At Two Dogs Dry Cleaning, we get out every last wrinkle

[Doberman] Hi, I’m Ramsey.

[Chihuahua] And I’m Pablo.At Two Dogs Dry Cleaning, we get out the wrinkles in every last garment. Sure, your size four may turn into a size 26, but it will be wrinkle-free.

[Together] Guar-ran-teed.


Check out more of Ramsey and Pablo’s adventures at their web site :)

Proshness in About an Hour!

All right, cover your left eye and read the center line, please?

"I … A … M … T … E … H … Q … T … E"

Very good.  Now the right eye, next line, please?

"U … M … U … S … T … L … U … V … M … E"

I want the rimless What's-Her-Name frames!

20/20 redonkulous, Johanne P.

Please pick up milk, bread AND KITTAYNS

2 for 1 special at Safeway, limit 1 coupon per household. HURRY!!!

Carrie L., they’re really fresh this time of year!

THIS JUST IN: Boston Terrier the size of a ham

I TOLD you this pup was the size of a hamster. And you didn’t believe me.




I think we’re going to need a *SLIGHTLY* larger cage.

Read … This … Post … Very … Slowly

Hey, your … (go to break room, get coffee, start crossword puzzle)

watch is … (file TPS reports, finish crossword puzzle, begin writing novel)

running a bit … (finish novel, negotiate Middle East peace, begin life-size toothpick replica of Seattle Space Needle)

... fast.

Thanks … for … the … submishe … Missy … P.

Real-life Kit Kat Klock

Kit_kat_clock_animationRuh-member these? The Kit Kat Klock that scared the living crap out of you in the dark as a kid?

We had one!

Well here is the real thing:

Thanks (I think, we’ll see if anyone sleeps tonight) Gijs G.

// Thanks to Steve M. who noticed the video was put back up, so here it’s posted again! ///

I was wondering if you had a date to Alpaca Nights yet…

It’s gonna be sweet. Everyone is going. The chaperones are monkeys, so it’s gonna be really cool.



Chris G. will you go with me to Alpaca Nights?

THIS JUST IN: Bun-flavored earringks

TWO SCOOPS OF VANILLA FLAVR! (As seen over at Ku-ki Shop)


you must get thees as a stockingk stuffère, Sherilyn F.

HoverPup takes a break

[Rrrr-eee, rrrr-eee rusty swing sound]

Hover Pup need break.

Hover Pup tired of whizzing over sidewalk at knee-height like snow-ball with eyes.

Hover Pup tie-tie.

Relax HoverPup photographed by 小火(Fire).

Bunnaloons or Cataloons?

What’s hotter this season? [Runway music starts]

First, we have gaucho Bunnaloons. Pants that hug your shape and even look great with last-year’s Ugg boots.


Next up, if you’re looking for two-toned and slimming, try these straight-leg bunnaloons.


For the fuller figure, (though we don’t recommend white) try a skirt.


In cataloons this season, it’s all about the bold, Marmelade Muu Muu


Skinny with an active lifestyle? Choose this Velveteen number to give you curves! Ow!

And finally, don’t forget, orange arm bangles do wonders for concealing a pear-shape…


Special thanks to Project Catway/Bunway and Ronnie by Little Bay Poo. Yummy pear by RosyBunny.Trying for a better view… by Brandy Shaul. Scottish Fold Cataloons by Alvan Tan and Kit Ying S. cataloons in action by MissCrisp. Stand up by RosyBunny.


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