No, it is NOT Monday

No no no no no no no

no no n o o zzzzzzzzzzz


How cute of “Sparkle Pony” and “Trouble” to spoon like that. (No I could not make those names up, Margaret H. did)

You will do this puppy’s bidding and you will like it

“Pepper” the pup is part Australian Shepherd, part Boston Terrier—and all powerful.


When her eyes say “Bring me another treat, peon.”

You say: “Right away!”


Those blue eyes mean business.


By the way, that bed looks like it needs fluffing, Angela P. GET ON IT!


Please only take one, I’m running out.


Conejo al Plato by the sweet-toothed Memo Vasquez.

Tiny ears with wheech to KEEL YOU

Oh hai. Your Sunday just got obliterated.

by moi. [head tilt]

RandallCute copy



Good luck recovering everyone. Special thanks to Sunday Smack Down deliverer Brian L.

A Rescute Grows Up in Brooklyn

Writes Sender-Inner Susan B.: “Look at this sweet little kitten my husband and I rescued from behind our building two weeks ago…”

Picture 2

“She’s about 5-6 weeks old now…”

Picture 5

“So far we’re just fostering her because we don’t know her FIV/leukemia status yet, and don’t know whether all three of our preexisting cats will accept her in any case…”

Picture 4

“Anyway, I’m sure you’ll agree she is off the proverbial hook, in the adorably weird bug-eyed alien sense:”

Picture 3

Yes, we agree, Suze.

Picture 6

Hey out there, why not adopt a kittayn today?

This Job Sucks, But in a Good Way

According to the Los Angeles Times and elsewhere, two red panda cubs were abandoned by their mother, so zookeepers at China’s Taiyuan Zoo found a replacement: A dog owned by a nearby farmer.  Thanks to the milk of this generous pup, two endangered cubs are growing up.



Becoming… hams.

Their first snorf…


Their first wheel… [Ehn!]


The first 90-degree haunch sprawl…


The first wide-eyed, packed-in, waiting under the plastic roof pieces for lunch…


The first…



This hamster life lesson brot to you by Amy F.

Party Crasher!

Excuse me, sir… this buffet is reserved for guests of the Flutzermann wedding.  I’m going to have to ask you to leave now…


I thought you were checking invitations, Misty C.

My God, It’s Full of Cute

Turn your computer into a Cute Command Console with Wall of Fluffeh, a YouTube mashup by sender-inner Philip M. Don’t stare too long, though, or you’ll experience a cute, ahh, rapid pressure buildup… a cute, ummm, sudden debilitating capacity shortage… dang, there’s just got to be some short, catchy term for this…


Happy Birthday Meg!

You’re all invited… to Meg’s birthday today!

//THIS JUST IN: Link removed! Prank police made me!

//THIS JUST IN: Look what the office pranksters did to my office this morning!!!///



Happy Birthday Dear Meggie


pinky and little G partying


0606 I



Creditos: “HedgeDay” by Miss Whitney, “Annoygink!!!” Gail B., “Pup-a-thon” Photo by Carol, sent in by Jennifer K., “I am not a Dunce” by Holly J., “Pinky and G Partying” by Bridget G., “Cats in Party Hats” by Julia C., “Alice in a hamster-sized Party Hat” by Grace H., “Eat dis!” by Phil S., “Slow and steady, with Broccoli” by Alexis M.


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