Grooming 101

Dogs? They just kinda take it as it comes. I need a bath? OK, I’ll get to that…soon. Cats, though- an entirely different story. Grooming is a THING for them. Timo shows us the proper procedure.


See What Happens When…

…you sprinkle a little salt on your head? I guess it helps to not have any HAIR up top, either.

Gizmo’s VERY Merry Christmas

OK, so Christmas was ten days ago. We just got this one in on New Year’s Day, and wanted to show you just how much fun Gizmo had on Christmas morning. The fun isn’t in GETTING the’s OPENING them.

From Kenneth C.

First Maru/Hana Of The New Year

…and they look to be pretty zonked out here. This must have been taken on New Year’s at like 6am.

Rats, It’s The First Day Back From Vaca Monday

Someone sent you some Led Zeppelin MP3s to your office email, so now there’s 3GB of audio in there- and now the vengeful IT department wants to suspend your account. Your phone has 125 new messages. The coffee machine was left on and fused itself to the counter. And the thermostat is stuck on hi so it’s 97 degrees inside. In the shade.

Rats, it’s Monday.

Image from

And Let’s Say Night Night With Norbert!

That’s all for C.O. for today, but we’ll return tomorrow with the first RATS, IT’S MONDAY of the year. We’ll leave you now with this latest Norbert photo, wishing everyone a Happy New Year. (When Norbie is around—EVERY year is a Happy New Year!) (Image from Norb’s FB.)

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My iPad™ (#2)?”

“I think you left it in the living room. In fact, I saw it on the floor! Those things are too expensive to leave around like that, hon.”

Someone’s Feeling Tie-Tie

[Hello there. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Say, can I talk to you about Solar Panels for your home?] (Imgur/Reddit.)

Hey Kids! What Day Is It?

(In unison: BUNNNNNNNN-DAY!!!)

Arefin03 is a photographer in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He submitted these photos to Bored Panda and we’re happy to present them to you on this Bunday!











Either Simba Has A New Hoodie…

..or he stole someone’s robe Christmas present. “Hi there, I’m sending you some of the newer photos of our cute labradoodle, Simba, and hopefully his pictures will get posted on your websites. Please follow Simba on Instagram too! Thanks! Jingga M.”