Will you please check out this behbeh stingray

He’s all: Weeeeeeeeee!

First of all, I’ve never seen a bebeh stingray. Second, who woulda thunk a bebeh stingray could be cute enough to meet our stringent requirements? Third, will you please look at these "legs" OMG.


Megan F. (not me!) took this at the Brighton, UK aquarium. Hilarious.

Oh, this cat is askin’ for it


Of course Pippster has her own blog and Catster page ;)

Pippin M., the soundtrack is the icing on the YouTube cake

Prepare for the licking of your LIFE

Holy… c**!!!

[followed by hot bref]


Michelle A., how did you clean off the camera!?

P.S., no, it’s not Moosday

Slacker behbeh

Kids these days—MOOOCHIN’ every chance they git.

Watch, he’s totally gonna steal an extra Lunchable later.

Nice eye capsules though.


Terry C., points out that SFGate is kicking our ‘tocks with the "Day in Pictures" feature.

Oh, it’s ON.

Drinking game

Gerbil 1: OK OK OKOK the next time Jack Bauer says "Chloe! get me the coordinates" we have to drink OK?
Gerbil 2: Nooooo way [stumbling] we’re gonna be wasted!!!
Gerbil 1: We already are! [glances at t.v.] wait for iiiiit…


MAJOR glurping action

Amber L., pass the quarters hic!

EXTREME muzzle-pow-sche

EXTREEEEEEEEEME!!! [guitar riff]

Also, please note the TEEENIEST of ear floppage.

Wot a perfect juxtaposishe of teeny and gynormous.


Rockin’, Sharpei Scooby and brave photographer Amy T. ;)


Cat-like typing OMG! HALP!

Just try and stop meh, Mofos!

The redonculousness continues over at PawSense, a product that protects yer komputer from those WANDERING, VIGILLANTE KITTEHS!

How? Pawsense software DETECTS AND BLOCKS CAT-LIKE TYPING! Then, it sounds (harmonica!?) alarms and triggers this nifty dialog box (on left). No more "fgggrertbxdf" in the middle of your blog posts!

Exhibit A!

Jack R., brillo pointer-outering.

Um…. OK.

Well, I guess you better just…

go on ahead there.


The More You Know [Head tilt]



If you see a behbeh deer, resist the urge to stuff his ear in your mouf and leaf him alone! His Mom’s are prolly out getting a fresh supply of Lunchables and will be back later. If he’s not there (’cause you took him to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center) she’s gonna be tewtelly pissed.

The more you know!


This message brot to you by the caring Peeps over at Fawn Preservation Central (aka Kat)

Hey, anyone wanna do a "The More You Know" logo for us? I think this could be a re-occurring theme, Kat!

Rule of Cuteness #34: If your tail curls up, it’s cute

"Peewee" pup was adopted to become a full-time companion.

Do you think there was a little sign at the pet adoption place that said: "Best muzzle-pow-sche evar."

I think serhe.


Lindsay G., Thanks for adding ANOTHER tail rule.


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