Shhh! Just let me kees

Ssshhhhhh. [puts paw over beak]

Just… just let me keees


If lovin’ a squirrel is wrong, I don’t wanna be right, Nancy P.

Fennixed! Fennixed again!

Um, disproportionate ear size was the first clue that this “puppeh” was very unushe…


I think we’ve been duped by a Fennec fox. Karen, you almost got me.

Caturdays ‘n’ theremins

Nuthin’ goes with Caturday like a theremin. Yep, the good ole Caturday/Theremin combo. Reeeeeeeeeee [annoying sounds continue for three more hours]

Elizabeth J., I’m sure the Led Zeppelin reunion tour is gonna need at LEAST one theremin player.

This is what this corgi thinks of Caturday

Harumph. Kittehs get their ONE day of the week, that is RIDICULOUS. I shall pout the entire time!


Maurice A., there should be a weekly Corgi-day or Pupnesday at least.

Unclear on the concept



What a perfect Friday post. I don’t even want to KNOW how this whole thing got started.


Sender-Inner Kat stole these photos from "Anilsa’s Myspace". Obvy, Anilsa has SOME ‘SPLAINING TO DO

An Engineer’s Guide to Kittehs [eye roll]

OK, People, Everybody and their BROTHER is sending this video in. Who ARE these guys wanting us to know their kitteh techniques? Are they swingle? What IS their deal? My eyes are rolling all over the place.

RuthElisa K., you are the latest in a LONG LINE of Sender-Inners for this vid. So congrats.

And now, a kitteh puddle

People, this is an oldie but a GOODEH.

A good ole-fashioned calico kitteh puddle.


Sharon M. thank you for reminding us of this phenom-meh-nah [Say in Animal voice].

Tiny brefs!

You gotta see this lil’ video of the tiny brefs of this lil’ hamster guy.

Oh, and the bite-able ears. You could do two nibbles and they’d be gone.


This is for Jenn H., fiancée of Sender-Inner Daniel M. (Lucky girl!)

The ULTIMATE ‘Baroo’

This raptor has a LOT of questions.

Baroo? [shifty eyes]


Melanie D., that is some SERIOUS baroo action.

You didn’t eat your apple today, did you.

Red delicious, Granny Smith—you HAD your choice and you chose NONE. Well that’s it, I will no longer be your hamster nutritionist.


Goodbye, Christopher T. This is all your fault.


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