AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh! Help!

What IS going on with all the creepeh kittehs! I think my soul just got sucked outttT

Baby cream, originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas.

Annnnnd the creepiness continues

Slightly creepy Caturday continues with thisprosh-yet-slightly-straynnnnge Marmalade puddin’. I like his lil’ armthough—If only he’d stop lookin’ at me funny.

Baby red, originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas.

Slightly creepy Caturday

But the mini paws to head ratio cancel out the creepyness enough. [phew, that was a close call! Wiping brow]

baby kitten, originally uploaded by markokon.

baby kitten, originally uploaded by markokon.


Beyond creepy Caturday

Baby blue, originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas.

Creepy Caturday CONTINUES with creepy eyes and MENACING STARES. OMG

Overwhelmed… by HOLYWHUTTHEFLIPPIN!???



Humblest apologies, y’all.  Happy Friday!  ;-)

Welcome to Interspeche Snorglathon ’08!

[Parting red curtains and stepping center stage] We got ‘chur kittens ‘n’ bunnehs, we got yer bunnehs and puppehs, we got black, white, orange, brown—it’s a total melting pot of furry redonkulousness! Step right UP!

First up is: "Eyeball to eyeball" [Deafening applause]

//Image removed by request//

Then; protective ear covering pardner; [golf claps]

//Image removed by request//

Followed by; "Me and Sleepy Grandpa" [Laugh track guffawing]

//Image removed by request//

Next up: "I charge 2.5 carrots per hour per baby" [oooooooooohhh! audience intimidated sounds]

//Image removed by request//

And then there’s the ‘Dancing with the Hares’ duo [clapping to tango beat]

//Image removed by request//

While this pup gets two enthusiastic thumbs up for nappular abilities; [Laugh track giggles]

//Image removed by request//

And these two are checking comparing hairspray hold for their ears [Wooooooooo! audience laugh track]

//Image removed by request//

And these dudes are just one big mountain o’ Calico mess; [Audience jumping to feet, Showtime at the Apollo style]

//Image removed by request//

Premature grey is IN (Not to mention stubbularness) [golf clap]

//Image removed by request//

And finally, that all-too-familar Bunny Mama [Aw, haaaaaaaaaaaaayle no! Crazed lady jumps up from audience]

//Image removed by request//

Thank you for coming and see you next year… [curtains close]

Photos are the work of Jane Burton.

I’ve been waiting for the GD bus all day

I can’t believe they raised bus fare to one squirmy wallaby.

Used to be one hamster round trip.

I don't even wanna know how this photo got taken

Flavia A., I suggest you unicycle to work.

[Squeals and snorts of delight]

Rumember back in the 60’s when we all thought the Pygmy hogs were extinct? Well good news. A few years later, some peegs turned up at a market, and were rescued and re-habbed.Now, a bonche of them are being released back into the wild.

They’re all snortin’ around ‘n stuff. More on the story here from Times UK.


Watch out for pythons, little Dewds! You too, Apsi W.

A Day in the life of Super Schnozzle

SUPER SCHNOZZLE up in a tree!


Super Schnozzle Creek walkingk!


SNORGLING CAREFULLY (with enormous nails! ye!)


Making tiny snuggling scratch marks! (the only good kind of scratch marks)




By the way, watch out for moist nosicles under comforters…


XTreme Close Up of Said Nosicle:


Licking a neighbor!


Hitting Control-Alt-A to see if ants show up on screen!


Begging to be removed from the basket to snorf more ants! [swipe swipe]


Tom T., Amanda M. and others, thanks for pointing out (again) the fabulous TAMANDUAGIRL!

Welcome, Baybee…

Tonight ees the night, that Romeo cooks for you, non?

‘Zare, make yourself comfortuhbuhls… ahn? [cracks open wine, pours extremely large bowl for you]

Now, I serve zuh Scooby snacks, zen we eat zuh T-Bone aven Béarnaise…


Ssshhhhhh [covering mouth with paw] Sssh, Andrea K.


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