Breakfast of champyons

Look at this bewildered kitteh and his mouf all covered with Formula/kitten nutrients. Ahhnnnngggh. [head tilt]


Jennifer C., she is too sweet.

After a long, tiring Easter Sunday

There is only ONE thing left to do.



Disgusting, Asaciel. Serious. [Asaciel is also responsible for Buns watching TV.]

Don’t fergit to send a thank you card

Because your Mom/Sister/Whole Foods worked hard on that quiche. Send a free Passover or Eastah card here


Great idea, Kevin!

Happy Easter Bun!

I love how it’s B.E.F. to B.E.F. here—looks like the bowl is painted to look like a chick-kons, and the bun is looking directly into the eyes of the bowl. Could this get more ridiculous?

B.E.F. to B.E.F.

Yes. Yes it can.

Unbelievably redonk

Lil’ lionhead "Bunny" (yes, that’s his name) hangin’ on the carpet.

Pass the chocolates, Mofo

The ones with the marshmallows in the center.NOW!


Cynthia M. and “Miss Kitty”, we thank you…

Irresistable Pet Shop bun

Sender-inner Chris B. saw this bun in a pet shop a couple of years ago and gave her a home to call her own. With paws up like that, it must have been LITERALLY IMPOSS TO TEAR ONESELF AWAY OMG


[shaking head in disbelief] Chris—thanks a LOT.

WAIT A MIN—that’s a ferret.

They are sooooooo weasely—trying to get in on all the Easter action… Even the porcelain rabbit is surprised…

OMG that's a FERRET!

Hilary S., we caught this just in time.

Jealous McHedgersons

You got ears, I got ears—you got beady eyes, I got beady eyes—I mean, why the special treatment today?I want IN on this action.


Happy Easter, Hedge “Glorificus Espinosa” (!?!?) and Angie!

Pleasure doing business with you.

Now get me a decaf grande half-soy, half-low fat, iced vanilla, double-shot, gingerbread cappuccino, extra dry, light ice, with one Sweet-n’-Low and one NutraSweet. NOW.

Nice necktie

Nice photo submishe, Double Agent and coffee order writer Bob S.

Kamo Kitteh

At first you don’t see this kitteh, then it’s POOF—she’s right thar. Someone tell the Army—we have a new kamo kitteh weapon…


Orora fostered “Coco Chanel” (mama) and “Stila” for the summer. Ahngghn.


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