THIS JUST IN: Munchkin Kitten with Ears at 10 and 2

You can now go back to Sunday dinner. Photo by Knightfox.



Scroll down for some sweet, heart-shaped, ‘tockular action:

Sender-Inner-Tock-tographer Michelle R. says that Beeker has the most adorable Corgi heinie. Roger that.

It’s a Hair Emergency!

Rush me to the salon, Mom! I’m having a slumber party tonight, and I cannot let Tiffany, Brittany, Kimberly, Ashley, Serenity, and Enid see my hair like this!

Chanel having a bad hair day, from Tony W.

Stubbular Kitten Begging

Prease? [paw paw paw]

We begged Lilian D. to send this to us *just* in the nick of Caturday time.

Where has Maru been hiding?

Ma-ru? Is that—


I don’t think we’ve ever linked to Maru’s SECOND book. Did you know that Maru had another one? Of course you did. Don’t miss the first one; I am Maru (Maru Desu) and then there’s I am Maru 2 (Maru Desu 2)

Let’s check in on Boo


If you haven’t seen Boo’s FaceBook page yet, you’re offish living under a rock.


Please take note of:
1. miniature, anerable oinks
2. Tiny ribs visibuhls through skins
3. hoofular action

Another quality foraged link thanks to Ant.

Tie-tie on a Caturday cont…

We’ve seen many, many kittehs tie-tie on Caturdays.

This precious specimen is trying to wake up but

Just ken’t! Ehn!

Aghnnnnn. Thanks Bethany S.

Oh, When Thomson Hears About this, He’s Going To Be Just Livid

Here at Cute Overload News Headquarters, we’ve just gotten word that Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, once thought to be a wholesome, honest enterprise, has actually stolen this cute baby gazelle. Details are sketchy, but we hear it’s Thomson’s gazelle, so it must belong to someone named Thomson.

I’ve just gotten a clarification: This is a Thomson’s gazelle. So apparently Thomson has more gazelles; maybe he won’t even miss this one. In fact, who is this Thomson, and why is he hogging all the gazelles, anyway? He’s probably engineering a worldwide gazelle shortage, which explains why Busch Gardens was reduced to stealing this one, and it’s all the fault of that stupid, greedy Thomson!

Images from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, via BGTNation.

April Fools Decorating Tip

When planning your annual April Fool’s Day prank, the selection of material is crucial. Will your display be prominent enough to entertain passers-by? Will it be quick to deploy, yet time-consuming for your victim to dismantle? Is it legal?

For many expert pranksters, the answer to these questions can be found in the pages of the Cute Overload Page-A-Day Calendar 2011 (Still 75% useful! Order now!).

“We girls at the office used our time wisely on April 1st,” says Teresa R. No foolin’.