The very definition of ‘Flop’

Look it up in the dictionary and you will see this YOUTUBE MOVIE PLAYING IN THE PAGE!


[Then super-nose twitching, then lying pretty still.]

EEEEE to the Seeeeee, how I love theeeeeee!

A kitten licks a puppy while the puppy licks a bunny

HEY! that is a great idea for a post! It’s the "ultimate perfect entry" for CuteOverload (according to Wired News) For more on this check out the article: The Ultimate Blog Post. Thanks, Wired News! [Now searching thousands of photos for the perfect match for this title]


Thanks for the tip, Troy ;)

Vacation preparation

"Honey? got the film cannisters ready for the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"


Way to go, Soyon… ;)

A Day in the Life of The Shorthairs

They’re such a nice family, those Shorthairs.

Excellent pick, David L.! and Motao :)

Australian Animal Favorites 4

Sender-inner Michelle describes this image as "the cutest photo of a lamb in sweater I’ve ever seen." Um, I’LL SAY! Apparently, this little lambykins lives on her in-law’s farm in Australia. Absolutely, fully, and totally redonk. Looks like he’s going out to get the newspaper.


Clean hooves alert!  >    >      >> (<–hooves)

Australian Animal Favorites 3

A dingo pup! (I’ve never seen one, only heard of them!)


And an Australian Shepard (natch!)


Dingo from Featherdale Park in New South Wales, Australia, from Misato K., and the Shepard is from Em A. ;)

Goodbye, Steve

A wallaby waves good bye…


Perfect shot, Brad T. See more of his Australia photos here.

Favorite Australian animals 2

Holy Marsupials! This could not be sweeter…


Orphaned Pocket roos from Mo L. at Wildcare Australia.

Favorite Australian animals 1

Today we’ll have some Australian animal favorites in honor of Steve Irwin. Like Mr. Rule Numero Seven here.


G’Day, Aliza D.

Everyone loved the Crocodile Hunter

It’s very sad to report that conservationist Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin was killed during a filming expedition in the Great Barrier Reef today. Whenever I saw Steve on T.V., his passion was stunning and admirable—I’m so sorry to hear he’s gone. As you can see, everyone loved the Croc Hunter…his adventures are legendary. As soon as there is a live link to "The Crikey Fund", I’ll link it.






"That was close!"


That was quite an adventure, Karen K. [Who sent these photos back in March!]


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