THIS JUST IN: A tiny bun dangling his foot

I repeat! [say in Jack Bauer voice] a TINY BUN DANGLING HIS FOOT


Woo! [wiping brow] It’s a good thing you caught that, E to the C.

Pup eyebrows

This is "Fez." He was three pounds when this pic was taken. He’s got the whole Princess-Di-looking-up- when-you’re-looking-down thing going. Prosh.



Ah-nerr-ahh-bull, Gretchen L.!


[Say in Steve Martin/Dan Akroyd voices]

Fox #1: Hi, Yortuk.  Hi, Georg.  Sorry we’re late.

Yortuk Festrunk: No hassles, man.  Hey!  Listen to Georg’s joke!

Georg Festrunk: Okay! [ to Fox #2 ] "How many astro-sign medallions can you wear?"

Fox #2: I don’t know, I..

Georg Festrunk: "Next time, try five of them!" [ the brothers laugh ]


Thanks to fox Tracey for this one.

Floppy, black-tie event

It’s floppy limb central, People. This Pengie is trying out his new arms. I like the guy standing next to him, staring, who is all: "Riiiiighteous, Brah."


N[ice] job, Sarah Z.

Mr. TinyPants

Paws up, little Dude. Paws up. You have learned well!


He’s kinda the kitten equivalent of this hamster Dewd, right Tracey?

“Not much, chillin’ with ma Peeps.”

“Yeah, Baby, I’m just hanging out—just me and the bros….”

“Yeah, it’s all nine of us.”

“Yeah.” [puts paw over the phone] “SHUT UP! I’m trying to talk to Sandra, Dudes!”


Elana, nice pile.

All Kitten Tuesday! Mr. Floofersons

THATS Sir Floofersons to you. I single-pawedly keep Hallmark in business. YouknowwhatI’msayin’ Bitches?


Exsquisite backlighting, Connie and Johnny C.

All Kitten Tuesday! Teeny Ear Central™

Lilanimal, you know what you’re doing posting this photo, right? KILLING US ALL SOFTLY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! WILL YOU JUST LOOK AT THE EAR-TO-HEAD RATIO!? Oh, you know EXACTLY what you’re doing. How dare you.


The pawsitude. MAKE IT STOP!

All Kitten Tuesday! Sea of Kittenry

A SEA of kittens!
All Kitten Tuesday!
You must come back eighteen times today!


Gracias, Fofurafelinas… Gracias…

Cat in the Hat

Kitten in a bucket hat
Sails along—imagine that!
Light blue ship, wind in ears,
Bon voyage, my floofy Dear!


"Zazie" and Julie A., Hip, hip, hip-hooray!