Climb, my little bat, CLIMB!


Bat: Ehn!

Rrrrrrrrr EHN!

Way to caption it all, Daniel W. ;)

C’mon, OK, now if ya’ll could get together

Look, will you guys please cooperate? I’m trying to take a picture here.

Get together!!! 

CLOSER! C’mon, look like you LIKE each other! [Click]


Nice six-pack, Emily B. ;)

Snork snork snork [pacifier sucking sound]

Passie_1_2Eagle-eyed reader [and designer!] Marianne W. sent this gem in.

Turns out pacifiers aren’t just for bébés. New Zealand magazine "Stuff" has reported that two pups, found by the Wellington, NZ, SPCA, had been abandonned and needed some extra comforting. That comfort came in the form of pacifiers, OMG PONIES!11!

Check out the full story

Photos by ANDREW GORRIE/Dominion Post



raccoon or kitten?, originally uploaded by DIgital DI.

Raccoon? Kitt-tayn? Floating noggin? Who the heck knows!?

Let’s just say that Rule of Cuteness #15, Small Ear-to-Head Ratio, is MET

Quick, snorgle this! [stuffs pup in your face]

"Pardon me, but do you have any Dee-Jawn Puppon?"

1, originally uploaded by a.m.cross.

He’s the perfect vintage!

And leave some of the ears for me.

Over-snorgle of delicious buns

Um, sometimes, I think people take videos ESPECIALLY for this site. Please get a load of this kitteh, with his dee-leee-shous baby bun appetizers.

Love the passive-agressive ‘Here’s-a-bun-no-don’t-eat-it!" action, Peperroflaflaco!

What do you think?

Hi.The name’s Professor McGuinulator. I have a—er—request of sorts. [Snorts into hanky] You see, there is this online survey I’d like to, er, ask you to fill out. [More snorting and shuffling of papers]

It has, er, fascinating questions in it, like; ‘what’s your favorite animal?’ And ‘do you have a current passport?’ Heh. You can even skip questions if you want to—the first page is the most important. I might grade you as a ‘C’ if you do that, though.

Tell us what you think

Nerd central

Vanessa C.; bee-boo-boo-bee-bee-boo-boo! [scientific console sounds]

The Brave Spelunker

Hot winds from the cavernous Newfoundland!

wot a brave chickeh chickeh chickeh (echo!)

Echo echo echo echo

Way to go, Sarah H-I, Nora + Jeff

Pardon moi, but…

I’m looking for Mr. Ear Tufts. Have you seen ‘eem?

[Flops outrageously prosh foot over edge]

Thank you. [Paws in respectful posishe]



Sender-inners Erin and Nathan, you are OOC. [out-of-control! say in Dana Carvey doing Regis Philbin voice]


Like an electric blankie, "Pinch" the pup is there!

Warming the bed of "Noé" kitten and acting as a pseudo-pillow.

Ahn. "Pinch" kinda looks like a "Perfect Pet."


Totally redonk, Crystal G.!


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