I Wish I Was in Dixie (Cups)

Ooo-ooh, here’s two cups full of fuzzy cotton
Now what was I doing? Oh, I’ve forgotten
Look away
Look away
Look away
They’re too cute.

Via HuffPo via Geekosystem via The Daily What via Buzzfeed via Disapproving Rabbits via alert reader Warrior Rabbit!

Lock All Doors, and My God, DON’T! GET! HYSTERICAL!

Dr. Von ScroungeParts’ recent experiment of fusing two separate species – the ravenous Cid with the very surly yet strangely apathetic Puddy – has gone terribly awry. We implore you to take cover and be on the lookout: The Cicadacat is weird and dangerous.

It’s Kismet, Pam W.

Gareth Grey and the Roomba of Doom!

One by one, the initiates flew in all directions as the Vacuumodium continued its ceaseless unpredictable lurching. At last only Gareth and his bitter rival, Cedric Blackmon, clung for life as Prosciutto von Rosawurst, the pink lord of the Kitchen Lands, watched from on high with his hellhound Trixie. “Give it up, urchin,” sneered Blackmon. “It is my destiny to face the Final Challenge of Ish-Kabongg, not y–”

And with that, he was gone.

This Old Bun

Today on This Old Bun, we’re going to install a baluster, install a stair runner, then buff the stairs (rolls over on stomach—Ehn!) like so:

Cute sandy bunny

This Handy Bun courtesy of Wolfmark.

Pining away…

O fresh pine scent!

I yearn for thee! [tiny pink sniffs]

cute kitten

Lil’ Piner just in time for the Fall, but hegekristin89

This Is Not in My Contract

(Man, I hate when the boss brings her kid to the office, ’cause that means I have to make nice with the little pest or I’ll be working Saturdays for a month…)

Kees Me, You Fool!

Ah am ze halpless to ree-zeest, mah darl-leeng. Ziss loff, eet is deeper zan ze oh-shans, taller zan ze Eiffel Towaire, beeger zan mah outrageous Fronch accent!

Pup or polar bear, Agnes S.?

Sunshine… on your muzzlepowshe…


Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
Sunshine almost always makes me high.
Photo Credit goes to Boo!

Put me down before my eyes pop out, K?

If you’re old skool, you remember the original Hover Ham back in the day. That post is so old I can’t even find it. This has far better leg-danglage anyway.

No seriously. Plink!

I blame Pyza for the hovering hyjinx.

Could you zoom out please

Thank you so moshe:

Amy M., that was an XTREME CLOSE UP


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