And zee entrée—she ees served!

[Say in Poofée voice] Mes amies…. We haf been slaving in la cuisine all day to breeng you zees. Zee ul-tee-mat in zuh entrée. Zees ees fresh, local, organeek kitten. Eets not flambé, mes amies, zat would not be nice. Bon apétit!


Merci infinement, Matthew V.B. and Hadaly E.!

Panda Fizzix

Let’s give a big "Paws Up" (or is it ‘Feets Up’?) to Bob E. and "Tai Shan" the Giant panda who turns a whopping 1-year-old this weekend. Bob E. runs the fine establishment: "" but you already knew that.


Panda ‘Tocks, Somesay! ;)

Debauchery Friday: What a DAY

I am partying TOOOO much!!!! w00t! Look at me! w000t! Rock and or Roll, People! woooooooo!


Excellent end to the Debauche. Thanks, Stephanie H. ;)

Debauchery Friday: Oh for crying out loud

Oh—I’m sorry—I am DRAWING THE LINE HERE. Could you please teach "Baby Snuggles*" to put on some pants before you take photos? For the love of Pete, in all my months of posting, I’ve never!

[collapse to fainting chaise]


This could have been caught at a young age, Enrico C.

* Actual name

Debauchery Friday: Heady nibblage

Wook Bun one: Dewd—this is some gooood nibblage.
Wook Bun two: Let’s go find those cupcakes, Brah…

[Ten minutes pass by]

Wook Bun one: Huh…?


Sage Angel, if that IS your real name—this is obviously for medicinal purposes.

Debauchery Friday: Do I sense a Friday theme *hic!* here?

900 *hic* bottles of beer *hic* on the wall [wobbles]
900 otters of beeer! *hic!*
You take one *hic!* down!
Pass *hic* around!
899 bottles of berr on the [Ker-plunk]


Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one, David K.?

Debauchery Friday: Breakfast of Champions 2

First, there was Breakfast of Champions with that lil’ Diet Coke-swigging Lab. NOW, we have an even better way to start the day. Obvy, it’s time for this Lil’ gal to chug-a-pug.


I didn’t mean to make that pun, Julie S., I swear. It’s all the commenters fault for starting the pun wars! I’m INNOCENT!!!


Will you need a Guinea Pig bridal veil this summer?

Can you safely say your stock of Guinea pig birthday hats, pirate hats and fezzes are all ready to go?

Introducing the finest in Guinea pig haberdashery and the lowest prices around. I give you: "Cuddly Cavies."


William L., I do!

New KittenHolder from REI

Behold the latest in summer camping gear—the KittenHolder—cradles your kitten, right where you want him, during camping trips. Kittens stay fresh in the KittenHolder, ready at a moment’s notice for snorgling by the campfire.


KittenHolder. Don’t go camping without it, Theressa L.

Eight is Enough!

Sender-inner Karla didn’t say how the photo below came to be, but she did add this important information:

1. "OH… MY… GOD!!!!  don’t you just want to put them in your mouth!? times 8!"

I can only hope that the "Tom Bradford/Dick Van Patten" dog sucessfully rounds up "David", "Mary", "Joanie", "Susan", "Nancy", "Elizabeth", "Tommy" and of course, "Nicholas" successfully.


Cheep cheep, Karla!


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