"Tommy, say hello to Winston. Let’s be nice. Winston’s a prickly fellow at first, but his beady eyes are just the same as yours."

[My friend's Dad used to hiss "LBN!!!" to his fighting daughters growing up. They did not have beady eyes, BTW.]


Shout out to Cliff H. and Wesleyan-attending photo submitter Lynn. ;)

This doesn’t look so good.

Let’s see. A coconut drink holder with rabbit ‘drink’ in it, Wild Turkey, oversized ‘pills’, a lighter and Ye Olde Cap’n Morgan’s. Never mind, it’s just the usual Saturday night hijinx.


Delicious drink "Pippin" sent in by *hic!* Mike Y.

The Scrolldown (with thanks to GFY)

As they say over on Go Fug Yourself, this one is a ‘scrolldown.’ Meaning, the story changes as you scroll down. First the anerable eyes. THEN A thumb in the mouth and then a sweet lil’ belly. Puh-lease.


Wah-wah, Melissa F.!

This just in, you can now search the blog

Now, when you want to, NEED to find that particular post FAST you can search the site! On the sidebar is a new search feature. Try it out! Let me know what you think.


Dry cleaning nightmare

I HATE it when my dry cleaning piles up and starts mewing.


Nice eyes matching the bag, Chloe! (Chloe reminds me of Priscilla, the hiney-licker.)

Narcaleptic Bunnage

Baby bun: [drowsily] "Kronche. Snorg. Kronche-kronche. Honk-shuuu"

<2 minutes later>

"Kronche, kronche. Kronche-monche. Kronche-shu."

<5 minutes later>



Dulce de Leche!

Soooo Rule #7. Australian Shepard Jade with creamy, delicious daughter "Savi". And Hello, J.Lo would pay millions for those lashes. Are those MORE PAWS ON THE RIGHT?


So sweet, Linda F.!

Backyard watercooler

Hedge: "…So then and get this, Luckily for Cheryl, Juan didn’t actually have amnesia after all!

Cat: [gasps then nods]

Hedge: Then Senator Wayne threatens to have Bo killed if he doesn’t tell where Alison is, so Bo gets a fake passport from this sketchy dude on the dock and two tickets to Costa Rica! [Sips water from bowl]

Cat: Puh-lease.

Hedge: MEANWHILE, Detective Hodges traces the clues to Patch’s vacation house where he and Kim find ALISON! THIS WHOLE TIME she was there Dude! It’s so great she’s back—her outfits are the best.

Cat: Tewtelly.


Thanks, FireWaia! (This backyard is in Sweden, People!)

This just in! There she is…. Miss Amerrrrica!

Captiacn10704242021beautiful_bulldog_iacCaptiacn10604242131aptopix_beautiful_bulThe 22nd Annual Most Beautiful Bulldog contest was held yesterday in Des Moines, IA. The winner holds the title of Official Mascot for Drake University.

And the crown went to Hannah! Followed by runners-up from impersonators of the Bulldog Village People.

Oh, and Bulldog fans, check out Bulldogster.

Thanks for sending in, Gabbi! Gracias to Yahoo News.

How to enjoy a delicious Kitten™ brand Push-Up treat!

Step 1: Wrap your Kitten Push-Up in a towel, this is going to be messy.


Step 2: From bottom of Kitten Push-Up, gently push upwards, making sure ears are not caught on towel. Reassure Push-Up that everything is OK.


Step 3: If Push-Up mews, it’s in the correct position. You may gently snorgle! Kitten Push-ups usually only last 3 minutes in this position, so be sure and take a photo.


Frozen yogurt props to Nate T., treat-maker.