s if Theo ever ever DID sleep. Theo, I think you should win some kind of ‘SuperFan’ Moderator-at-Large, Glossary Enhancer award. Now, if I could only think of the right type of kitten to send you as thanks…


This snooze-a-rama courtesy of "Boxer" the cat and sender-inner Jeremy who wrote up his check list before sending in: "Crossed front paws with one curled over, check…Big smile on his face, check. Strange twisted sleeping position, check."

Hanging out in warm laundry

Amazing. Warm laundry looks purdy nice from here… Since we know from previous postings that all  Chihuahuas (er, French bulldogs) need partners, I think someone should climb in there with him…



Thanks to snuggly Steve A…


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