Caturday Knead-a-thon!

The kitten that started it all, the kitten “Biscuit Girl” Daphne:

Then there is ‘Baby Kitten Kneading to fabulous classical guitar sounds’

Followed by: I’ll Help You (with those) Thanksgiving Stomach Pains

And don’t forget: Ah Gots the Biscuit-Makin’ BLUES!

Don’t forget this crowd favorite: “Making Biscuits?!”

You seem… how you say? Tense to dee toche
Bunnehs getting into the act-shons:


Shi-cat-su Spa
[All four kitteh paws kneading puppeh furs] Yes Sir, I think we have some bone-scented massaging oil for you. I shall work it in.


The More You Know: Why Kittehs Knead

The_more_you_know2Q: Why do kittehs knead?

A: That loud purring followed by the sharpening of claws on some soft spot is called “milk-treading.” A nursing kitten instinctively uses his paws to draw out milk, gently pushing on his mother’s stomach to increase the milk flow. When older cats behave this way, it’s a good sign that they’re happy, content, and probably recalling their kittenhood.

Sender-Inner credits: Catharoo, the original kitten-kneading-cinematographer, Classical guitar/baby kitten knead by Adam T., Thanksgiving barf-a-thon by H.L., Biscuit-making Blues Sandra C., Bunnies kneading by Jill P. Shi-cat-su from Stacy G.

Be sure to post YOUR favorite kneading movies in the commmments! [head tilt]

I knead you

Our other favorite blog DListed beat us to the ponsche on this one; HOT KNEADING (OK it’s G-RATED!) ACTION!

Well, of course I’m a beta tester!

What better line of work for a guinea pig could there possibly be? Why, with this nose, I can sniff out software bugs faster than you can peck a pile of pellets, pal!

Nicole G. writes: “His full name is Leonard Hampton but everybody calls him ‘Lenny.’ “

So where do you put the batteries?

There ought to be a little door on the bottom here where they go in… Or do you wind it up? ‘Cause if you wind it up, I don’t see the little slot for the key…

Wait, this is a real bunny?! Oh, get out!

Says Katie L.: “I met these little bun buns on July 4th in St. Louis when I was visiting. The upside down blonde bunny put me in a CUTE COMA and I hope it does the same for you.”

[See also: July 9th, 2009 – Ed.]

What is the Internet, again?

The Internet is not a big truck that you just dump something on! It’s a series of tubes! With ferrets in them! And these ferrets have beady eyes and beepable pink noses and they tell me what to do! And right now they tell me to show you…


Sender-inner Cat tells us that her ferret Plankton here outgrew the tubes.

Olympics Draw Huge Audience; Some More Riveted Than Others

“Curling. What’s up with that?”

I’m guessing this guy could medal in Alpine Lazy, Louisa of Louisa Marion Photography.

Clive Kills the Mood

“Dammit, Clive! Whisper – whisper! – sweet nothings in my ear!”

Clive wasn’t picking up what she was throwing down, Chris V. via Wildpark Lüneburger Heide

Shh, Dad’s still sleeping off Mardi Gras

Yep, he stumbled home yesterday, and just passed out. Keeps mumbling about someone named “Fifi LaRue”—we assume that’s who gave him the feather boa.

Says Elisabeth K.: ” Humphrey is too big for his basket so he often stretches out in the most ridiculous poses, but the feather boa really adds a je ne sais quoi, non? And Minnie follows him everywhere like an adoring little sister.”

Ferris Bueller’s Dog Day Off

“Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. (Although life always seems to move a lot slower whenever I get a bath.)”

Nice faux-hawk, Amy G.

B**ch, please

That’s enough, Danielle P.


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