SOMEONE Gets To Go “Work-Work” Tomorrow…

Bringing your dog to work tomorrow? We’d love to see a photo and maybe use it here on C.O.! Make the photo as sharp and clear as you can with that smartphone with all those megapixels in it – then click here!



Photos from 9 Gag by way of Andrew Y.

Some of you might try taking your CAT to work–which is fine by us! (Cole & Marmalade approve as well.)

Headline THIS: “I Licked A Frothen Thquirrel, Now My Tongue Ith Thtuck!”

giraffe-and-squirrel-600x425[*Note: Petless In Puddletown with our Headline THIS winner for the day! Thanks to all who wrote ’em up! -Ed.]

Thank you to Arne for sending us this one. Now it’s your turn! Dream up your best headline and we’ll choose one to run at 1pm PT!

ResQte Of The Week: Cocos Island, Costa Rica!

This Manta Ray got tangled up in some fishing line and was hurtin’ for certain. Cue these SWELL diver hoomins, who got the line off in no time! Wait ’till you see how the Ray thanks them at the end- as the saying goes, THIS one is “Full of WIN.”

73 Seconds Of Fuzz

In this time-lapse video, we see this Bebeh Duckster grow big and strong starting on Day One!

That’s Bucking Insane

I never really felt like a dog, y’know? Even when I was a pony — I mean, a puppy, I knew something wasn’t right. I was really a horse trapped in a dog’s body: A bronco — a bucking bronco, the one in the herd no cowboy could tame. I’d stand alone at the top of a hill, my mane blowing in the wind, staring down each new recruit like a challenge: You think you got what it takes, cowpoke? Well, saddle up and hang on! Heeyah! Yip! Yip!


Via Artis Pupins.


4275670142_3fcf9a9369_oThe work week is at the halfway point! The perfect splayage, Toe Beans, and side-eye just put this one waaaaaay OTP OTT. (Ovah The Top.) From Flickr.

CAT Is My Co-Pilot (UPDATE!)

The entire world has seen the video of the cat who was apparently snoozing inside the wing of a small plane, and then woke up to discover he/she was in fact airborne.

However, that’s not the ONLY animuhl who’s recently flown the friendly skies.

Trouble Sleeping? U Might Need A New Mattress Hoomin

Having a problem sleeping on that lumpy old hoomin? Just..can’t..get..COMFORTABLE? Don’t wait–trade in your old hoomin today! At Mattresses Я Us, YOU can REST EASY on one of our relaxing, Comfort-Tested™ Hoomins. We’re at your local mall- open tonight until 9!

THIS JUST IN: RIP To Station Master Tama

TAMASad news to report here, everyone. Tama, the Ultra Station Master and Operating Officer at Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, passed away two days ago. Tama was featured several times here on C.O., from as far back as 2008.

Thanks to Mugino S.

Big J Corners The Cute Market (Again)

Allllllrighty then. Following last week’s Hit Product from The Big J (Kitteh Chair Socks,) comes…Table Corner Protectors! Ever boinked yourself in the ankle with a sharp corner? Not anymore! Originally offered by a company called Nitori, sorta the Japanese IKEA. Whoa- think of the product names THERE.

(Amazon says they’re accessories for hoomin bebeh furniture.)








(RN24 and Panda.)


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