A Lambers in a haystack

They’re always SO HARD to find! (Especially when their eyes are closed [rim shot])


Where IS IT!?

Ferret Portal to Planet Kneesocks

These ferrets are obvy going to Planet Kneesocks through this worm hole.


Have a good time! [Schlooooooooooorp]


Sender-Inner Alexandra T. says: “My ferrets have made a home inside our couch. We rarely use it so we’re perfectly okay with their makeshift tunnel. Jaina (The head) likes to peek her head out at us and schlorp! her way back in. Arthas (the ‘tocks) simply enjoys fwumping in and out of the poor couch while wotting gleefully.”

Next Season, On “Meercat Manor”

The Whiskers family, tired of spending cold winters underground, pools their appearance fees from season one and buys a McMansion in foreclosure.  Catch the season opener Thursday at 8 PM, followed by an all-new “Flip This Burrow.”


I just love what they’ve done with the place, Rachel N.


Sender-Inner Courtney says: “My dog found this little dude hanging around our fire bowl (no, it wasn’t lit!). We called the wildlife rescue people and they told us to just put it back and cover it up with the fluff left around the nest. I saw the mama bunny this evening so I hope this baby makes it. I LOVE HIM!!! Seriously, I cannot stress enough how cute he is. Really.”


And now, for your viewing pleasure:



Yes, Courtney, we’d like you to update us on his progress. Only if it’s good news, though.

It’s got legs

“Ladies, as part of our weekly wine tastings, I think we should try new things.

The 2009 Pupernet is delectable!” [inches glass towards you]


Kristie G. You’d make a great Pupmelier.

The “Lyin’ Lion” Look

Maine Coon “Eddie” got the shavin’ of his life 3 months ago and is feelin’ pretty smug.

He’s all, come and get it, Ladies:


Andrea R., That tail poof is a great look.

It’s Just an Expression!

“… Now, before you do anything rash here, I think I should tell you the phrase ‘bite me’ is just a figure of speech, I don’t mean it litera-AAAAAGHH!”



Nice incisor-on-posterior action captured by Shane Monaghan and found by J.H.

Relaxed to the Max

Sender-inner Liam G’s Burmese, Max, lives Rule 40 with a vengeance.  To Max, a sunbeam isn’t merely a random force of Nature to be exploited; nay, it is like unto a god to be worshiped with the exposure of one’s vulnerable belleh region.

Spotlight on RULE 40: Sleeping in sunbeams is megacute!

I'm practicing to be a rug.

Waffles grabbed a bee

Poor Waffles the kitteh.

He was just cattin’ around, mindin’ his own beeswax when suddenly he crossed paths…


With a bee!


LOL, Wary Meyers and Sender-Inner Bling Blong!

This Just In: Photographers Adopt Tiger

After a tiger cub in a German zoo was rejected by its parents, it was adopted by a family of annoying photographers from the Associated Press, who assigned Bessie, their pet Dachshund, to interview it. Bessie’s six-part series with the tiger cub will air on European TV in June, with American syndication and a book tour to follow.


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