There once was a curled up pup…

Like dessert, she fit in a cup
marbled and carameled,
We all were like "Delectabuhls!"
"two bites would surely be enough."


Dawn S., "Little Cow" is prosh. And don’t call me Shirley.

The Delicatest of Kronsches

Please check out this bun, showing us the delicatest of kronsches—he’s all [English accent] please, Suh, may I bite off a skosh?


Mmm! Delectables! [C.O.X.C.U.]


Kristie W., don’t think I didn’t notice that paw up too… ahn.

Um, this squirrel could use a few pointers

First of all, NO ONE wears hats like that anymore. Duh. I should say that I approve of the sequins, tho.

And check out that eye chub. Don’t you just want to take only the (delicate-ist) of nibbles!?


Tracy B., did you dress her up like this? [say in Monty Python Holy Grail voice]

Taking a hit off a duckling

Get a load of this one, Peeps. The crazy folks over at SFGate, muh hometown paper, have tewtelly caught C.O. fever!

The caption they wrote accompanying this photo from their "Day in Pictures" column is redonk! [snicker]


What? No mention of eye capsules!?
Heeeeeee! Love it, Daisy H.!

Warshington Perste

Wplogo_250x42Dear authors of "100 Blogs We Love",
Thank you for including Cute O in your 100 Blogs We Love List. Here at C.O. headquarters, we ALWAYS aim for giving you the "most bang for your click" [double guns]

Being on the same list as Fake Steve Jobs has really made our day.

This just in: A kitteh protecting a rack

I was just thinking the other day [blond head tilt] how we haven’t had any cat’s ‘n’ racks posts lately and how this has caused an enormous void in the InterWebs. [vacuum sound] Well, WAIT NO MO’!

GiggleSugar has our backs, with a VIDEO no less:


LOL, Barbara H.!

Let’s dance [sing in David Bowie voice]

under the moonlight

the stherious moonlight!


Heather C. and "Foz"—sooooooooo 80′s.

Smooshed gutulence




[Sender-inner Melissa says her pug "Captain Bosco Smushface, The Annihilator" is only playing the victim.]


Don’t rollover, Joe…!


Extremely alert reader Monica L. sent this one in—"Soft Paws" for kittehs and pups, saving your floors from being scratched, one PAW AT A TIME!

Check out the designer colors. Hey, I guess they’re better than Corn chip nail tips.


Ma’am, your cat appears to be allergic to Mondays

It happens—I see a case every now or then.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you.

I suggest access to the remote control and melted vanilla ice cream in large, bottomless doses.


Sigga! whatever shall we do about this!?


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