Kitty Monkey Dog Bear???

WHAT IN THE!?! For crying out loud, what in the ever-living cross-breeding world is GOING ON HERE!?

kitty monkey dog bear, originally uploaded by Qathi.

WHAT IN THE? Seriously, what is going on?

kitty monkey dog bear, originally uploaded by Qathi.



My legs. They don’t works so much anymo’s.

Is fine tho.  I stays here for a while maybe.

Oh, tank you so moche

[Wakes up from sleeping in the cup]

I’m only on this web site for the continental breakfasts.

"I, Piórko, like Cheese!", originally uploaded by pyza*.


The Mr. Kitteh Talk Show

[Talk show host Mr. Kitteh] "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome a very funny man, and great friend of the show, Mr. JIMMY KIBBLE ladiesandgentlemen!"

Max, originally uploaded by Tante Bluhme’s.

Wouldja look at those meaty drumsticks!

At least, that’s what Sender-Inner Scott B. said. He asked me to ‘look at those meaty drumsticks’.

Scott. I don’t think that’s approooo—OMG LOOK AT THOSE MEATY DRUMSTICKS!


No, seriously, Scott, you have a problem. [licking lips]

You THOUGHT it was an elephant back here, didn’t you


I knew I got you. I Knew it! You were totally scared, you should’ve seen the look on your face just now.

[disappears back behind cowshe.]

Morty the Elephart, originally uploaded by Andy on Flickr.

Andy, way to scour Flickr-roonie-poonie.

Let’s start the week with a miniscule bebe koala. Bam!

This guy is so small he is on the WAITING LIST to ride on another koala’s back. Puhlease. That is small. He’s measured in "grams" whatever that is. ;)


Phil/Ant P., fantastic quality foraged link!

Behbeh “Flocke” the polar bearski

This just in; teeny ears and even teenier eyes alert!

Paws, on the other hand are growing our of control.


Mmmm, milktastic mcNappersons… Zzzzzz


Thank you for the up-to-the-minute cuteporting, Jennifer M. More on the new baby polar bear here. Warning, brush up on your German 101 first.

Git your OWN cuddle-partner

Dees one ees takens. [grabby paw grabs]


Resume cuddlingk poseeshons!!!


Mark B. I"m tie-tie just looking at them.

Nyerhe! [Paw over face]

Please get a load of this lil’ Princess Di eye action… Oy vey, that is POTENT.


Nicole B., the green eyes add to the proshness. [head tilt]

P.S. I ACTUALLY did a head tilt while writing the words ‘head tilt’.


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