McSnowpaws do-it-yourself Uggs


Sarah Jessica Parker is soooo walking her son to school in these tomorrow.


Rita L. says: "I bought your calendar for my husband for Christmas, after seeing it, he thought this pic of Bax might be a good candidate for your site." The calendar has done its job, Rita. Yes.

I’ll be in the Ball Sauna. Eating some cheese.

According to the Sender-Inners, "Butters" the hamster can often be located by furious chomping sounds emanating from behind the furniture.


Cheers, Alun, Juliet and Butters!

Perfect eye-capsule + nuzzle-able chest combo

OMG! Pee pads with green borders! How festive!


[Flips picture over and looks closely]


I thought so! Perfect eye capsules AND a NUZZLEABLE CHEST!!!


Excellent color coordinayshe, Angie W.!

The Year In Cute: Rules To Live By

The C.O. Insticute was busy in 2008, as our ace field researchers unearthed four new Rules of Cuteness!  This material will be on the final exam, peeps, so pay attention:

Rule of Cuteness #38: If you have a curved, plump belleh, it’s cute.

Now with bonus tail-handle for extra convenient something-or-other!

Rule of Cuteness #39: Nuzzable mini-chests are cute.

Also, having a head the size of a Macy's parade balloon is nice.

Rule of Cuteness #40: Finding (and sleeping in) a sunbeam is cute.

Remember, that's sunbeam as in sunlight, not Sunbeam as in blender.

Rule of Cuteness #41: Exposing a vulnerable area is cute.

HAH!  I combine all four rules -- I WIN!

Our thanks to Cuteologists Marlies W., Kevin T., Susanna R., Erin L. for their tireless efforts in advancing the frontiers of Teh Qte.

Puppy molecule

Py or, "Puppeh molecule" consists of a tiny body and 2-ear compound.

Fun Facts! It’s also:

1. The smallest particle that still retains puppeh properties!
2. An electrically neutral group of four paws!
3. Has the average mass of a Hm (hamster) and Mo (mouse molecule) combined!


You forgot the puppy molecule is held together by strong chemical bonds of Ki (Kibbuhls) and Bn (Bits), Dr. Matthew M.!

No Exit Strategy Whatsoever




The Year In Cute: Chill!

Yes, 2008 was a nerve-wracking year. But time after time, the stars of Cute Overload taught us that life works best when you just lie back and relax.  So step away from the computer for a while…

You don't REALLY need to check e-mail every 2.63 minutes, do you?

…maybe grab a bite to eat…

Mmmm, Puppy Chow -- My favorarlghgfthraghthphfthh (zzzzzzzzzzzzz)

…and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Stewardess?  Don't wake me up until we land, mmmkay?

See? You’re feeling relaxed already. There is so much we can learn from Teh Qte. [Yoda voice]

♫ Lulabye, and good night... ♫

Just ask RPHilli, Lindsay J., Courtney, and Scarlette R.—they’ll tell ya.

Snuggle’s new Hamtastic Snuggle® Fabric Softener

From the MOMENT I heard that stupid "Snuggle" bear giggle on the Snuggle commercials, I was HOOKED.

Good news, they’ve come out with a new product, this time featuring soft, kneading hands. New Hamtastic Snuggle® Fabric Softener. Simply pick a 3D hamster sheet out of the box and throw him on laundry in the dryer.

Voilà! fresh, the ham-scented towels you grew up with.


"Towels are ready, Ma’am!" [Plinking of beady eyes]


Caroline T., I think the Snuggle bear is just a bear version of the Pillsbury dough boy, don’t you?

Hey Meow Mix, I got yer next ad campaign right HERE

Remember our first ad campaign image for kittehs. Remember that awesome photo we had of those two kitteh paws reaching out for that treat bag? If search worked on this site I could prolly find it. Anywho…

Ann Mariesays that her kitteh Elvin pulled the Meow Mix bag out of therecycling. She says: "I guess there were crumbs left in there becausehe was in there for awhile."


I’m waiting, Madison Avenue. Waiting.

Decisions, Decisions…

("Let me think… Pan-fried in butter, with shallots and garlic?  No, I need to watch the cholesterol… Grilled, perhaps, with a lemon, pepper and herb rubbing?  Mmm, probably too stringy for that… Well, there’s always the crock-pot…")

Yes, folks, it's a baby. Remain calm, breathe normally ...

You didn’t see this post, Dan K. It never happened.


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