ResQte Of The Week: Saving Bambi!

Jayne D. of Maine sent this one in- (originally an FB link, but those don’t play nice) -it looks like a bebeh fawn was stuck in a basement window well somehow- but Todd hoomin saves the day! (Check the look on the Worried Mama, who is relieved when Todd comes through like a champ!)

You’re Aren’t Busy Or Anything, R U?

[If you don't mind, I'll just interrupt what looks like a very painful set of exercises, so you can focus all of your attention where it should be. On me.]

Thanks to Ingrid H.

2014: The Summer Of Goats

773972245570601543Our friends at Farm Sanctuary, and Kelly F. at have declared this to be The Summer Of Goats. Prince Harry seems to agree, so who are we to argue? With that in mind…










[And remember these from last month? -Ed.]

And of course, we can’t forget our late little pal, Frostie.


And we’ll leave you from this gem, also seen on Jezebel.

The Big J Has Finally Outdone Itself

Framed felted cat butts.

RocketNews 24 says you can’t get ‘em anymore. Maybe some C.O. fan can make some up instead?










Just 106 Days ‘Til Nosevember!

540556_3343297215356_1789368472_n“I’d love to share some pictures of my dog. I love Cute Overload for whenever I feel down..and my dog has that same effect on me, so maybe his Cute Pictures can cheer other people up too :). He is a 7 year old Yorkshire/Chihuahua mixed breed (Chorkie) named Sputnik. I named him that because he used to orbit around me when I got him as a puppy!” -Silke B.


Gina, U R Ready For Takeoff On Bunway 1

14484994759_cba2abcc34_oGina The Bun, from Megan K. (Who notes that Gina is actually the mother of Gallifrey.)

The Not-All-That-Particularly-Great Escape

Using stolen cutlery from the mess hall, we quietly dug a tunnel from kennel 13. It was going pretty well; by late August we had completed nearly two miles, complete with lights, a makeshift rail track, three stations, twelve turnstiles, and a Starbucks. However, we suffered a setback when we accidentally surfaced in the cat camp next door…


“My dog chillin in his hole,” explains Redditor teach_me_how_to_data.

Rump (BZZZZ!) Day

9599281041_40648ebaa7_oAnd we’re through another Rump Day- just two days ’til the weekend. This little guy can’t wait- he’s getting his Buzz on, NOW.

“Saw Mr. McBuzzersons enjoying the flowers at the local nursery. Thought the ‘tocks were cute!” -Victoria B.

No Bananas At The Snack Bar?

Two year old Chimpsters Vali and Sugrive take in an evening screening of that Monkey Movie showing at the local movieplex. Their take on the movie? “Better than Godzilla,” said Vali as they exited the South Carolina theater. More deets at The Squid and Mail Online.





Shaken, Not Purred*

We get greetings from Alisa E. in Berlin, who tells us, “That’s Cajus, my Siamese Mix from a Spanish animal shelter, he likes a lot of things and has to put his little nose in everything, but this champagne definitely is not his cup of tea. Prrrr, that doesn’t fit his taste, it’s so bad he shakes his little pink paw to utter his disgust.”

[Nuffer Alert from Alisa: "It's apple juice! We never would share our champagne!"]

*Your serve, Oakley.