Well said, Hilary S.!

Just like our dear little friend Pricilla, "Isis" the cat makes a sudden appearance out from UNDER THE COVERS OMG PON1ES!!! BBQ!!!


[Clenching sheets for dear life] aaaaaaaaaaah!

Marmalade Submarine

This just in! The U.S.S. Kitten HAS SURFACED! Just long enough to show delectable paw pads! This is indeed a rare sighting.


Kat and Donovan, you have the con.

Wednesday: Your Daily Bunny

Are your bunbelts still fastened, People? Your bunny-a-day-this-week is still going strong, and you’ve got two days left! Click it or Ticket!


RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters, you’re really too much.

I hear The Colbert Report scooped me on this one

…I’m sure it won’t be the first time Mr. Colbert plays the kitten card! [shaking fist at sky]

Good night, everyone :)

Is there room enough for comments on this photo?

Because the joke possibilities are endless! [singsong]

And what’s with all the shearing posts lately? I mean, what’s the deal with that? [Seinfeld voice]


As submitter G3K says: "This one’s a home run."
Excellent photo, Glamphyre!

How to make microburgers for your hamster

If you really love your hamster, you will do this for them. [Guilt-inducing hamster look] This recipe from Mathijs van der Paauw (No I didn’t make up that name really has ‘paw‘ in it.)

How to Make micro Burgers for your hamster (exceprt below)

Step 1: Gather the finest ingredients and tools: Ham, bread, optional cheese, something green for the ‘lettuce,’ cutting board, apple corer, and insane amount of free time. Go!

Step 2: Prepare buns: Test the corer on a delectable bread slice. Core out two ‘buns’. Easy—eaaaaasy!


Step 3: Prepare meat, green stuff and cheese: Again, with the apple corer, prep your (ham) patties, parsley spriglette and optional cheese.


Step 4: Stack with care


Step 5: Serve! Let’s see how Mathijs’ pet Lucy the celebrity hamster liked it. Will she give it the paws up?


Lucy sees her delicious Hamster burger and scuttles over to sniff before….FULL CHOMPING! She likes it! She really likes it! Can you say ‘Sayonara Spriglette"!?


As always, thanks to Mathijsand Lucy over at HamsterTracker.

Tuesday: Your Daily Bunny

What a tiny-eared, tasty morsel! Do you think ‘no feet’ could be a new rule of Cuteness? After seeing this pup, and the bunny below, I think it might be a rule contender…


Get thee to: RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters in Osaka Japan!


Nougat the Guinea Pig: “Hey! that is MINE and you know it!”

Toffee the Guinea Pig: [shifty eyes]


Nougat: “Give it baa…GALGGGH”


Great, now what happens, Ryan R.?

Redonkulous Coupon

Sometimes, simply saying you’d like to give someone a hamster is nicer than actually giving them one. For those special, special occasions, you need the "Free Hamster Coupon" below. Simply download it and give it to your favorite person. Be warned, they might try and redeem it.

Download Free_Hamster_Coupon.pdf

Don’t forget to sign it!


Lawn’s all mowed, Hon…

Now—how’s about that lemonade? [Licks chops]


Cassandra B., Mika is a seriously cute pup.


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