What a Wet Noodle

First of all, I really don’t see how rubber duckies make this process any more enjoyable. And second, let’s be frank – I look like a damp sausage.

Buddy, are you trying to squeeze me out of my casing or something?

Clearly Daisy is more of a land dog. How much do you charge for that blow-out, Jessica H?

Tripping balls

It’s like spin cycle for the mind! This film by French director Pleix tosses chirping eggs and tennis balls into the cutest, freakiest laundry day ever.

Also, take a look at Pleix’s commercial for Duracell: Today’s weather calls for a swirling vortex of bunnies, transforming into sumo wrestlers by mid-afternoon…

Thanks to Phillip P.

UPDATE: Switched to YouTube versions.  If you had trouble viewing the videos, try them now.

That Ain’t Charmin, So Squeeze Away

Three questions come to mind immediately (while several others will surely eventually follow):

1) In which aisle can I find the below product?

2) Where is the barcode to scan on said product?

and 3) How much are these absorbent “value packs”?

What fluffy Cottonelle, Katie K.

The pom-tastic part of this balanced breakfast!

Hey, kids! For a limited time, you’ll find a free puppy inside every specially-marked box of Sugar-Spackled Cracklin’ Soy Smacks! Collect the whole set!

Yay!  It’s Mick, our favorite sled dog, courtesy once again of Mardell C.

Your Guide to Being a Criminal

Part Seven: How to Be Interrogated

If you have heeded this guide thus far, your fledgling criminal career should proceed on solid footing. Alas, even the best-laid plans sometimes fail, and you may find yourself in police custody, forced to undergo a process called interrogation.

In these moments, it is paramount to remain calm, composed, and most of all, do not volunteer information that may be used against you. Provide short yes-or-no answers to the detectives’ inquiries, as demonstrated in the video below.

And where were you the night the toilet paper was shredded, Arlo R.?

Crank the Enya and Warm the Lava Rocks

Oh Helga, you have the hands of a truck driver with the delicate touch of a hummingbird’s kiss…

How much does Helga charge, because the bird’s got the right idea, Melissa G-L.


Caught mid-air and sent to us by the fabulous May-Li K.

The Human Cat Perch!

Laaaadeeez annnn gennelmen! The Snorgling Brothers Circus is proud to present the fearless flying feline who will leap in one amazing bound onto the Turban of Terror as the daring damsel does deeds of death-defying dental dexterity!

Thanks to the sensational sender-innering skills of Arlo R.!

Ah, the “Terrible Twos”

Um, Jeffy? Sweetie? I know you’re going to be a big boy soon, but don’t you think you’d be happier using the kiddie hydrant — just for the time being?

Says Lauryn D.: “One day we were going on a walk, and since I carry my camera around with me wherever I go, when he went to sniff the fire hydrant, I called out his name, and snapped a photo. And I got this perfect and hilarious picture of him!”

From across the juice bar, I was mesmerized…

She was like the Helena Bonham Carter of cats; she was exceptionally unusual. Her eyes, for instance, were like something I’d never seen – they were like giant saucers overflowing with thick carrot puree. And my God, I love carrot puree.

And just think what a little eyebrow trim would do for her, Van. Photo by Josh Morden.


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