Holy Underoos!

That little Puggles is NOT wearing BATMAN UNDEROOS. Say it ain’t so, otherwise I’m clunk [ded.]

Long, Long Ago….

….in a backyard far, far away…Munchkin The Teddy Bear Ewok does his screen test for a Star Wars movie. Sorry Munchie, the next Star Wars movie is in the can and ready for December. Maybe the next one!)

[*Note to all Star Wars fans- wait ’til tomorrow afternoon. Epic. -Ed.]

If I Sitz On Travel Box Thing They Can’t Leave?

unnamed“Cute or sad? Dmitri hates it when were getting ready to go away. (Even if it’s just for the weekend.) From Dual Cuteporters Doug & Sowmya in Winnipeg.

THIS JUST IN: C.O. Wins A Major Award!

C)Check it out–it’s a Major Award! C.O. has been selected as one of the Best Pet Blogs To Follow from FirstSiteGuide.com. Who are we to disagree?

Ice Cream. Without The Guilt.

Ever wanted to just chow down on a bowl of ice cream and NOT worry about the calories, fat grams, blah blah blah? Mashable invited a group of famous pups to snack on treats and dog-safe ice cream, including Chloe Kardoggian, Chloe the Mini Frenchie, Lester, Remi, Sir Palmer Cartney, Latte and Maddie.

(Sing-Songy:) “Somebody Needs A Name!”

Check out this little goober, who just woke up from a nap. Oregon Zoo keepers need your help to pick a name for a Rescued Otter Pup that arrived there this month. For the next week, you can click here to vote on your favorite of three names:

J.R. Papenfus: a creek in Lane County near the location where the pup was found. (J.R. is for junior, since a creek is junior to a river.)
Little Pudding (nickname: LP): a tributary of the Pudding River, joining the main stem west of Mt. Angel.
Hobson: a creek named for John Hobson, a Clatsop County pioneer who opened a salmon cannery near Tillamook.


Photo from Oregon Zoo.

Disco Buns

Shades of Saturday Night Fever! (Kids,ask your parents.) Rikka & Yui, nomming away.

(From Andrew Y. via Twitter.)

Glub Glub Is On The Move!

MGGIt’s been a long time since our last Magilla Glub Glub (& Lady Bubbles) update from waaaay over the big pond in Kigali, Rwanda. And that is about to change. So here we go- buckle up for THE GLUBSTER / BUBBLES / AND A NEW FRIEND, with photos c/o Bethany H.

01 Bubbles_Basket
“All kitties are soon to cross the ocean. Our family is moving back to Boston, Glub Glub and Mickey will go with their momma today! Bubbles will follow two months later with their poppa.”
[*UPDATE 12:17pm PT: “Just got to airport and kitties are doing pretty well. Much better than I expected!”

“The journey will be challenging, but we think they will like their new Boston digs (once they get used to the concept of cold weather).”

04 Glubs_Basket
“And we are moving with about 30 baskets to make it feel more like home for the babies.”

08 Bubs and Glubs snuggles
“Glubs and Bubs have a new baby sister, Mickey Mouse – named for her enormous ears. She showed up on our doorstep completely blind and very ill. After a month of nursing back to health, Mickey is now part of the family. She is a total sweetie, and even though blind, is incredibly playful and quite the huntress in her own right.

07 Mickey_BasketWall

10 Glubs and Micks playing
“Glubs, Bubs and Micks will soon have a hoomin bebeh sister (mid-October). They promised to all be extra sweet and snuggly for the baby, and to start sleeping past 4:30am.”

09 Bubs and Micks
“So that is it for now. Next dateline update will be dateline Boston. Wish us all luck in the move and adjustments, but we can’t wait to be reunited as a family soon! (And thank you, Brinke!) Bonus pic- first shot EVER of MGG!”

11 Glub first shot

Some Cats (And A Puppeh) From The Cat House!

9 Jess 38You can always count on two things- the CHOTK will do their darndest to help kittehs and puppehs in need..and Jess Lessard (or Kim Barker*) will be there to take SUPER PIX of ’em.

5 jess 11
“The last one is a bonus, in case you need a Pirate Kitty for “Arrrrrgust” in a few weeks,” says Harvie Ruth S.

9 jess 41 2 eye color

5 jess 14

6 Jess OH 26

9 Jess 28

9 Jess 32

9 Jess 34_1

9 Jess 35

9 Jess 17
[*Note: Coming Thursday! -Ed.]

Ciao Bella!

image2Dana B. sent these to us over the weekend, and they just can’t wait until Thursday’s ResQte Of The Week! “Bella is the happiest dog I’ve ever met. She was saved from the shelter last week and is settling well into foster care. She adores everyone that she meets and they fall in love with her. She was rescued by Ottawa Dog Rescue in Ottawa, Ontario. After some medical attention needed she’ll be available for adoption and will make the most amazing family pet!”

(P.S.: “I took these photos only an hour after she arrived into foster care. She’s a great assistant in the garden.”


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