Introducing: Caption Me!

At CuteLabs Headquarters, we have an overwhelming amount of fabulous photos. Some that simply scream for captions—captions only YOU can provide.

Introducing "Caption Me!" a sthilly new feature brought to you by the fine folks at Ning and CuteOverload. We’ve added it to our sidebar, and you can add it to the sidebar of your own page too, if you so desire. It’s free!

Holy crapulence! Sweet!

Vote4us_108x108_trans_1Holy ear-to-head-ratios, People, you’ve done it again! We done got nominated for a sweet Webby award. So make like an Amerrrrican, and


I thank you, the kittens thank you,


My little Pony

Joanne from Pacific Pintos sent in another gem. Welcome "Cherries Jubiliee" the tiny foal. What a great name during Cherry tree season.


Hooves up, Joanne;)

Another blond, sleeping around

"Cornelius" chick can’t help it! Sooooo tie-tie.


Drowsiness… setting…




< bok! < bok! Shannon S.G.!

Sand trap!

Looking a lot like a golf ball himself, this little dude passed out while reaching for his 3-iron.


Claudia L! Ehn! [falls over.]

Rule of Cuteness #21: Eye Capsules

OK, People, give this a chance here. Eye "capsules", as seen on the baby Wombat on the bottom photo, are cute.


Sure, this wombat could rip your heart out with his nails faster than you could say ‘shrimp on the—" but his eye capsules are still cute.


Janet N. Blink Blink!

Puppy Monorail Mark II

James the Architect and member of the monorail society and good pal Shirley have just alerted us that there is a PUPPY MONORAIL UPDATE! This is big, People (literally, the puppies have grown!)


As you can see, the eight-puppy-passengered Puppy Monorail has beenupgraded to five total cars and carry eight pups AND a delightful newpaw insignia/logo. Take that, Bay Area Rapid Transit!


James H. You rule.

Dude, turn that light off!

You think I have too much time on my hands? Get a load of this “Skwerl” site—it’s brilliant—especially if you agree we’re all “IN THE CLUTCHES OF SQUIRREL WORLD DOMINATION.”

Here’s a prosh baby one for you too:


Squirrel: Baroo?  Thanks, Paul H.!

We’re getting our asses handed to us by the Japanese again

We must face the simple fact that the Japanese know cute better than anyone else. "Heaven@Air" posted these photos of "fukusuke-pon" bunny enjoying a day out at Osaka Castle Park. He’s wearing a lovely sleeveless, turtleneck sweater, made from winter socks to keep flu bugs away.



Head bows to Yasuko ^—^ and Gordon B.

Simple steps to eating yogurt

In case you had any questions on how to eat yogurt off a lid, here is a primer [in the middle of the page]. And believe me, Nana knows what she’s doing; " You have to pay attention, because there are several steps that you must follow!"


Thanks to Lauren H. for sending in, and as always to Javi L. for Baru’s homecage.