Shake it off, Puppeh

This pup has got to shake it off.

Can’t blame heem. (Everybaddy just bounce, bounce.)

Patreek W., not only are you the best Salonist, but the best Sender-Inner…

You are SQUEEZINGKS too tiiiight!

STOP EET! [Cheeks puff out to gynormous proportions]

My cheeks are gonna hey’splode!


Courtney D., "Bisqui" almost looks like a Wii-mote.

Nobadddy knows…the trubbles I’ve seens!

[drags tiniest of prison tin cups across bars]

Nobadddy knows… but Jeeeesuuusssss

OK, OK, OK, OK, People, I hear you loud and clear, you want more animules, and you want them now! OK! OK!


Anne N., Release thuh preesoneres!

Miss March and “Yoda” the pup

"Overload of Cute, this calendar will be" [Say in Yoda voice]


Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Lauren E., what a super prosh puppulence.

The Dewds are getting jeaaaaallllous! [singsong]

EVERYONE wants to be in the Chicks of Cute Overload.

Even Mr. December here:

Photo removed at request of owner.

Can’t beat a little bunny neck wrap, Lisa C.

More chick pix!

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS [scream in Motleh Crüe voice]

Um, more girls are sending in their prosh, snuggling pics.


That looks like gooood times, Laura D. I think you can be Miss January.

Um, do we have to do a ‘Chicks of Cute Overload’ Calendar or something!?

Today is like, Chix ‘n’ Pets day or something. Here is yet ANOTHER Babe and her bebeh pet:


Eric S., If we’re gonna do this C.O. calendar, we need some red Ferarris as props. On the beach.

Naps + Kneadingks

Will you PLEASE look at this prosh kitteh, with his tiny clenching action on this gal’s clavicle.

That kitteh is all "Knead, purrr, knead purrr".


Thanks for pointing out the visible paw pads, Sender-inner, David. Like we would miss that. Duh.

Welcome to Cute Overload, People

OK, OK< I don’t usually post Peeps with their petz, but something about this pic made me think; ‘Oh, what nice Girls, I shall post their picture!’ Because you know what, People, the site is all about you.

And me. Well mostly me.

AND YOU!!! You.


Thanks for the puppage, Emily W., he sure is prosh!!! I bet you ate his ears after this pic was taken.

Just cleanin’ my toes, lee lee lee loo

Nuzzlin’ and kronschein’

Loo loo loo lee

Make that a soft kronschen’

Lee lee lee loo

Footwash, originally uploaded by dallsoppuk.

Excellent Sender-Innering, Kristina R.


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