These mini donkulence are sporting teeny electric blankies (OK they’re not electric, but I hope they’re warm.) The Mountain View Farm has mini-donks, goats and mo’.


Not to mention the farm offers photos with brushed effect edges…



LOVE the ears back… [Backwards 'Barooo?' sound]

Holy smokes they’re small little dewds…

Check the knobbular knees and perfect trotting formation:

Redonk submishe, Meredith C., and farm owners Paul and Becky F.!


Check out Sir Beadiness on his Momma’s back. Talk about yer rule 16. I also like their teeny lil’ gray muzzlepouches…like they dipped their faces in a bowl of octopus ink ;)


Piggybackin’ thanks to sender-inner Laura B. ;)

Holy Venn diagrams!

Where oh where on the blogging spectrum does C.O. fall in the four shperes of audience reaction? In the "Lust" category? nyerhe. In "Indignation"? nyerhe!

According to Valleywag, we’re planted firmly in the "Affirmation" sphere! (But dangerously close to ‘outrage’!)


Nice submishe, Das Hajjen!

I love Spock. I love kittens. I love this picture.

"My love for kittens is… illogical!" [raises eyebrow, kitten purrs]


Way to beam it over, Deanna D…

Backlit extravaganza

Um, this kitteh looks about five times more dramatic than she should—she’s like backlit to all heck… Even her tail has tripled in size! It’s almost like her lil’ face is floatingks in sunshine.


Yubi S., I curl up next to you on the stairs.

The ‘tousled’ look

How do I get this look?

It’s soooooooo easy—just a skosh of gel, right out of the shower, doused in mah top furs, and I’m out the door—on the go—ready for the day.

The beady eyes? those are alllllllll natural, baby. Can’t buy those.


OK OK, you got me, the real story is this: the sender-inner’s friend decided to bathe his hamster (the hamster’s name is Cristinel – we’re Romanian), because its ears were black. Turns out that’s their natural colour (duh). The photo was taken just after the bath. Thanks, Daniel I…. ;)

Sake to me

I like my sake dry, poured into a shot glass, then, that shot glass is dropped into an ice cold beer for a "Sake Bomb". Got a problem with that?

Pass the soy sauce pronto

Oh, and "Caleeforneeah roll, perleeze!" says ‘Zoe’ the ‘kitteh’

Princess Di eyes + interspeeche action

[Sing to the tune of Ebony and Ivory]

Inter-speechies snuh-ggl-ling!

Nap together in perfect har-mo-ney

side-by-side my amigo, eyes up, snores-oh,

why don’t weeeeeeeeee


Jamie C. Nice hand-spun art yarns, by the way!


"Whenever I’m working at my computer, my cat Grace insists on sleeping in the trash can next to me" says sender-inner Elaine M.



Gracie, our love for you is constantly recycled…

Human Head Cloned From Hedgehogs!


OK, no.  Not really.  But I just spotted this story on the Christian Science Monitor yesterday, belatedly.  The dude’s an Englishman by the name of Les Stocker, wildlife rehabilitator & photographer strawdinaire, and as you can see, he’s made ENTIRELY OF HEDGEHOGS.  Not really.  Well actually, yes he is.  Because otherwise it’d be like cuddling sea urchins, eh?  So he must be.

Its_good_ere_ent_it_1From the article text:

"Inside row upon row of rolled-up pastel towels, small, thorny creatures are snoozing. It’s mid-morning after all, and hedgehogs simply do not like to rise before dusk.            

"This isn’t a hedgehog spa, nor a fantastical Beatrix Potter tale. This is St. Tiggywinkles – a wildlife hospital. It’s where 500 hedgehogs are served meals in bed every day in the hope they’ll put on enough weight to survive the winter.

"It is also a place with a royal stink."

Click the photos to visit!


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