Reality-Casual Friday

Greets, Peeps.  Happy Friday!  Theo here, slapping up a quick mindbender in between Meg postingks.  It’s been a long week.  I’m all done with facing stark tedious reality head-on.  Ees now tyme for… ze SURREAL.

I picked these two little lovelies out of the submissions to "What’s Cuter?" …the morphing is my own dastardly design.  It was a bit eerie how well they fit together.

Rule of Cuteness #29 AND 30!

OK, People, this is UN-PEE-RESS-A-DENTED!

Not one but TWO rules of Cuteness at ONCE! [hyperventilating]

I might have to sit down.

RULE #29: If you flex your paws repeatedly in a kneading motion in the air for no reason, IT’S CUTE!

RULE #30: If your breath shows in the form of your stomach moving in a quick, fluttering fashion, IT’S SO CUTE!

This day will live in INFAMAY, Jen S.!

woooooooooo! we’re on C.O.!


[Gets a long look at a sthexy bunny on C.O.]

Clicks on "Pocket Pets" category


Hey! we’re. like, on C.O.!!! [Tiny hand presses scroll bar]


Total twilight zone, Chris B.

Battle Royale!

It’s true, when your ears are folded back, you’re WAAAAY faster. Try it! [Flight of the Bumblebee music]


Iiiiiiii’m gittin’ awaaaay!!! Nyyyyyyyyyyyyerrrrowwww [drive-by sound]


OK, you caught moi, Forgiving licking action


People do you KNOW how lucky we are to have Malingering’s photo stream among us!? DIDN’T THINK SO!
Also, props to Eva H., who hand-picked these photos special.

Have you checked your pockets lately?

Um, ’cause you JUST MIGHT have a super prosh pocket pet in thar. Have you looked lately!? I think you should. Some rattles might’ve crawled in. And they MIGHT be munching on a morsel of something…with both hands.


"Rurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" (rat purring)




They purr, right Sarah B.? ;)!

Sleeping McQuackersons

First a shoe, then a shoulder, then a lap. "Martin" the duck (who turned out to be FEMALE, d’oh!) sleeping everywhere she can catch a break…  It goes without saying that Martin (Martina?!) is 110% prosh.




Wait for it….

there are EYE CAPSULES involved!!!



And now, all growed up—Ahn. Nice graceful neck curve, Martina.


As far as submishes go, this one is tops. Stherious, Katie J. Now, go back to class.


NO EFFING WAY, People.Anyone that has ever even HEARD of owning a kitteh will not believe this one.  A scuba diving, swimming kitteh. It’s really unreal. Check it.

Mark O.? YOu make the world MORE redonkulous with this submishe. Way to gerhe.

// NOTE FROM THEO — ahem… the other post just like this one may be found here… though I’ve closed the comments on that version ;-) //

Meet “Lala” your personal shopper

I know, I know, TWO movies in a row today and you have a teeny tiny small modem connection! This is an awesome submishe. Check it out. “Lala” the penguin goes fish shopping in Japan. HOLY MACKEREL!

Arigato, Mark O.! ;)

“We can’t look away” uh. DOI-HICKEY!

Picture_10_1ZAC AND RUBY, don’t make me send you three million cute O bumper stickers. I will do eet. I too have "…have a very hard time pulling ourselves away from the pages where small bunnies stick out their adorable little tongues." True.

Gracias for the pick!  XO from Meg, and sender-inner Samantha!

Oh, you did not just do that

These images must be a part of some suhweet coffee table book.

The question is, WHERE CAN I GET ONE!? Someone must recognize it! Please write back in the comments! Holy precise cutting, People. The strawberry kees is hilarious.





John L.! Great find. The question remains, who deed eet!?

// UPDATE — The perpetrator appears to be none other than Saxton Freymann, and a number of his books can be found on


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